We are going to have our first Parent Meeting next Wednesday morning.  We are looking to meet in the new Brown and Jolly building – and I shall show you around our dreams.  We will also be chatting and listening to you. We want to include parents as we strive to be a truly co-learning community.

I shall also be welcoming parents from each ‘class’ to a trip on the boat – where I can discuss the history of the area and we can socialise and get to know each other better. I have met you all – but you may need to nudge me with your names at times. Please don’t see this as rudeness – just busyness.

We are going to have special guests – and we are kicking this off with teenage support.  We have Jane McGowen coming in. Jane will discuss issues that are prevalent in our younger minds’ lives.  More information will be circulated shortly – but it is looking like Tuesday next week.

I am also keen to start a parent book club.  This will be for adults to read together good texts.  The first choice is Flourishby Martin Seligman (a cheat sheet to entice is here).  If you are interested, please purchase a copy. The intention is to ready chapters and discuss/share.

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