NameName of ExcursionName of Classes/Stages attendingNumber of students attending (approximately)Excursion Departure Date / TimeExcursion Return Date / TimeNames of Staff and Tutors who are attendingRe-occurring?Days and Dates of Specific Recurring times...Name and Address of VenuePhone/Mobile of VenueTransport optionPurpose of ExcursionWater activities are includedInformation on water activities needs to be detailed:Teacher cover required?document of itinerary and communicationID
Johann MorwitzerMiddle School sport - yrs 5,6Stage 3 - yrs 5,64013/09/2023 9:15 AM13/09/2023 10:30 AMMitchell, JOhannWeeklyBlair Oval, Lismore+61467660822School busTo conduct touch football lessons at Blair Ovalnono29056
Johann MorwitzerAcademy sportStage 5 - Yrs 9, 102512/09/2023 1:30 PM12/09/2023 3:00 PMJohann, Brooke, MalWeeklyHepburn Park, Goonellabah+61467660822School busTo conduct touch football and cricket sport lessons at Hepburn Park, Goonellebahnono29054
Johann MorwitzerPrimary SportYrs 2,3,42521/09/2023 9:15 AM14/09/2023 1:30 PMJohann, Jorelle, TeacherWeeklyBlair Oval, Lismore+61467660822School busTo conduct touch football sport lesson at Blair Ovalnono29052
Johann MorwitzerSport for Middle schoolYrs 7 and 84013/09/2023 10:30 AM13/09/2023 10:30 AMJohann, BrendanWeeklyHepburn Park, Goonellabah+61467660822School busTO conduct touch football and cricket lessons at Hepburn parkno29050
Emma WilsonYear 6 Town PlanningYear 61911/09/2023 11:10 AM11/09/2023 2:30 PMEmma Wilson
Gemma Pritchard
NoLismore CBD+61427474548School busStudents will explore aspects of Lismore CBD that require consideration for their town plan design. They will also use devices to gather measurements of length, width and height of notable buildings to calculate volume and create scale nets to recreate.nono29043
Emma WilsonLiving Lab PresentationYear 61020/09/2023 4:30 PM20/09/2023 6:00 PMEmma WilsonNoLiving Lab Northern Rivers
11 Woodlark St
+61427474548Meet at Venue, Parents' Vehicle/s, School busYear 6 students have been invited to present their plans for their future Lismore design. This will allow them to receive feedback as they enter the next stage of their build.nono29042
Mitchell BeggsCamping under a blanket of StarsYear 5 classes - 5Mi and 5Ma2011/10/2023 9:00 AM12/10/2023 3:00 PMMitchell, Madi, request a tutor/aid to be present as well.NoRummerey park camp groundTo observe the nights sky, team work with Gratitude at the focus, group work challenges. Hiking.yesWin Hoff exercises in the creek. Shallow water only.no29041
ANNIE ROBERTSJARJUMS WITH DELTA KAYkindy & year 13221/09/2023 10:00 AM21/09/2023 12:30 PMANNIE VICKY BELLA TULSINoBANGALOW PARKLANDSSchool busrebooked excursion that was cancelled due to weather in Term 3. Part of nature keystone focusnono29013
Rebecca BalfourSchool Musical Prop and Costume collectionYr 11 Drama325/08/2023 12:30 PM25/08/2023 2:00 PMRebecca BalfourNoSpotlight Lismore+61423245322Teacher's Vehicle/sSchool Musical Prop and Costume collectionnono29009
Shoshana Cussel-BarnesWear It Purple Day Cakesyr5-1210024/08/2023 1:00 PM24/08/2023 1:30 PMStaff who are present at SCU on the dayNoLiving School SCU Campus
Block E, Southern Cross University, Military Rd, Esat Lismore, 2480
Meet at VenueTo raise awareness of the continuing harassment of LGBTQIA+ young people, especially in school.nono28995
John StewartOnland Learning - Learning Man PBLYears 8 and 92522/08/2023 9:00 AM22/08/2023 3:00 PMJohn Stewart
Leo Baker - Tuesday
Jake Baker - Thursday
For specific timesTuesday 22 - Thursday 24 AugustOnland Learning Site

Risk assessment - here -
+61431130015School busto setup projects for Learning Mannono28983
Warwick EnglishYear 2 Botanical Gardens VisitYear 22223/08/2023 9:45 AM23/08/2023 12:30 PMWarwick and JorelleNoLismore Botanical Gardens,153.2823022,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m6!3m5!1s0x6b9a75c2ba3dd3b1:0x712703df99aac8f!8m2!3d-28.8395419!4d153.2848771!16sg11g8880y9k?entry=ttu
+61450596705School busTo see if nature has stood the test of time that our community has.nono28961
Charlotte PritchardJarjum School Program with Delta Kay - Bangalow ParklandsYear 32222/08/2023 11:00 AM22/08/2023 2:40 PMCharlotte Pritchard
Noangalow Parklands – Deacon Street, Bangalow+61467277669School busDuring the program, Delta shares traditional Dreaming stories that have been passed down from her ancestors and she teachers some Bundjalung language and about significant sites, natural medicine, tools, weapons and artefacts. This ties in with our Civilisation term and Keystone question.nono28953
Rebecca BalfourTrial HSC Drama PerformanceYr 11 & Yr 10 Drama Students1115/08/2023 1:30 PM15/08/2023 3:00 PMRebecca BalfourNoRochdale Theatre
603 Ballina Rd, Goonellabah NSW 2480
+61423245322School busRequirement of the HSC to have an audience for performance.nono28927
Rebecca BalfourHSC Drama Performance examYr 11 & Yr 10 Drama Students1131/08/2023 8:30 AM31/08/2023 12:00 PMRebecca BalfourNoRochdale Theatre 603 Ballina Rd, Goonellabah NSW 2480+61423245322School busRequired Audience for HSC Performancenono28926
Charlotte PritchardTropical Fruit WorldYear 32215/08/2023 9:15 AM15/08/2023 2:45 PMCharlotte Pritchard
NoTropical Fruit Word, 29 Duranbah Road, Duranbah, NSW 2478+61266777222School busAgriculture educationnono28920
Emma WilsonFUSE Cup4 x students from Year 5/6
- Luca Matricardi
- Marlon Marchioro
- Indi Saenger
- Banjo Saddington
418/08/2023 7:30 AM18/08/2023 4:00 PMEmma Wilson, FUSE Cup StaffNoLindisfarne Anglican Grammar School
88/110 Mahers Ln, Terranora NSW 2486
+61755905099Teacher's Vehicle/s, Meet at VenueThe FUSE Cup is played locally in each state and brings together students from Years 5-8 to compete in a safe, structured, and supervised esport competition where they will also learn about ways to improve their digital wellbeing.noyes28918
Emma WilsonPhenomenal Civilisations - Year 6 Lightning Ridge TripYear 62002/10/2023 7:00 AM06/10/2023 5:00 PMEmma Wilson
Support Staff/Bus Driver
NoLightning Ridge Central School
Kaolin Street
Lightning Ridge, NSW
+61268290511School busWhile on excursion, students will explore a very unique micro-civilisation to make comparisons between known civilisations, past and present, to inform their future designs. A focus will be on art and architecture, exploring the sustainable building designs and resources utilised to construct various buildings and monuments. This will support the construction phase of our sustainable Lismore build. Students will also continue their exploration of Earth and geology through the rich history of opal mining in the area.yesPossible visit to bore bathsno28846
Mitchell BeggsFuse Cup - Mario Kart 8 Competition4 students from the Middle School428/07/2023 7:00 AM28/07/2023 4:00 PMMitchellNoLindisfarne Anglican Grammar School
88/110 Mahers Ln, Terranora NSW 2486
+61481716585School busStudents are competing in the Fuse cupnoyes28747
Jake ParmenterNorthern Rivers Careers ExpoYear 101325/07/2023 9:30 AM25/07/2023 3:00 PMCheryl and JakeNoLismore ShowgroundsSchool busYear 10 Launchpadnoyes28737
Leo Baker BakerYear 8 Science excursion to the Recycling facility, LismoreYear 82003/08/2023 11:20 PM03/08/2023 12:50 PMLeo Baker and one otherNoRecycling Centre Lismore, 313 Wyrallah rd.+611300878387School busTo follow on from our unit if work in Term 3 - Polymers - cradle to gravenono28736
Adam FeltonDaley's Nursery visitYear 42519/07/2023 9:30 AM19/07/2023 2:30 PMAdam + driverNoDaleys fruit tree nursery - 36 Daleys Lane, Kyogle
Second location – 601 Hillyards Road, Cedar Point
+61415793962School busIntegrated, experiential learningnono28700
ANNIE ROBERTSVISIT TO TUCKI TUCKI BORA RINGKINDY1008/08/2023 10:45 PMANNIE AND BELLANoWHYRALLA ROAD TUCKI TUCKI+61438669125TO OBSERVE AN ABORIGINAL BORA RING - AS PART OF KEY STONE THEME- as it is part of the local area there is no cost and no requirement of parental consentnono28602
malcolm stekhoven-smithBusiness StudiesYear 12721/06/2023 1:00 PM21/06/2023 2:30 PMMalNoHemlocks Book and Cafe
River St Woodburn
+61419698170Discuss entrepreneurshipnono28584
Malcolm Stekhoven-SmithBusiness StudiesYear 12721/06/2023 1:10 PM16/06/2023 2:30 PMMal onlyNoHemlocks
107 River ST. Woodburn
+61458251942Entrepreneurship meeting with local business ownernono28574
Mitchell BeggsBallina Maritime MuseumYr 52020/06/2023 9:00 AM20/06/2023 1:00 PMMitchell + Bus DriverNo8 Regatta Avenue, Ballina NSW Australia+61481716585School busPBL Artefact research and presentation preparation.nono28549
Rebecca BalfourYr 11 Overnight Rejuvenation CampYr 118Jake & Rebecca
Sammy (Tuesday) Cheryl (Tuesday evening)
NoThe Log Cabin, SpringbrookSchool busYear 11 bonding and rejuvenationnoyes28527
Cheryl Anne StephensPhotography Mentorship-Alstonville TAFEGriffin Lee
Diego Slingsby
220/06/2023 8:30 AM20/06/2023 2:30 PMTBANo494 Bruxner Highway, Alstonville
9am – 4.30pm Monday to Friday
P: 02 6628 5426

494 Bruxner Highway, Alstonville
9am – 4.30pm Monday to Friday
P: 02 6628 5426
494 Bruxner Highway, Alstonville
9am – 4.30pm Monday to Friday
P: 02 6628 5426

494 Bruxner Highway, Alstonville
9am – 4.30pm Monday to Friday
P: 02 6628 5426

Alstonville NCCC
494 Bruxner Highway, Alstonvil
+61266285428Teacher's Vehicle/sPhotography Mentorshipno28522
Cheryl Anne StephensEnvironmental SymposiumJyoti Smith, Madeleine King,, Liam Torrens, Alexis Das-Neves-Ramos416/06/2023 12:00 PM16/06/2023 12:00 PMLeo BakerNoShearwater Mullumbimby

Ph (02) 6684 3223
349 Left Bank Road, Mullumbimby, NSW 2482
+61414759851Teacher's Vehicle/sPart of the Year 10 Launchpad programme.
Symposia for high school students with a focus on sustainability and regenerative practices. The first was for information gathering... we invited experts from the area to present to the students and run workshops on their area of interest with the idea that students may work on a project with support from one or more of these experts. The second Symposium was an opportunity for students to discuss their ideas with one another and to present their projects to the group.
Cheryl Anne StephensUNI START at SCU Gold CoastAngus Mitchell
Ada Gooden
Griffin Lee
Finn Holleman
Armani Caldwell
Alexis Das-Neves Ramos
609/06/2023 12:00 PM09/06/2023 12:00 PMCheryl Stephens78 Invercauld RDTeacher's Vehicle/sAda and Angus are currently completing the UniStart programme and this is an essential component of their learning.
Year 10 students are attending as part of the Launch Pad Project.
Adam FeltonWild Clay w/ Surrenders Ben PotteryYear 42608/06/2023 9:30 AM08/06/2023 2:30 PMAdam and driverFor specific timesThursday 8th and 15th June.Surrenders Bend Pottery studio
43 Carlisle St Wardell
+61499096044School busPBL integrated learning. Science - Materials, HSIE - sustainability.nono28438
Emma WilsonThe Resilience Project/Coles EventYear Three
Year Eight (5 students)
2727/06/2023 9:00 AM27/06/2023 12:00 PMCharlotte
Bus Driver?
NoLismore South Public School
Phyllis & Wilson Street, Lismore NSW 2480
+61427474548School busParticipate in GEM activities for The Resilience Project, interact with Hugh and show gratitude to programme sponsors, Coles.nono28437
Vicky PurserByron Bay Wildlife SanctuaryYear 12207/06/2023 9:30 AM07/06/2023 2:30 PMVicky, Nick (bus driver) + 2 parent helpersNoByron Bay Wildlife Sanctuary
419 Hinterland Wy Knockrow NSW 2479
+61266878432School busConnection to life and living - is it living? Science features of living thingsnono28435
Leo BakerReviving and Restoring wetlands on the floodplainsYear 11 Biology (stage 6) and 2 year 9 students (stage 5)424/05/2023 8:30 AM24/05/2023 3:00 PMCheryl StephensNoKyogle Senior Citizens Centre (AM), Cedar Point (PM)Teacher's Vehicle/sYear 11 will be studying Ecosystem as part of Module 3 unit and Year 9 will be studying Ecosystems as part of their Stage 5 Sciencenono28429
Adam FeltonTree Planting w/ Tucki Tucki LandcareYear 42622/05/2023 11:00 AM22/05/2023 12:30 PMAdam and driverWeeklyTucki Tucki Creek Reserve at the end of Allambie Drive+61414759851School busPBL integrated unitnono28424
Emma WilsonDuck Creeck MacadamiasYear 61924/05/2023 9:30 AM24/05/2023 1:00 PMEmma Wilson
Gemma Pritchard
Richard Blundell
NoDuck Creek Macadamias
148 Brooklet Rd, Brooklet NSW 2479
+61427474548School busSustainable Agriculturenono28389
Emma WilsonFUSE Cup eSports CompetitionMiddle School412/05/2023 9:00 AM12/05/2023 4:00 PMEmma WilsonNoLindisfarne Anglican Grammar School
88/110 Mahers Ln, Terranora NSW 2486
+61427474548Parents' Vehicle/s, Meet at VenueStudents are participating in the FUSE Cup eSports Competition - an exciting national esports competition between several schools across Australia.

The FUSE Cup is played locally in each state and brings together students from Years 5-8 to compete in a safe, structured, and supervised esport competition where they will also learn about ways to improve their digital wellbeing.
Cheryl Anne StephensTucki Tucki Creek Landcare Tree PlantingYear 101203/05/2023 11:30 AM03/05/2023 12:40 PMJake ParmenterNoTucki Tucki Creek Reserve at the end of Allambie Drive+61414759851School busAfter exploring the concept of Nature for a term students will have the opportunity to nurture nature by planting trees and restoring the riparian zone of Tucki Tucki Creek.nono28274
Cheryl Anne StephensTucki Tucki Creek Planet Ark LandcareYears 5, 6, 7, 8, 9100Cheryl, Brooke, Leo,NoHolmes ParkSchool busAfter exploring the concept of Nature for six weeks, students are provided with the opportunity to take action to nurture nature.nono28273
Jake ParmenterCasino YES TAFE programYear 101505/05/2023 9:00 AM05/05/2023 3:00 PMJake ParmenterWeeklyCasino Tafe - 144 Barker St, Casino NSW 2470School busYear 10 Launchpad program - could we please have the Merc?nono28271
Cheryl Anne StephensFriends of Koala Kola ConventionDiego Slingsby & Tyla Emmanuel204/05/2023 9:30 PM04/05/2023 11:30 AMNoZ Block SCUWalkingWe would like you to represent the school at a community workshop facilitated by researchers from Griffith University on behalf of Friends of the Koala to help shape the future of our community's approach to koala conservation. At the workshop, you must give input on developing messaging that can better guide our conservation community when addressing koala-related issues in the Northern Rivers. We are interested in a broad range of ages and backgrounds.nono28254
Vicky PurserByron Bay Wildlife SanctuaryYear 12207/06/2023 9:15 AM07/06/2023 2:45 PMVicky, Tulsi and Nick (driving bus)NoByron Bay Wildlife sanctuary
f/419 Hinterland Wy, Knockrow NSW 2479
+61266878432School busLife and Living - Focus on external features of living things.
Class context: designing an animal hospital
Brooke Ronald GregoryClarence River TripYear 9
7 Students - Sophia, Leon, Xavier, Indigo, Bowie, Willow, Hannha,
7Brooke Gregory
Taylor Hession
Sien Tips
NoClarence River - Section Clarence River Canoe TrailSchool busExpeditionary LearningyesPaddling canoes on the riveryes28226
Cheryl Anne StephensSCU UNI START orientation day at Gold Coast Southern Cross campusAngus Mitchell
Rose Wright
228/04/2023 9:00 AM28/04/2023 3:10 PMCheryl StephensNo78 Invercauld RD+61414759851Orientation for SCU Unistart programme.nono28219
Cheryl Anne StephensDear River Project5 Secondary Students
5 Primary Students
1027/04/2023 9:00 AM27/04/2023 12:00 PMCheryl StephensNo62 Conway St, Lismore+61414759851To contribute to a community art project called Dear River.nono28218
Vicky PurserKoala HuntYear 12223/05/2023 9:15 AM23/05/2023 11:30 AMVicky, Tulsi, Nick - bus driver ?NoSCU lismore campus+61401301190School busLife and Living - How to care for animals and how to protect their natural habitats

A volunteer from Friends of Koala will guide us on a walk to look for Koala's and will answer the children's question about the work of Friends of Koala.
Charlotte PritchardByron Bay Wildlife SanctuaryYear 32202/05/2023 9:30 AM02/05/2023 2:30 PMCharlotte Pritchard
Driver - TBC
NoByron Bay Wildlife Sanctuary
419 Hinterland Way
Knockrow NSW 2479
School bus, Meet at VenueTerm 2 - Nature - classification of animals, animal life cyclesnono28062
Charlotte PritchardAustralian Seabird and Turtle Rescue, Ballina and Ballina Maritime MuseumYear 32204/05/2023 9:30 AM04/04/2023 2:30 PMCharlotte Pritchard
Bus Drive/ Aide to be confirmed
NoAmanda Philp
Assistant Manager
Australian Seabird & Turtle Rescue Inc.
264 North Creek Rd
Ballina NSW 2478
Ph: 02 66 862 852
School bus, Meet at VenueTerm 2 - Nature - Animal classification, life cyclesnono28061
Adam FeltonByron Wildlife SanctuaryYear 42419/04/2023 9:30 AM19/04/2023 2:30 PMAdam + driver/aideNoByron Bay Wildlife Sanctuary
419 Hinterland Way Knockrow NSW 2479 (formerly Macadamia Castle)
+61266878432School busIn line with our current NATURE term and PBL unit, this excursion hopes to inspire and educate Year 4 students as they look to 'build' their own 'Sanctuary'.nono28036
annie robertsDOLPHIN DREAMINGKINDY & YEAR 13202/05/2023 9:15 AM02/05/2023 3:00 PMANNIE, VICKY, TULSIE NICK ( bus driver??)NoCAPE BYRON STATE CONSERVATION AREA ( The Pass) Byron Bay NSW+61266398300School busAs part of our NATURE keystone theme. To learn about the significance of Currenbah ( the Pass ) asa significant to Arakwal Aboriginal peopleyespaddling in the rock pools at the Pass ( if tides allow)no28035
Matt GreenYear 9 feild trip to Shelley BeachYear 9 Music and Year 9 Science2006/04/2023 11:00 AM06/04/2023 2:10 PMMatt Green
NoShelley Beach, East Ballina+61433849223School busTo collect sound samples for their music compostion and to research for their science work.nono28034
Cheryl StephensThe focus of Year 11 Chemistry is going to be on the chemistry of water. As part of your learning you will be taking part in a Southern Cross University research project where we will determine the health of Tucki Tucki Creek by analysing the water quality. We will be supporting the Year 9 General Science class in this endeavour.Year 11 Chemistry
Kyte Crasford, Shosh Cussel-Barnes, Violet McCann
327/03/2023 1:30 PM27/03/2023 2:45 PMCheryl Stephens & Leo BakerNoJust St, Bretmark St Goonellabah+61414759851School busIntroduction to the chemistry of water unit and community involvement in Southern Cross Univeristy's Citizen Science activity of analysing the water quality of water ways in the area.nono28016
Vicky PurserExploring Natural Spaces
Week 1 - Wednesday 29th March (12:40 - 2:30)- The Quad, Lismore (walking)
Week 2 - Monday 3rd April (12:40 -2:30)- Lismore Rainforest Botanic Gardens (require school bus)
Week 3 - Wednesday 12th April (12:40 - 2:30)- Birdwing Butterfly Walk, Kadina Street, Goonellabah (require school bus)
Week 4 - Monday 17th April (1:30 - 2:30)- Lismore Community Gardens (Walking)
Year 12205/04/2023 12:30 PM05/04/2023 2:30 PMVicky, Tulsi + Bus Driver
Will also invite parent helpers
WeeklyLismore rainforest Botanic Gardens, Wyrallah Rd, Monaltrie NSW 2480

Birdwing Butterfly Walk, Kadina Street, Goonellabah
+61401301190School bus, WalkingTo explore natural spaces - to compare and contrast natural and urban spaces, consider how different spaces are used and how they can be cared for.nono28014
Jake ParmenterYear 10 RetreatStage 5 - Year 101603/04/2023 9:00 AM05/04/2023 3:00 PMJake Parmenter
Cheryl Stephens
Dave Elmore Collins
No3360 Nerang-Murwillumbah Road, Natural Bridge, Springbrook Q 4211
(07) 5533 6174
+61755336174School busYear 10 Retreatnoyes27996
Rebecca BalfourYear 12 Sydney tripYear 12824/05/2023 8:00 AM25/05/2023 5:00 PMRebecca Balfour
Cheryl Stephens
NoVariousYear 12 HSC viewings and experiencesnoyes27993
Rebecca BalfourYr 12 Sydney TripYr 12824/05/2023 8:00 AM25/05/2023 4:00 PMRebecca Balfour
Cheryl Stephens
NoVarious VenuesViewing and participating in HSC information/eventsnoyes27992
Leo BakerTucki Tucki creek exploration as a site for water testing and introduction to the Big ScrubYear 92127/03/2023 1:30 PM27/03/2023 2:45 PMLeo BakerNoTucki Tucki Creek, Justin st, Goonellabah+61460944726School busOrientation of Area of study, Introduce the aim of our study and the previous links of the Living School to the area.nono27989
Ant LewryHOTA: Pop Masters ExhibitionYear 81715/05/2023 8:00 AM15/05/2023 4:00 PMAnt and Sien/Paul/AnissaNoHOTA
135 Bundall Rd, Surfers Paradise QLD, 4217
+61755884000School busTo launch our Life & Living unit with a guided immersion in life represented through art. The Pop Masters exhibit showcases an incredible collection of Pop Art. Pop Art as a form is used to represent life in a relatable and realistic way. The class will be invovled in an interactive workshop and throughout the term, they will be building to create their own exhibitions of works created throughout the term. The goal here will be to host this either at the uni or at a space in Lismore (Brown and Jolly/Regional Gallery/Elevator ARI).

Small cost to each family but is TBC by HOTA. I have also applied for the THE JOCK AND BEVERLY MCILWAIN ARTS BUS FUND to cover petrol costs (grant of $250 paid to the school):
Ant LewryYear 8 'Nature' campYear 81703/04/2023 9:00 AM07/04/2023 3:00 PMAnt, Sien (or Anissa) and Sarah Ross?NoBellingen "Promiselands" and Dorrigo ShowgroundsSchool busTo bring the 2023 Y8 cohort together in a nature imersion experience. The class have been preparing for and planning the camp all term. They have fundraised and received donations from Bunnings to support the experience. The group were promised a camp in 2022 that never came to fruition - this intends to make up for what was not delivered. It has been designed with/by the class so that they feel ownership and see that their hard work pays off. In groups, they are responsible for all elements of the camp (cooking, cleaning, preparation, set up/pack up, itinerary. The date has been pushed from the last week of Term 1 because we were waiting on confirmation of donations from Bunnings. That has been received. Additionally, Y9 are out in the last week of T1, so as a class, it was decided that it was in the best interest of all involved that we did not double up.
Tentative itinerary (designed by class) is as follows:
Monday: Dorrigo arrival, set up camp, explore town, get into groups and ensure that checklist for day one has been completed. Potential meeting with local language school, visit to Dorrigo Museum. Meeting with local elder, Evening games and talent quest prep for evening #2.
Tuesday: Sunrise hike, water samples, nature photography, hikes on the local trails (3 groups with maps and compasses), evening Aboriginal astrology discussion, talent quest/karaoke.
Wednesday: Sunrise yoga and meditation, pack up camp, nature photography, hikes on the local trails (3 groups with maps and compasses),
Thursday: journey to Bellingen Showgrounds to set up camp, exploration of town, visit to Museum/historical society, greeting by Sapphire's grandfather (lives on coastal community) and introduction to area, river walk, class dinner at pub. Slam poetry reading from Term 1.
Friday: sunrise beach walk - yoga and meditation, pack up camp, Wooli swim on return to SCU
yesBathing in the shallow rivers.no27925
annie robertsTHE FARMKINDY1115/03/2023 10:00 AM15/02/2023 1:30 PMANNIE & BELLANoNORTH CREEK ROAD SKENNARS HEAD+61438669125School busto orientate the students before they commence their weekly Friday visits to the farm. To complete the term of Identity by seeing and experiencing another part of the Living School identity. Also a visit to Lennox Head library.nono27912
Cheryl Anne StephensTrade Readiness9-13809/03/2023 9:00 AM10/03/2023 3:00 PMTo be confirmed but perhaps Mal?NoThe Farm Lennox Head+61414759851School busTo provide a learning opportunity for those considering working in the construction industry.nono27892
Emma WilsonYear 6 Aged CareYear 62028/02/2023 10:00 AM28/02/2023 12:00 PMEmma Wilson
Richard Blundell
NoUniting Caroona Kalina Aged Care Facility
65 - 101 Rous Road, Goonellabah
+61427474548Students will be interviewing aged care residents about events that have shaped their identity. Students will record this to create a metaphoric representation of their life story as a narrative, published as a book.
Local Excursion - permission required from parents for RAT testing + mask wearing to follow centre protocols.
Cheryl Anne StephensTucki Tucki Creek Landcare-Riparian RestorationYear 101417/02/2023 9:15 AM17/02/2023 11:00 AMNoBrettmark Court, Goonellabah+61414759851School busTo continue our relationship with the Tucki Tucki Creek Landcare group. Students will be planting trees along the Riparian Zone of Tucki Tucki Creek and as part of the Launch Pad Programme listen to Shaun Springhall talk about vocational work and what motivates him to do the work he is doing.

Dear Year 10 Parents and students,
This Friday morning, Year 10 students will be travelling to Brettmark Court, Goonellabah, to continue the excellent work we began last year in restoring the riparian zone of the Tucki Tucki Creek under the guidance of the local Landcare group. 
We will travel by bus to the site and plant trees from 9:30 to 10:30. After the tree planting, Mr Shaen Springhall will explain his work as the secretary of the Gonellabah Tucki Landcare group and what motivates him to do this type of work.
We will need to wear covered shoes, sun-smart clothing, a hat, a water bottle and a snack.
We should be incredibly proud of the work the Living School has already completed on this site, planting more than 500 trees. If you have a chance, stroll along Birdwing Butterfly Gully and look for the sign (see below), indicating where the Living School has planted and weeded.
When students return to school, they will be introduced to the possible micro-skill courses they might like to complete.
Warm regards, 
Cheryl Anne StephensAcademy for Enterprising Girls WorkshopYear 10 girls
Asha Baker
Tyla Emmanuel
Kyrah Hook
Remy Lems
Elke McPeherson
Jyoti Smith
615/02/2023 9:00 AM15/02/2023 3:00 AMNoSouthern Cross University+61414759851WalkingTo develop students' entrepreneurial skills.
Email sent to parents of girls involved
Good afternoon,

Your daughter has been invited to participate in the Academy for Enterprising Girls Workshop this coming Wednesday, the 15th of February, 2023, from 9:15 to 15:00 at Southern Cross University.

The Academy for Enterprising Girls is a fun and exciting entrepreneurship program designed to cultivate young women's design thinking, entrepreneurial and business skills. There is no cost for this workshop. Students are encouraged to bring a laptop (available from school if needed) and a water bottle. Students will walk to the event and be accompanied by a Living School staff member for the day.

More information about the Academy for Enterprising Girls Workshop can be found here.

Please complete the permission form and still and moving image form that will come home with your daughter Monday afternoon and return it to me before Wednesday.

Warm regards,

Ben BellePhotography field tripsStage 61213/02/2023 1:30 PM13/02/2023 3:00 PMBen BelleWeeklyLismore CBD
South Lismore
North Lismore
School busWeekly photography field trips plus gallery visitsnono27865
Vicky PurserDetective on Tour: Crawford House Museum / Summerland House FarmYear 12127/02/2023 9:45 AM27/02/2023 2:15 PMVicky + Bus driver (Lel?)NoCrawford House Museum - 10 wardell Road Astonville
Summeralnd House Farm - 253 Wardell Road Alstonville
+61266280610School busAs part of our keystone theme of Identity, Year 1 students are taking on the role of history detectives asking, ‘How has family life changed or remained the same over time?’. To help them in this inquiry, we will be taking a tour of Crawford House Museum in Alstonville.
Our other main focus this term is building positive relationships. What better way to do that, than with a play at the wonderful Summerland House Farm.
yesSummeralnd House Fram Watet park - water sprinkers only NO pool.no27864
Ben BellePhotography Field TripStage 51913/02/2023 9:00 AM13/02/2023 10:50 AMBen Belle
+ 1 support staff
WeeklyLismore CBD
South Lismore
North Lismore
Industrial Estate
To conduct weekly photography field trips and gallery visitsnono27862
Cheryl Anne StephensLaunch Pad-Year 101410/02/2023 12:00 PM10/02/2023 12:00 PMCheryl and Tania (teacher assistant)No81 Monet Drive, Mullumbimby, New South Wales+61266843111To provide students with an environment to reflect on their identity and what it means to be empathetic. Students will have the opportunity to attend a guided meditation class, walk a labyrinth and visit the only Tibetan Stupa in the southern hemisphere, amongst many things.nono27849
Mitchell BeggsBushwalk at Wilson ReserveYear 52202/02/2023 9:30 AM02/02/2023 11:30 AMMitchell, driver to assist in walking activity if possible.NoWilson Reserve Lismore
579Q+55, East Lismore NSW 2480
School busPhysical Challenge, Group bonding, VAST discussions, Critical thinking practicenono27791
Charlotte PritchardYear 3 Excursion - Rocky Creek Dam / Whian Whian FallsYear 32013/12/2022 9:15 AM13/12/2022 1:30 PMCharlotte Pritchard
NoRocky Creek Dam, Dunoon, NSW 2480
Whian Whian Falls, Whian Whian Falls, Dunoon, NSW 2480
+61412649909School busService - Water
End of Year Excursion
yesWaist high only and paddling only at Whian Whian falls - Johann, lifeguard to supervise and knows swimming ability of all Children.
Clear expectations set.
Risk assessment in file.
Ben BelleByron Bay Gallery WalkYear 7/8 leftovers406/12/2022 9:30 PM06/12/2022 2:30 PMBen Belle
NoByron bay Gallery 1/17 Lawson St
Gallery 7 113/11 Banksia Drive
JEFA Gallery 3/ 83 centennial Crt
Thom Gallery 6 Fern Pl
School busPhotography immersionnono27755
Rebecca BalfourFabulous Fifties FestivitiesYear 10 & 122009/12/2022 10:15 AM09/12/2022 2:30 PMRebecca
NoBallina Ten Pin Bowling+61423245322School busTeam buildingnono27742
Mitchell BeggsYear 7 Celebration dayYear 7 cohort2412/12/2022 9:15 PM12/12/2022 3:00 PMMitchell / BenNoBounce 5 sunlight dr, Burleigh waters qld 4220School busYear 7 celebration of end of year, end of year partynoyes27727
Emma WilsonYear 6 Summerland FarmYear 62014/12/2022 9:15 AM14/12/2022 12:30 PMEmma Wilson
Bus Driver?
NoSummerland Farm
253 Wardell Road
Alstonville, NSW, 2477
+61266280610School busEnd of Year 6 CelebrationyesWater splash park on site, not swimming in a pool.no27708
Adam FeltonLiving School of Rock x Wardell CORE Community outreach concert.Year 52202/12/2022 9:00 AM02/12/2022 3:00 PMAdam, Anissa (driver)NoWardell CORE facility - 3 Sinclair St Wardell NSW+61431716457School busHaving worked with Wardell CORE earlier this year post-flood, we are returning to further enhance our connection to this community. We will be joined by students from Wardell Public School as well as parents, families and friends.
We service society by rocking.
Brooke Ronald GregoryTrip to Lismore dump shopYear 9 HSIE2014/11/2022 11:15 AM14/11/2022 1:20 AMBrooke, but another staff member/bus driver would be ideal so that one of us can drive bus and the other drive a car (like Brooke's ute) to carry the equipment.No313 Wyrallah Road, East Lismore, NSW 2480+61400630901School busTo source materials for PBL unit.noyes27657
Vicky PurserYear 6 Drama Excursion to the farmYear 62016/11/2022 9:15 PM16/11/2022 3:00 PMVicky, Laura (+bus driver)NoJohn's Farm
North Creek Road
Skennar's Head
+61401301190School busTo film Year 6's own silent movie as part of their melodram unit. The movie will be played as part of the end of year MAD showcase.nono27656
Vicky PurserYear 6 Silent Movie filming at the farmYear 62023/11/2022 9:00 AM23/11/2022 3:00 PMVicky and LauraNoJohn's Farm, North Creek Road, Skennar's Head+61401301190School busTo film a silent movie as part of a melodrama unit in drama, The silent movie will be played as part of the end of semester showcase.nono27654
Vicky PurserObservational Drawing - Living School Conway Street frontageYear 22024/11/2022 11:40 AM24/11/2022 12:50 PMVicky and Laura + bus driver (?)NoConway Street Lismore - To observe the frontage of the school site from the opposite side of the road.+61401301190School busObservational drawing exercise - places that serve us. Students will have already completed an observational drawing of the SCU site and will observe and sketch the outside of Conway Street building to compare the buildings (and also gain excitement re: returning to conway Street).nono27640
Emma WilsonYear 6 Permaculture VolunteeringYear 62016/11/2022 9:00 AM16/11/2022 3:00 PMEmma WilsonNoElla's Farm
217 McAllisters Rd
Bilambil Heights NSW 2486
+61402964001School busTo explore waste and permaculture through volunteering and offering service to the crew at Ella's Farm.nono27624
Emma WilsonFUSE CupYear 5/6
- Jesse Emanuel
- Sally Nevill
- Finley Gleeson
- Luca Matricardi
420/10/2022 8:00 AM20/10/2022 4:00 PMEmma WilsonNoLindisfarne Anglican Grammar School
Tweed Heads, NSW
eSports FUSE Cup offering
Donated entry from Fuse Cup CEO Dan Martinez
Cheryl Anne StephensYear 11 Brisbane TripYear 111028/09/2022 9:00 AM30/09/2022 3:10 PMCheryl Stephens
Rebecca Balfour
Cheryl Stephens
NoBrisbane CBD
Brisbane City YHA
Address: 392 Upper Roma Street; Brisbane, S...
Phone: (+617) 3236 1004
Stanley Place, South Brisbane
Queensland 4101, Australia

Museum of Brisbane
Level 3, Brisbane City Hall
64 Adelaide St, Brisbane 4000
+61 7 3339 0800

2 George St, Brisbane City QLD 4000
+61414759851visit art galleries and museums with links to past and current studies
team and resilience building
celebration and goal setting
Charlotte PritchardTropical Fruit WorldYear 32118/10/2022 9:00 AM18/10/2022 3:00 PMCharlotte Pritchard
Bus Driver/ TBC
NoTropical Fruit World
29 Duranbah Road,
Duranbah, NSW, 2487,
+61266777222School busLearning about germination, plants, fruits, agriculturenono27502
Charlotte PritchardSeabird Rescue Ballina and Ballina Maritme MuseumYear 32120/09/2022 9:10 AM20/09/2022 3:00 PMCharlotte Pritchard
Bus Driver / TBC
NoAustralian Seabird and Turtle Rescue, 264 North Creek Road, Ballina NSW 2478, Australia
Ballina Naval and Maritime Muesuem, Regatta Ave Ballina NSW Australia
+61266862852School busLearning about local wildlife, animal adaptations, evolution, tides and protection.nono27501
Tori AmblerCrystal CastleYear 1 & 23812/10/2022 9:15 AM12/10/2022 2:45 PMTori
NoCrystal Castle & Shambhala Gardens
81 Monet Drive
Montecollum, NSW 2482
+61266843111School busKeystone theme - Phenomena
Looking at crystals that the Earth produces
Cost is $9 per student, and teachers are free.
*Will email a risk assessment and permission form shortly, but the date is confirmed with Crystal Castle
Emma WilsonYear 6 Science ExcursionYear 62014/09/2022 9:00 AM14/09/2022 4:00 PMEmmaNoTimeZone Coolongatta
The Strand, 72-80 Marine Parade, Coolangatta, QLD, 4225
+61730500817School busExplore phenomena used in arcade games (natural and man made), create scientific diagrams and gather information and ideas for Term Five Project.nono27475
annie robertsKILLEN FALLSKINDY1713/10/2022 9:00 AM13/10/2022 3:00 PMANNIE AND BELLA AND A BUS DRIVERNoFriday Hut Road Teven
Seven MIle beach boat channel Lennox Head
to observe how water moves as part of our keystone questionyesno swimming at Killen falls but paddling option at Boat channelno27453
Vicky PurserSWELL - Sculptures by the Sea
Year 5 and 64014/09/2022 8:00 AM14/09/2022 4:00 PMEmma, Adam and Vicky + 2 x bus driverNoYear 6 to go first to - Ivory Waterside (arcade), Tweed Heads then onto Swell at Currumbin Beach + Emma and bus driver

Year 5 to go straight to Swell at Currumbin Beach + Vicky, Adam and bus driver
+61401301190School busArt appreciation, exposure to the work local artists.
Exploring 3D form and the effect of light, shadow and location on your experience with a work of art.
Rebecca BalfourPerfoming arts workshop and PerformanceAll Stages welcome3003/10/2022 8:30 AM03/10/2022 3:00 PMRebecca Balfour
Bus Driver for morning and afternoon drop off/pickup
DailyMonday - Wednesday 8.30am - 3pm St Finnbars Primary School, Byron Bay
Thursday 12pm - 7pm Byron Bay Theatre, Johnson St, ByronBay
+61423245322School bus, Meet at VenueThe aim of the workshop is for the students to have fun, to be creative, to interact with and support other students, to raise self-esteem, to improve their focus and concentration, to advance their acting, singing and dancing skill levels and to be involved in local community theatre performance.
For the workshop performance each student is involved in a minimum of 5 performance items; the opening number, a musical theatre item, a song, a short reader’s theatre type play and the dance finale.

Throughout the first three days students are placed in age-based groups and are rotated through the daily program of sessions of singing, musical theatre, dance and drama.

The workshop employs 5 professional teachers from the local community. The students are rewarded with exposure to different styles and techniques. For the first 2 days there is one teacher dedicated to the younger children to settle them into the program. However, one of the most rewarding aspects of the workshop is the interaction of the students from all age levels, especially the way the older children care for the younger members of the troupe.

The first three days of the holiday workshop run from 9.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. The fourth day commences at 12 noon and concludes with the performance at 6.00 p.m. There is a wealth of activity and learning in the first three days and the fourth day is devoted to rehearsal in the theatre for the evening’s performance. The students learn an incredible amount in four days and their level of performance is amazing given the short time to absorb new material, raise their skill level and focus on their performance. However, the main emphasis of the program is student enjoyment and teacher and peer support for all individuals and each item.
Charlotte PritchardUnderstory - Lismore Botanical GardensYear 32111/08/2022 12:15 PM08/08/2022 2:30 PMCharlotte Pritchard
Allocated Bus driver
NoLismore Botanical GardensSchool busTo go and see a production by Roundabout Theatre in Lismore Botancial Gardensnono27388
Samantha RobinsonVisual Arts Gallery and assessmentStage 5 and 6 Visual Arts Students2019/08/2022 9:15 AM19/08/2022 2:30 PMSammy and rebbecaNoTweed Regional Gallery South Murwillumbah+61266702790School busCatch up hours and complete theory assessmentnono27386
Vicky PurserArt on the streets of Lismore.Stage 3
Year 5 Wednesday 10th August 1:30 - 2:45pm
Year 6 Thursday 11th August 11:40 - 12:40
2010/08/2022 1:30 PM10/08/2022 2:45 PMVicky and Rebecca (Wednesday)

Vicky and Bella (?)

We will require a bus driver to stay with us as we will drive and stop at different places - bus tour!!
NoBus drive around Lismore CBD+61401301190School busFor Stage 3 students to view and photograph street art around Lismore CBD. In response to our MAD keyston question 'what do they arts tell us about the social and political climate of different cvilisations?'nono27334
Miranda AlticeBallina Maritime Museum
Cost is in "Purchase Approval" form sent to Bec ($24) to be invoiced after the field trip.
Year 11 Marine Science529/07/2022 10:00 AM29/07/2022 2:30 PMMiranda AlticeNoBallina Maritime Museum
Regatta Ave, Ballina NSW 2478
+61266811002School busMarine civilisation
Local maritime history
Life at sea
Ant LewryA Day at the MuseumY42019/07/2022 7:00 AM19/07/2022 6:00 PMJohann, Vicky and AntNoQueensland Museum and QAGOMA+61731533000School busTo immerse Y4 in our theme of civilisationnono1960
Miranda AlticeWhale Watching TourMarine Science505/08/2022 10:00 AM05/08/2022 1:00 PMMirandaNoOut of the Blue Adventures: Ballina+61407522422Whale watching and education tour for learning about local cetaceans with a locally-owned company. The total cost is $700 which I can use the classroom budget that I haven't utilised for two terms.yesWe will be on a boat.no1938
Miranda AlticeField StudiesMarine Science522/07/2022 9:00 AM22/07/2022 2:30 PMMiranda, hopefully TaylorWeeklyVarious rocky shore locations along Lennox Head and Ballina beaches (Flat Rock, Boulders, Shelly Beach, etc)The purpose of these excursions is for marine science students to learn how to collect data during marine field studies.yesThey will only be utilising intertidal zones at mid-to-low tides and only ankle to shin high (max). They will be using quadrats to place on top of low tide rocks to collect data.no1937
Adam FeltonEnd of Semester Class PartyYear 52029/06/2022 9:30 AM29/06/2022 2:45 PMAdam (teacher) Hayden (bus driver)NoBallina Tenpin Bowl 16 Clark St Ballina, NSW 2478+61266865342School busReward for hard work over semesternono1932
Vicky PurserRoundabout Theatre with Tiff Bollhorn
Creative Nature workshop
Year 32027/06/2022 9:30 AM27/06/2022 12:15 PMCharlotte + Bus Driver?NoLismore Rainforest Botanic Gardens+61435741892School busFor students to be part of the creative development process of Roundabout Theatre's production 'Understory'.nono1874
Vicky PurserRoundabout Theatre with Tiff Bollhorn
Creative Nature workshop
Year 52028/06/2022 9:30 AM28/06/2022 12:15 PMAdam and bus driverNoLismore Rainforest Botanic Gardens+61435741892School busFor students to be part of the creative development process of Roundabout Theatre's production 'Understory'.no1873
Ben BelleLismore Photography TourYr72002/06/2022 9:30 PM02/06/2022 12:30 PMBen
Nck or Mal?
NoLismore CBD and surrounds+61403424101School busBuild photography portfolio / document Lismore post floodnono1860
Cheryl Anne StephensTucki-Tucki Creek Riparian RestorationYear 9 Living School27/05/2022 12:00 PM27/05/2022 2:30 AMCheryl Stephens
Leigh-Anne Robinson
WeeklyRichmond Birdwing Butterfly Gully off Kadina St in Goonellabah.+61414759851School bus, WalkingYear 9 are exploring the concept of service; what service is and why one would serve. This terms focus is service to the environment. Year 9s will be provided with a dedicated space in the Tucki Tucki Creek Landcare project to regenerate. Whilst developing an understanding of service students will also deepen their understanding of the importance of protecting riparian zones and indigenous flora and fauna.
yesStudents will be working adjacent to a creek.no1852
Ant LewryBallina Tip Shop visitYear 42025/05/2022 9:30 AM25/05/2022 2:30 PMJOHANN
Tori AmblerLismore Pop-Up library visitYear 22016/06/2022 1:30 PM16/05/2022 2:45 PMTori
Hayden (already rostered on as learning support)
NoRichmond Tweed Regional Library Support Services
6 Centenary Drive, Goonellabah
+61266212464School busResuming our library visits.
Michael from the Lismore library has invited us to the pop up library in Goonellabah.
Tori AmblerGoonellabah pop-up libraryYear 22026/05/2022 1:30 PM26/05/2022 2:45 PMTori
Hayden (already assigned as learning support)
Richmond Tweed Regional Library Support Services
6 Centenary Drive, Goonellabah
+61266212464School busResume our library visits.
A pop-up library has been created at the Richmond Tweed Regional Library Support Services, through which Michael, from the Lismore library, has invited us to.
Emma WilsonYear 6 Macadamia Farm ExcursionYear 62026/05/2022 9:15 AM26/05/2022 1:00 PMEmma WilsonNoDuck Creek Macadamias
148 Brooklet Road
Brooklet, NSW, 2479
+61268871877School busYear 6 Science - Sustainable production of food and fibre within the agricultural industrynono1791
annie robertswildlife twins show - incursionkindy and other classes who want to join in1703/06/2022 11:00 AM03/06/2022 12:00 PMANNIENoSTEWART FARM = SKENNARS HEAD+61488579163to integrate our term 3 keystone theme of Life and living with a focus on animalsnono1786
Emma WilsonYear 6 Macadamia Farm VisitYear 62125/05/2022 11:15 AM25/05/2022 2:30 PMEmmaNoDuck Creek Macadamias
148 Brooklet Rd
Brooklet NSW 2479
+61266871877School busYear 6 Science Curriculum - Exploring sustainable food and fibre production for the Northern Rivers area.nono1758
Adam FeltonHSIE - Sustaining our Spaces
Year 5 are looking at Save Our River Towns.
Year 52026/04/2022 9:00 AM26/04/2022 3:00 PMAdam, Vicky and driverNoWardell Memorial Hall and surrounding areas.+61415793962School busAligned with cross-curricular theme and HSIE unit for the term.nono1657
Tori AmblerDaley Nursery Excursion Year 2Year 21803/05/2022 9:15 AM03/05/2022 2:30 PMTori Ambler
Bus Driver
NoDaley Nursery
36 Daleys Lane
Geneva, NSW 2474
+61266321441School busWithin our Nature theme, to visit the Nursery and have a tour on the fruits and plants that they grow their.
Understanding where our fruits come from and the purpose of the nursery.
Miranda AlticeQuadrat Sampling TechniqueMarine Science - year 11516/02/2022 10:00 AM16/02/2022 2:30 PMMiranda
maybe Taylor?
NoBoat Ramp Beach (Lennox)
or Shelly Beach (Ballina)
+61467375108School busThe purpose of this excursion is to learn about biodiversity and abundance in a given sampling area using the quadrant sampling technique. This will give the students keen observational skills and a more understanding of the abundance of a specific area. They will also learn to take ethical samples and to classify the species - particularly molluscs on this day.yesStudents may be wading in shallow water at low tide. If the tide is low enough and the water quality is decent, we may explore snorkelling in a protected area. This is dependent on time and environment.yes1331
Samantha RobinsonByron Bay Wildlife HospitalStage 51426/11/2021 9:00 AM26/11/2021 2:00 PMSamantha RobinsonNoMacadamia Castle+61415126275School busService and Visual Artsnono1145
Vicky PurserArt Service visit to RSL Life Care Aged care facility.Year 31630/11/2021 12:00 PM30/11/2021 12:00 PMVicky Purser (+1?)NoRSL Life Care, 45 McKenzie Street, Lismore+61266262900School busTo hand deliver postcards crafted by primary school students in art to the residents of the aged care facility.
Year 3 will deliver on behalf of all primary students involved. Year 3 will read some of their postcard messages and explain their printing process.
Adam FeltonLiving School of Rock - DunoonYear 51702/12/2021 9:00 AM02/12/2021 2:30 PMAdam, Mal + bus driverNoMonet's Porter's family home in Dunoon (as per term 3)+61415793962Consolidation of learning, video shoot and end of year celebration.nono1107
Annie RobertsLismore Waste Resource CentreKindergarten1909/11/2021 11:15 AM09/11/2021 12:15 PMAnnie
Bus Driver (Hayden)
No313 Wyrallah Road, Lismore+61266250500School busUnderstand the importance of using the correct bin.
Understanding what happens after our rubbish is collected from the bins.
Jesse WatersLismore waste Resource CentreYear 11815/11/2021 11:15 AM15/11/2021 12:15 PMJesse
Bus driver (Johann or lel?)
No313 Wyrallah Road, Lismore+61266250500School busUnderstand the importance of using the correct bin.
Understanding what happens after our rubbish is collected from the bins.
Tori AmblerLismore Waste Recovery Centre22009/11/2021 9:30 AM09/11/2021 10:30 AMTori
Bus Driver (Hayden)
No313 Wyrallah Road, Lismore+61266250500School busLinking to HalveIt and understanding where our rubbish goes after it is put in the bin.
Importance of using the correct bins.
Vicky PurserStreet Art Walkabout (Monday 9th or 16th August)Year 61809/08/2021 2:00 PM09/08/2021 2:50 PMVicky and Bella (?)NoEggins Lane Lismore+61401301190WalkingIs street art our cave art?
What can street art tell us about our civilisation?
To view examples of street art around our local community. What makes it art? Is a tag art? What can we learn from street art? Consider what is being communicated through the street art around Lismore.
Vicky PurserStick collection at Heritage ParkYear 21409/08/2021 11:10 AM09/08/2021 12:00 PMVicky plus bus driver (?)NoHeritage Park,
195 Molesworth Street, Lismore
School busCollection of natural resources for art project.nono592
Ant LewryHOTA gallery visitYear 41815/06/2021 7:45 AM15/06/2021 4:00 PMAnt, Lel, Phoebe and Leonie (Koco's mum)No135 Bundall Rd, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217+61755884000School busTo experience a new gallery in our region and check out the Solid Gold exhibition; showcasing life on the Gold Coast over time.nono302
Adam FeltonYear 5 Band Rehearsals - DunoonYear 52017/06/2021 9:30 AM17/06/2021 2:30 PMAdam and MalNo104 James St, Dunoon
Home of Georgie, Howard and Minnie
+61415793962School busBand Rehearsalsnono298
Ant LewryHOTA Gallery visitYear 41815/06/2021 7:30 AM15/06/2021 4:00 PMSchool staff: Ant, Lel and Phoebe
Parent volunteers: Libby (Marlon) and Leonie (Koco)
135 Bundall Rd, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217
+61755884000School busTo continue our tour of galleries in the local area. A focus here will be the Solid Gold exhibition, which focuses on life on the Gold Coast (linked to our theme of Life and Living).nono292
Adam FeltonLiving School of Rock rehearsals - Dunoon ChurchYear 52017/06/2021 9:00 AM17/06/2021 2:30 PMAdam and MalNoDunoon Church (Monet Porter's family's property)+61415793962School busConnection, integration, experience and rehearsal for end of term performances.nono282
Jesse WatersWildlife ExcursionStage 1 - Year 1 + 23708/06/2021 9:30 AM08/06/2021 2:30 PMJesse
NoSouthern Cross University - Military Rd, East Lismore NSW 2480
Victoria Park Alstonville - Dalwood NSW 2477
+61405275743School bus, Teacher's Vehicle/sKeystone Experiencenono74
Dorian RathmannerNorthern Rivers Community GalleryYear82122/04/202122/04/2021Dorian Rathmanner, Axle, Mal, any teachers on duty with year 8NoNorthern Rivers Gallery, Ballina, 44 Cherry St, 2478+61266810530School busExhibit which looks specifically at environmental and cultural aspects of Richmond River catchment area.nono19
Tori AMblerBotanical GardensYear 1
Year 2
Bus Driver
1 x Tutor (Laura)
NoBotanical Gardens Wyrallah Road LismoreSchool busNature Key Stone theme
Exploring the land, flora and fauna of the area.
Tori AmblerDaley NurseryYear 22027/04/202127/04/2021Tori
Bus Driver - Lel?
NoKyogle - will get full address shortlySchool busZoa's parents own this nursery which they can take us on a tour through. Discuss and describe propagation, tropical plants and fruits that they have, as well as other various plants and herbs they have.
Education around the types of plants, their needs, and also what is involved in a nursery.