Enrolment Application Information

A positive and constructive attitude to the enrolment procedure nurtures our community focus. Forms can be returned to Living School, 67 Conway St, Lismore NSW 2480 | PHONE: (02) 5632 1218

Application for Enrolment Forms are obtainable online.  When we receive the Application for Enrolment, any supporting documentation, as well as the required processing fee ($200), the child’s name is placed on the Admissions list for the required year of entry.

Understand, the receipt of an Application for Enrolment Form does not mean the child is enrolled. Lodgement of the relevant Application for Enrolment and processing fee will be deemed as agreeing to support the policy and procedures of The Living School.

  • Each Application for Enrolment is subject to an interview with the Conductor (school principal), or the Conductor’s delegate, in the year preceding entry.
  • An offer of a place is confirmed in writing, pending outcomes of the enrolment interview.
  • Acceptance of the offer of a place is confirmed on receipt by the School of the Enrolment Charge by the stipulated date.
  • The School will collaborate with parents/carers to assess the diverse learning needs of each student, so we require all supporting documentation regarding a child’s schooling needs.

We will assess all applications to enrol against the following criteria:

Siblings of students already enrolled in the school may be given priority for enrolment.

Applications for enrolment are prioritised according to the date order of receiving the application for enrolment.

While it is not a specified criterion in the Enrolment Policy and Procedures, when the number of available placements is limited, it is appropriate to consider the age and development of a child when discerning between applicants who are equally qualified.

Factors for consideration

When considering whether a student will support the ethos of the school the following factors will be considered:

1. the capacity to self-manage, study independently, stay safe and adhere to the Living School’s VAST model (in settings inside and outside of the school campus).

2. The ability of the prospective student to benefit from the educational offering of the School.

3. The ability of the prospective student to contribute positively to the Living School community.

4. The student and family’s preparedness and capacity to embrace the school’s community-centred holistic learning approach.

The school will not discriminate against students according to disability, race, gender, or denomination.


The School has limited places to offer. After these places are offered, a waiting list is drawn up. This list will be used to make later Offers of Enrolment if students to whom initial offers were made decide not to accept their offers, or if students already enrolled withdraw from the School.


The School’s Enrolment Process is outlined in this document. All Offers of Enrolment are subject to an interview with the Conductor (school principal). Prior to the School making an Offer of Enrolment, an Application to Enrol, together with an Application Fee, needs to be received and processed. All Applicants are assessed against the Enrolment Criteria, and Applicants that meet the Enrolment Criteria are sent an invitation to participate in the Enrolment Interview. Successful Applicants then receive an Offer of Enrolment.


Whilst it is possible to defer a student’s Application to Enrol to a later point of entry, it is not possible to defer an Offer of Enrolment. If we offer a student a place for a particular entry point, that offer only applies to that point of entry – it does not apply for a later entry point.

For example, if we offer a child a place at the School starting in Year 5, but the parents decide that they wish to defer the child’s entry until Year 7, they cannot defer the original offer to take it up at the later entry point. They can, however, choose to have their child remain on the normal “List of Prospective Students” for the next point of entry. We will reconsider their Application to Enrol at the next entry point, with all other applications.


Parents may accept a place for their child by signing the Enrolment Contract and paying the required Enrolment Fee. This will establish the parents’ agreement to support the School Rules and Policies, to pay the School Fees and Charges, to accept the Conditions of Enrolment and the consequences of suspension or termination of Enrolment.


  • Application Fee ($200) to be paid and forwarded with the Application to Enrol form. This amount is non-refundable and does not guarantee a place at the School.
  • Acceptance Fee ($1500) – to be paid within twenty-one (21) days of the Offer of Enrolment, unless otherwise specified at the time of offer. This fee confirms a student’s enrolment at Living School and is refundable when enrolment in Living School terminates.


All enrolment information that parents supply during the enrolment process will be kept confidential and accessed only by those staff involved in the enrolment process. If an application to enrol is not successful we will retain the information, with the permission of the parents, in case a place should become available later.


In completing the Application to Enrol form we will ask parents/carers to declare that to the best of their knowledge they have:

  • disclosed any individual needs of their child
  • provided a copy of any Parenting or Restraint Order that applies to the prospective student and parent(s) and
  • completed fully the Application to Enrol form

If a parent withholds information relevant to the Application and Enrolment Process then we will reserve the right to refuse, or terminate, the Enrolment Process on these grounds.


In this Policy we have referred to ‘parents’ to indicate those people responsible for enrolling students. Most of our enrolments involve the natural parents of children so we have chosen to use this terminology to simplify our documents. However, we readily accommodate an Application to Enrol, where guardians or carers have responsibility for a student’s application.


Living School expects openness and honesty when enrolling a student.  The School expects all parties with legal responsibilities for a child to be aware, to communicate all enrolment requirements, and to be supportive of their child’s enrolment at Living School.


The School reserves the right to alter its Enrolment Policy. Parents are encouraged to contact the School to find out if there have been any changes.


In the event that you have any questions, or need further information, please contact: office@living.school

4.1 As Living School will be taking enrolments in the first years of growth throughout the year, the following process will be adhered to:

4.1.1 The parent/carer completes the Application for Enrolment Form, which contains questions about the student’s educational needs.

4.1.2 Living School’s enrolment criteria is applied.

4.1.3 The Conductor (school principal), or delegate, will interview all applicants.

4.1.4 If individual education needs are identified, then the process of gathering and analysing information is undertaken.

4.1.5 Following the collection of this information about the student, the school discusses the program of support and reasonable adjustments that can be offered with the parents/carers.

4.1.6 If the enrolment is to proceed, the support offered by the school is outlined in a letter of offer, which may include:

  • assistant support
  • teacher support
  • agency support
  • therapeutic support
  • equipment and modifications
  • an Individual Learning Plan as a framework to review the enrolment
  • a behaviour management plan


4.2 Once Living School is operational and enrolments are stable, the following timeline will be followed:

Term 1

  • Distribution of enrolment applications by the school.

Terms 2-3

  • Enrolment applications completed and returned to the school with registration fee and supporting documentation.
  • Commence assessment for students with special needs.

Term 4

  • Enrolment interviews.
  • Enrolment advice letter and offer of place if successful.

Term 5

  • Ongoing assessment of individual student needs.

Term 6

  • Orientation for new students.



Late enrolments will be accommodated if the need arises and there is space available.  The procedures will be the same as outlined, however, the time-line will change. Where possible, we shall strive not to interrupt the teaching and learning programs underway.  To this end, we would prefer to enrol new students at the start of the relevant new term.

4.4 FLOW CHART: Enrolment Guidelines and Support for Students with Disabilities


Stage One


Initial parent/carer enquiry

Secretary sends application for enrolment form

Secretary creates a folder to record details under Enquiries

Interview parent and student, according to the school’s enrolment policy criteriaConductor or delegate
Does the student have a disability?Conductor or delegate in consultation with parents

Stage Two


Written permission from parents to the school to investigate the student’s educational needsSecretary and signed/dated/noted by the Conductor and placed on file

Parents and school collect information to determine the student’s educational needs regarding:

·      Physical access, equipment, building modifications

·      Health issues

·      Personal care needs

·      Communication needs

·      Curriculum access

·      Specialist agencies

·      Emergency procedures



Learning Support and/or consultants


Summary of information.

Consideration of how Living School can meet the student’s needs.

School personnel

Data/file records managed by school secretary

Stage Three


Conductor (school principal) meets with parents and other relevant/appropriate professionals to discuss the educational program the school can offer.




Relevant staff


·       Parent letter stating what the school can offer and accepting the enrolment; signed by parents.

·       Complete Student Support Plan.

·       Transition orientation program proceeds if required and as outlined in the Individual Learning Plan.

·       Enrolment reviewed regularly to ensure school continues to make reasonable adjustments to meet the student’s needs.

This may occur because:

Parents choose not to continue with the enrolment if they believe the school is unable to adequately meet their child’s needs.


The school can demonstrate that the enrolment will cause unjustifiable hardship in relation to the student and the circumstances of the school.

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