Living Academy

A progressive unique learning pathway for upper high school students

Our program is based on FIVE streams:

1. Academe: an HSC pathway that will pathway to an HSC examination with a focus on English, Maths, Science, PDHPE, Business and Creative Arts.

2. Horizon: a university entry pathway that does not rely on one final examination and will commence in Year 12, offering access to transition into leading universities via bridging courses, such as UniStart at SCU, or Open Universities online. We will also offer online programs from leading institutions, such as Harvard, Stanford, Oxford and Cambridge.

3. Enterprise: an entrepreneurial program with a focus on a three-year project, called CornerStone, based on Service, Sustainability, Environment, and Social Good.

4. Artisan: a unique program accessing creative specialists, and tapping into certification courses around an learning passport.

5. Vocational: a blended option of apprenticeship programs with businesses every Wednesday and school program for the other days.


Living Academy will offer a variety of Year 11 and Year 12 Stage 6 NESA courses with flexibility.

With a Year 13, students choose to complete the mandatory 22 units over 3 years to enable other external courses or interests to be pursued, whether they are university courses, passion projects, links to enterprise or connections to mentorships in the community.

Living Academy engineers a unique and progressive developmental pathway to engage students, expanding the traditional two-year academic pathway into a three-year, holistic program to allow for an individual’s inner focus to be coupled social connection, a community and an increased maturity.

The HSC (to gain an ATAR) is not the only way to gain entry

A Year 13 enables the space and time to fully develop academic, vocational, emotional and societal capabilities.

Stretching the HSC study across three years, using the third senior year to pursue alternative pathways, allows for more meaningful, contemporary and less pressured and stressful completion of school life.