Special Guest – Jane McGowan

Jane is talking to our students about Adoles-sense! We are so fortunate to be able to invite Jane McGowen back to the school to work closely with our high school students this Tuesday […]

JABAY – school canteen

We operate Jabay every Wednesday – and, with your support, we will look to open this offering up more in 2021. Every Wednesday our school canteen is open for morning […]

Warehouse OutBack Development

It takes a loooong time to get through the hurdles – but we are progressing.  And we are excited to show you our dreams for the Warehouse space out the […]

First Day Timings – 2021

The School Office reopens on Monday January 4.   FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL – YAY!! First Day – 9:00am on Wednesday 27 January 2021 Next year, Living School will commence […]

Our Teaching: Progressive Learning Overview

Living School is progressive. But what does that mean? It means we look to the future to progress learning. How does our curriculum meet that goal? From my experience, schools […]

Green Nomadic School Site

Living School big Yellow Magic School Bus classroom

Next year, we are also activating our concept around a green nomadic learning space.  This allows us to create a ‘pop-up’ school using mobile classrooms.  Our first is nearly finished […]

Living Philosophy

Living School, Byron has a focus on a living philosophy.  This is defined as: Living Well, Living Food, Living Architecture and Living Learning.