Permission to access Lismore community spaces

In line with Living School’s vision to learn through the Lismore Community, our staff have the privilege of taking students on walking tours through the central Lismore area throughout the school year. This access is to enable students to engage with the community in a safe and supervised manner.

Lismore public spaces are Living School's third teacher

These tours are not specifically scheduled but your child’s teachers will be fully contactable any time they are off site, and will be accompanied by a tutor for additional supervision.

As a general reminder, it is important that your child brings their hat and drink bottle to school every day – and please ensure they are labelled.

If you have further questions regarding these trips, please contact the office at

Community Area Access Permission

Please fill in the required information to provide permission for your child/ren.

Give permission for my child/ren listed below to access the Lismore community with their teacher(s) at any time during their school day and understand that they will be fully supervised and contactable at all times.

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