Onland Learning - Canoeing Consent Form

Please complete this form to ensure your child is able to participate in our canoeing experience during Friday Onland Learning.

The activity is being managed by John Stewart and Taylor Hessian.

It will involve our own canoes and equipment.

It will steadily increase competence from basic canoe techniques – on safe water to a final expedition down North Creek beside our Onland Learning site.

Friday Canoeing Experience at Onland


Every Friday as part of our Civilisation Term 5 program to undertake a canoeing training, and trips as follows:

Prospect Lake for training and orientation to canoeing

Shaws Bay - paddle in wider water

Prospect Lake to North Creek - along Caniaba Creek

North Creek to Ross' Lane

I understand  that there are inherent risks associated with canoeing, including swimming, capsizing and canoeing in flat water.  All activities have been risk assessed and managed accordingly.  We will be using the School's canoes and safety devices.


Students MUST bring:

Hats, SunSmart clothing (wet shirt/long clothing, longer loose trousers or the like to avoid sunburn on legs), sunscreen, water bottle, water shoes/covered footwear.

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