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Living School new buses - Hello Hino
Our latest editions are Hino 34 seaters.

We have now managed to get all our requests for the private bus transport sorted.  This has been complex logistically.

We have purchased two more buses – with a capacity of 34 seats each.

Our other regular bus run will be the Rosa – with a capacity of 24 seats.



Living School now has three bus runs.

  • Hino 1 – with Lel driving: Bangalow – Clunes – Eltham – Lismore and return
  • Rosa – with Hayden: Suffolk Park, Red Devil Park, Eureka – Lismore and return
  • Hino 2 – with Johann and Alexis: Lennox Point, Ross Lane, Ballina BP, Alstonville – Lismore and return

There is a cost of $40 per week.  This is for administration, drivers and maintenance.



To connect with the drivers, please email bus@living.school

To call the office, our number is 5632 1218

* If a very urgent need, please use the Conductor’s mobile number: 0431 1315


The times we are highlighting are estimates – but your assistance in being at the stop at these times while we work out the timings, is so important.

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Suffolk Park: 8:05am  |  4:00pm

Red Devil Park: 8:10am  |. 3:55pm

Eureka Turn-Off: 8:30am. | 3:35pm

24 seats

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Bangalow: 8:15am  |  3:50pm

Clunes: 8:30am  |  3:35pm

Eltham: 8:37am  |  3:28pm

Total Seats = 34

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Lennox Point: 8:10am  |  4:05pm

Lennox Ross Lane: 8:15am  |  4:00pm

West Ballina BP: 8:25am  |  3:50pm

Alstonville: 8:35am  |  3:35pm

Total Seats = 34

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We have installed trackers in our buses – we are soon to instal them into the two Hino buses.  Parents can download Black Knight Global Tracking app (Apple or Android).

Once installed, add the following numbers and the password: 1Password

Rosa (Hayden): 1802602219

Big Yellow Magic School Bus: 1802602220

Nissan small bus: 1802602218

  • The Hino buses are soon to be added.

You will then be able to see in real time where the identified bus is – based on the login details for each bus.

Black Knight Login Black Knight Tracker Map

Or you can login via our website address with the email office@living.school and the password: 1Password

And then select the bus from the Drop Down menu…


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Some guidelines must be in place for our administration team to manage the fluidity of bus requests.

  1. Any bus change for a week must be registered with the office by 2:00pm the preceding Friday.
  2. Any bus change of pickup for a day, i.e. a parent is collecting children and so children will not be on the bus, MUST be received by the Office no later than 2:00pm the day of the change in plans – so we can inform teachers and drivers.
  3. Any absence for a bus run in the morning – be that for illness or change of plan – MUST be received by 7:45am the morning of the bus run.
  4. The buses cannot wait at a stop for late parents – we know you guys are busy but we must keep to our schedule for all parents down the line. If you miss a bus pickup, please drive to the next stop where your child can safely board the bus.
  5. Also, consider the public bus runs – where there is subsidy and connections for buses directly to our front door, too.
    1. Northern Rivers Bus Lines – 6626 1499
    2. Ballina Bus Lines – 66863666
  6. Friday bus runs will not incur a cost for Term One, and we will be using the Farm for Fridays commencing Term Two.



If you know of anyone of exceptional quality who wants to register as a driver for morning/afternoon, please email office@living.school


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Living School Bus Service Policy and Expectations

Policy: Living School will provide a bus service on a cost per use basis for students to attend Living School.  The cost of the service will be reasonable and meet the running costs of the service.  The cost will be for a pay-per-trip basis.  Parents/carers using the Living School bus service agree to abide by the responsibilities listed below.

Expectations of parents/carers: 

  • To inform the school of their child’s attendance on the bus – and, where a child is not requiring the service, notification is sent to the driver and/or office before the commencement of a trip.
  • To ensure their child is at the bus stop BEFORE the advertised collection time in order to ensure the timetable is met – if a parent is late, the bus will continue to the next stop.
  • To ensure their child is well and able to travel on the bus without upset or illness
  • To treat the drivers with respect and politeness: acting as positive role models in front of our children


Bus Behaviour Expectations

Using the Living School bus is a privilege and, as such, there are clear expectations of correct behaviour and manners.  If these expectations are not met, the school has the right to deny service to any child for a period of time determined by the Conductor.  Personal devices are only to be brought on the bus with the approval of the Conductor.

Safety and good manners are of paramount importance.  

Students Drivers

Students have the right to:

  • Travel safely free from harassment, physical hurt, bullying or anti-social behaviour
  • Travel in a clean and tidy bus
  • Have their possessions treated with respect without tampering
  • Have quiet times when they do not wish to be disturbed

Drivers have the right to:

  • Travel free from harassment, intimidation or anti-social behaviour
  • Travel in a clean, well-maintained and tidy bus
  • Have their possessions treated with respect without tampering
  • Travel safely with a focus on the road and driving conditions free from distraction

Students have the responsibility to:

Ensure their behaviour is safe, including…

    • No arms out of windows, no distraction of the driver, no throwing of items on the bus, no leaving of rubbish on the bus
    • Report to the driver (or the Conductor) poor behaviour or issues regarding safety
  • Not bring any nut products on the bus to minimise any allergic reactions

Drivers have the responsibility to:

  • Ensure they drive safely abiding by all road rules
  • Travel without impairment induced by medication, medical condition or drugs/intoxication
  • Maintain their bus to ensure it is safe, has enough fuel/oil, and is clean
  • Ensure any nut products are prohibited and disposed of appropriately to avoid any risk of allergic reactions

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