First Day Timings – 2021

The School Office reopens on Monday January 4.  


First Day – 9:00am on Wednesday 27 January 2021

Next year, Living School will commence on Wednesday 27 January.  We are already excited!

8:00am – LS Private School Bus 1 leaves Red Devil Park at 8:00am
8:20am – LS Private School Bus 2 leaves Bangalow at 8:20am
* see the bus and transport information here

8:30am – school opens. Parents can grab a coffee and settle into the new school year.  We are expecting lots of new faces and we will be ready to embrace our second year!

9:00am – school starts for all Years 1-10 students with a Gathering for all in the Tree Room (parents included). New students will be made to feel at ease and welcomed as they join their new learning groups. Class lists, new teachers and their dreams, our learning spaces and relevant information regarding stationery lists, etc. will be going out in the first week of January.

9:15am – introduction to new teachers, new students, and new learning spaces.

9:30am – school starts for all Kindergarten children.  We have staggered this timing to allow for our little minds to feel at ease and not swamped by the numbers of bigger students.  Kindergarten will gather in the Kindergarten Room with Annie, and make their way to their space via the Keeps Building (we will be there to hold your hands).

3:15pm – school ends for children in K-2 and for anyone departing on our LS private buses.

3:30pm – school ends for students Years 3-10

3:45pm – all students not picked up will be moved into the Tree Room for After School Care activities (there will be a charge for this service).

KINDERGARTEN SPECIFICS: For the first term, Kindergarten children are able to be collected at 1:00pm on Fridays if needed.  Annie will still be caring for any Kindy children who wish to stay on until 3:15pm.  We are also very flexible in Term One for any Kindy child needing earlier pickups or later arrivals: we want to be supportive of our younger minds.

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