To meet the growth in enrolments, and the development of Years 9 and 10 for 2021, we have considered our learning spaces to ensure all are accommodated without any disadvantage. The following plans are in place.

Learning Spaces to meet the new enrolments

As we are splitting the Stage Learning groups, there will be less students per “class”.  The teachers are still looking to integrate their students across year groups during the day – but will have specific responsibility for a smaller cohort – traditionally referred to as a year class.  We are also able to employ more teacher’s aides: we are committing to Hayden and Lel for 2021. And, we have a new crop of tutors – more girls next year – to support our teachers and learners.

Kindergarten – will continue to have the large space Annie calls home.

Year 1 – we are taking out a wall and putting back in another one over the holiday period, which will provide a new L-shape space whereby the kitchen in Keeps will be used to and the library and an adjoining wall.  This will provide our Year 1 students with adequate space – and they will also share access to learning spaces.

Year 2 – will continue to be in their current space with the Mindliness Room activated.  A wall will be returned for the current space, which will allow that room to be combined into Year 1’s learning space.

Year 3 – this will be a shared space with an additional use of the Resource Room – currently not used.  A temporary divider will be placed between Ant’s Year 4 space – but the intention is for Year 3 to integrate lots with Year 4.  This will be successful as Sarah – our new appointment for Year 3 – is a former colleague of Ant’s.

Year 4 – will have an opening between both buildings realised.  This will allow additional flow and movement between the upper level space beside the Green Science Courtyard and the Keeps building.  As such, there will be easier access for students (no more walking around under the building via the Tree Room).

Year 5 – we have already knocked down walls and opened up the Maths Instruction Room to join the WhiteBoard room – this space is now much more user-friendly and will still allow the students flow into the larger space.

Year 6 – will be stationed (no pun intended) on the Train of Thought, but will also gain access with the Year 5 larger learning space.

Year 7 – will be using the space where Karen’s class inhabited near the large screen, the Green Science Courtyard and the flow around to the girls’ loos.  We are placing a tri-fold door to section off the Year 7 area from the Year 5 (and Year 6) flow space, so there is the opportunity to use the area more effectively without open noise and interruptions.  Students will still be able to flow through the Green Science Courtyard space to the Train of Thought and boys’ loos.

Year 8 will be in the Harkness Room with Jonny – which we opened up in 2020 to offer more space.  They will also flow into the current lounge areas on top of the stairs.

Year 9 and Year 10 will flow into the houseboat (scheduling this will be most likely two to three days a week – and we have the crew sorted – all with outdoor education qualifications).  As well, we are opening up a large space in the house – so that will provide additional learning areas and take over the interview room and staff large table space area.  The staff space will be repositioned on the other side of the kitchen with access via the external doors.  As well, we are in final stage negotiations with TAFE – so our Stage 5 students will be accessing amazing spaces just across the road.

Specialist Learning Areas

All specialist learning areas (Music, Drama, Art) will be in the Tree Room or external rented spaces – such as the art space in the Gallery, TAFE, NORPA, etc.).  The Tree Room will continue to be used for play and music – as we used it this year.  Access to TAFE is being finalised – and we also have a focus on our mobile classroom and houseboat.

Sport will be swimming with Johann – and we are hoping to have this in the Lismore Memorial Baths, but it may well be at the Southern Cross University, which is a sun-safe area and we can use our buses to transport children up and back.  We will also be offering more sport choices with Zac – our new PDHPE teacher.  We will be accessing the local ovals – especially at lunchtimes – with organised activities, utilising our tutors under Zac’s guidance.

Lastly, we will be activating the Onland Learning site much more in 2021 – with the relocation of another train, a shed and buses.  We are employing two to three highly-qualified and experienced staff to manage this important challenge-based program.  See our Green Nomad Site page so you can feel our excitement at what is to come.

Play Space

Warehouse out the Back – with our new enrolments and growth, we are excited to develop our warehouse space.  To see our plans, please go to the Warehouse Development page.

Public Spaces – we will also be utilising our public spaces and our new bus systems to move children out of the base camp building – we do not want children at school in a building… our focus is to see school as a community!

Brown and Jolly – we have just settled (nearly) on our major new focus in the heart of Lismore.  This building will allow us – early next year – the opportunity to have indoor soccer, cricket, yoga and fitness.  More on this exciting development can be found by going to the Brown and Jolly Development page.