Frequently Asked Questions...

Do I need to live in a particular area to be considered for this school? 

No – we are an independent school, so we do not have restrictions based on where you live. But do consider the travel times.  We have families travelling from Ocean Shores, Belongil, Byron Bay, Suffolk Park, Lennox Head, Ballina, Bangalow, Eureka, Rosebank, Clunes, Eltham… and west toward Casino.

What bus services are available?

All families can access the public bus system, with subsidies for travel.  This requires you to fill out the Transport NSW requirements (email us for guidance).

We also offer our own bus services from Belongil, Suffolk Park direct; Ballina, Lennox, Alstonville; Bangalow, Eureka, Clunes, Eltham.  There is a charge for these services of $5 each way.  This charge pays for fuel, driver and administration.  You are able to see where the bus is via our unique bus-tracker system.

How many students are on the waitlist?

We are unable to provide exact numbers as there are different learning groups with different levels of interest.  As we develop, we can expect our intake years to be Kindergarten (for primary), Year 7 (for middle school) and Year 11 (for the academy).  We are not looking to be expansive, but our constitution is explicit in our desire to grow into a multicampus school.  

Can I come to see the school?

We do offer open days – and we can arrange special considerations for a visit.  We are wary of disrupting our learning days – and our focus is on our current enrolments. But we are always grateful for people’s interest in our pioneering program.  The best way forward is to reach out and contact our enrolments.

When do you get an interview with our Conductor?

Once we have processed all applications, including the application fee, we will then schedule an interview with the Conductor and the teacher.  This interview is to familiarise yourself with us, and to gauge our ‘fit’.  These interviews will usually be assigned where there is an opportunity for a place coming up.  It does not imply there is an enrolment position available.

Is the $200 application fee refundable?

The $200 application fee is non refundable.  This funding covers many aspects of our administration, staffing time, web management, expenses, etc. We appreciate your support and we emphasise Living School is a not-for-profit.

How does the waitlist work?

The waitlist is made up of students who have paid their $200 application and are waiting for a place to become available at the school. Priority is given to siblings of students already at the school as well as those who have been on the waitlist longest. However, we are a co-educational offering and consideration is given to the mix in each class. Wherever possible, our focus is to have a balance.

What is the enrolment process?

Parents contact the school and complete an enrolment application form. Payment of $200 is forwarded. The Enrolment officer will make contact and discuss wait-list and any additional requirements. If a position looks like being available, there will be a request for interview without any obligation of enrolment.  After interview, an offer of a trial day may be extended.  In all we do, our process is to ensure a successful transition if a place is offered.

Do siblings of current students get priority?

Yes, although our enrolment is still determined by best fit and suitability.  Siblings do have an elevated opportunity for enrolment if a position does become available, but that is not a certainty.  If we find areas that are not conducive to a positive transition, we will inform the parents/carers.

When will you open another Living School near me?

There is no determined timeline for opening more campuses.  It is a strategic direction, but our first focus is on the success of our current school campus and offerings.  If you would like to reach out to see how we can support you in developing a new campus, we are all ears.