We have a vision that is huge – much more than 2020 Vision.

Living School has just secured the former Spotlight and Betta Electrical buildings in the heart of Lismore, previously known as the Brown and Jolly Building.

This has been a strategic development that was unplanned but is very palatable.  This building – which is huge – will provide us with a school that sits in the very heart of the CBD.  And the opportunities to develop this building are as big as Cave Urban and my imaginations.

  • Floors removed – and climbing ropes, gardens introduced
  • Visual and manual arts equipped space – with galleries
  • Music on first level
  • Drama/Dance and production on first level, too
  • Giant boat standing upright
  • Soccer fields and cricket nets
  • Yoga, gym and meditation

The building is in the very heart of Lismore, and will offer our students access to all the facilities and opportunities of the city.

We are planning for great things – and we are seeking grants and donations to support this development. It will provide us with all the space we need to develop our Lismore campus.

Cave Urban have been mood boarding some amazing ideas – School Warehouse mood board.

Donations to support this venture are most welcome – please email us at Donations@living.school