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Our weekly art lessons are here for you to try at home.

Living School Art Lessons

Penny – our amazing visual art teacher – provides weekly lessons for you to try at home.

Creating a Cardboard Nature Design.

KeyStone Theme: Nature

Step One

Find an old piece of cardboard (cut up an old box) or use a  wooden board or canvas.

Cover the cardboard in a thick coat of paint. Leave to dry. This will be your background colour.

Step Two

Collect your materials: 2 paint brushes of different sizes, lid or plate to mix paint, container for water and 2 contrasting paint colours  (for example a light and dark paint).

Step Three

Draw with pencil the outline of your collected seed, pod, flower, bark, leaf, stick etc.

Step Four

Some samples of the first coats of paint drying in the sun. The artists have thoughtfully worked out the colours and design of their painting.

Step Five

With your brushes mix as many tones of colours as possible (using your original two colours). Looking closely at your leaf (or what ever you have found to paint) paint in the light and dark tones. Let it dry.


Step Six

Paint in the textural details using lines and dots and moving your paint brush in different directions. Use a smaller brush for finer details.

Sign your art work and put it in a place for everyone to enjoy!

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