Arnhem Land Trip

We are looking to take our high school students on our second Arnhem Land community support trip, 2023.

When? 26 April – 6 May 2023

Arnhem Land Trip


1) I acknowledge and accept that my child’s participation in the tour and the activities organised by Overland Oz Pty Ltd and supplied by Third Party Suppliers involve various environmental hazards, such as hot temperatures and sun exposure, unpaved or unsealed roads, terrain that may be rocky, slippery or otherwise uneven, wind exposure, insect bites as well as unconfined encounters with wildlife.
2) I further acknowledge and accept that as a result, there are inherent risks, including dehydration, extensive sun exposure, trips and falls and fatigue, which may result in possible injury.
3) I acknowledge and accept that as a result, and despite precautions taken by Overland Oz staff, including safety briefings conducted by Overland Oz from time to time, accidents and incidents causing physical injury may occur, and that it would be unreasonable for Overland Oz to be held responsible in any way for such accidents and incidents.
4) I assume the risk of and am responsible for any injury or property damage resulting from my child’s participation in the tour.
5) I acknowledge the activities for my child’s participation (depending on the set
itinerary) can include, but are not limited to:
a. Swimming
b. Bush Walking
c. Camping (including setting up and packing down tents)
d. Travelling in a tour vehicle
e. Cooking
f. Participating in third party activities such as boat cruises
g. Water sports
h. Community service, if applicable (general groundwork, maintenance, digging, planting and lifting etc)

6) I acknowledge that the conditions and environment in which the activities are conducted, as well as the nature and character of the activities themselves, may vary without warning.
7) I acknowledge that my child may be required to travel on various modes of transportation, including but not limited to 4×4 trucks, coaster buses and aquatic vessels such as boats as part of cultural or crocodile cruises. I further acknowledge that the transportation may change without prior notice and is subject to availability or in response to factors and events beyond Overland Oz’s control.
8) I undertake to inform my child to follow all instructions provided to me in safety briefings as will be conducted from time to time, which will include instructions regarding route, interpretation information and environmental practices.
9) I understand that the rules, regulations and instructions established for the tour and given by the tour guide and Overland Oz staff during the tour are designed for the safety and protection of my child and for other participants. I thereby undertake to inform my child to abide by these rules, regulations and instructions.
10) I acknowledge and agree that such instructions include, but is not limited to, wearing at all times appropriate footwear with closed toes and a non-slip sole, all appropriate UV protections including hat, glasses and appropriate-strength sunscreen to be reapplied as necessary, ensuring they remain hydrated and informing their teacher or tour guide if they feel fatigued or otherwise unwell.
11) I declare my child is physically and mentally fit, free from impairment and able to reasonably participate in the scheduled activities and will ensure we take all necessary medical precautions, including seeking medical advice and approval, prior to my child’s embarkment on the tour.
12) I warrant that all details relating to my child’s medical, physical or management needs that are relevant to their participation in the tour are documented on the medical form and that both the school and Overland Oz Pty Ltd have been informed.
This includes any physical disabilities, mental infirmity, allergies or any issues that may affect the safe participation of myself and others in the tour.
13) I agree that any necessary health care plan and management plan has been provided to the school. I agree and acknowledge that the teachers supervising and attending the tour will be primarily responsible for any medical, physical or management needs required by my child. In the event of an incident, accident, injury or trauma, I understand the school will contact me. I agree to collect or make arrangements with the school for the collection of my child if they become unwell. 
14) I understand Overland Oz Pty Ltd does not have personal accident insurance cover for my child. If my child is injured as a result of an accident or incident, I agree that the school and Overland Oz can arrange medical assistance or treatment or emergency and evacuation services as deemed necessary for my child’s safety, and I agree that all costs associated with the injury, including the medical assistance or treatment (including transportation costs), are the responsibility of myself, the parent/guardian. I further agree that Overland Oz will adhere to all advice and
direction provided by a medial professional and that Overland Oz is not responsible or liable for that advice or direction.
15) By signing this form, I, on behalf of my child, and to the fullest extent permitted by law, agree to release, waive and discharge Overland Oz Pty Ltd and its employees from liability for any personal injury/illness that they may experience (including but not limited to trauma, scrapes, bruises, cuts, sprains, fractures, broken bones, concussions or loss of life), and/or property loss/damage, arising from participation in Overland Oz Pty Ltd educational safaris.