Thursday Onland Learning for High School

We are ready to roll out a new additional onland learning component.  Our Years 7-10 students will be going out to nature-based learning sites.  There will be three different sites.  Each site will offer a different program based on a subject area:

Thursday  Thursday  Thursday and Friday

Maths and Science 

Brad, Axel and Dorian

English and Art 

Jonny and Karen

PDHPE, Food Tech and Outdoor Ed with a camp over

Zac and Tom with teachers

Stewart Farm 

Meet at paddock 9:30am – Brad will be there

Bus leaves school by 9:15am

Bus arrives at 10:00 with Jonny/Dorian

Skennar’s Head beach

Meet at carpark 9:30am – Karen will be there

Bus leaves school by 9:15am

Bus arrives at 10:00 with Jonny/Dorian

Jerusalem Creek 

(near Woodburn)

Bus leaves school by 9:30am

Zac driving with Tom










Your child will need to bring –


  • Sufficient meals for the day – they eat a lot in open spaces!!
  • A hat – broad rimmed hat, please! And we recommend light long sleeves and trousers for sun protection.
  • A water bottle – we will provide water on the day, too.  So they can refill.
  • Suitable footwear – covered footwear as there are ants and prickles.
  • Wet weather gear – always pack wet weather gear.
  • sun cream – especially if you have specific requirements. *
  • insect repellant – if you would like specific requirements. **we will provide our own but they will be standard creams


Specifically for the Camps,

Please consider your clothing. Cotton is NOT recommended (in the case of rain). Wool or polypropylene undergarments are encouraged. If we get wet (it is La Niña folks) then you will be much more comfortable if you can stay warm in wet clothing.
  • Sleeping Bag (at least 5 degree rating)
  • Sleeping Mat
  • Raincoat
  • Jumper – (no cotton hoodies)
  • Sturdy walking shoes (covered – no thongs)
  • Change of clothes
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Headtorch & spare batteries
  • 3L water carrying capacity
  • Swimmers & Towel
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Toiletries
  • Any personal medications & sanitary items
  • Notebook & Pen
  • Bowl, Cup & Cutlery
    Lunch for Thursday & Friday (no shops!)



I have read all the information. I shall ensure my child/ren's possessions are named. I shall ensure they bring a water bottle, hat, enough food for the day. I shall ensure they have wet weather gear. I shall ensure any medical requirements are notified to the office. I am aware I may be called to collect a child if ill or the need arises. I understand one group will be going on a camp every third Thursday evening.