6 Wk Teaching Block

Join Living School for just six weeks! If you would like to teach a six-week block, delving deeply into an area of passion, please let us know!!

You will need to have teaching credentials approved by NESA, but reach out as I am sure there are amazing educators and artisans with passions others would find interesting!

PDHPE Teacher

Living School is seeking an experienced and exceptional PDHPE and Outdoor Education teacher. Living School is a progressive non-government school started in 2020. We have small classes in the upper years with a focus on care. If you want to start something – we’re here!

PBL teacher Middle School

Living School’s innovative Middle School PBL teaching position is for an exceptional generalist with expertise integrating the 6 KLAs into Project Based Learning.

Science (Maths) Teacher (High School)

Living School is seeking an experienced and exceptional maths and science teacher for high school (with experience teaching HSC and/or IB). As a progressive school started in 2020, we have small classes and a focus on care. This position will have an emphasis on sustainability and regeneration. The position will be for teaching Science (Chemistry, Biology and Physics) as well as Extension Maths.