The final newsletter of Term 3 and the final week of our first semester for 2022!

Dear All,
Please find HERE our newsletter record of the last couple of weeks at Living School.
Please note that this is our final week of the semester – our fifth semester in existence!
We are pushing to complete a few reports – academic reports, NESA inspection report, and our end-of-year Academic and Financial report.  I love the quote from Douglas Adams: “I love the whooshing sound of deadlines rushing past!”
There is so much coming – shortly – and we have a big next semester already planned.
I wish all our teachers, staff and families a brilliant holiday.  As a previous ‘boss’ of mine (now a Guardian of Purpose board member) said at the end of every busy term: find a rock and sit on it.  Please do find the time to treasure what we have achieved and how well we have prevailed.
I pay special – incredibly grateful – mention of Bhavni, Cheryl, Annie and Jane. And the volunteers who steer our vessel to safe harbour, the Guardians of Purpose: Ben (Chair), Arnold (Finance), Richard, Tim and Kylie. I know there are so many others who deserve attention and mention – for this has been a monumental effort: especially when you reflect on the photo…
I think we should all draw breath and just feel a gentle gratitude and praise for all our community.


Please click on this link  to listen to one of our incredible Year 11 students – Ada – sing a tribute for us all: what we managed to bear and for all that we have carried is so memorable and historic.
The opportunity for this song to be born was because of the support of APRA and recorded with Ilan Kidron (from Potbelleez) at his studio in Bondi, following up from two days at the start of this term (along with three other incredible songs) bears testament to Sammy and her powers of persuasion and passion!
There have been so many people supporting our school this term and last.
I truly cannot thank all of our community enough.
Sincerely and with love – thank you for hanging in there and trusting in the path we are tip-toeing down together.  The lyrics – skip the light fantastic – come to the front of my mind.
Kindness and gratitude,