FORMS Bus Registration Form

Please fill in the bus registration booking form each term, by completing the details below.  Andrew is our new bus booking manager - his email is

If there are changes to the schedule you submit below - such as a daily change - you must contact Andrew before 1:30pm the previous day. We will try to manage any last minute changes, but we cannot guarantee this.


Living School Bus Service Policy and Expectations


Policy: Living School will provide a bus service on a cost per use basis for students to attend Living School.  The cost of the service will be reasonable and meet the running costs, drivers and administration requirements of the service.  

Parents/carers using the Living School bus service agree to abide by the rights and responsibilities listed below.


Expectations of parents/carers: 

  • To inform the school of their child’s attendance on the bus – and, where a child is not requiring the service, notification is sent to the Bus Booking Manager and/or office before the commencement of a trip.
  • To ensure their child is at the bus stop BEFORE the advertised collection time in order to ensure the timetable is met – if a parent is late, the bus will continue to the next stop.
  • To ensure their child is well and able to travel on the bus without upset or illness.
  • To treat the drivers with respect and politeness: acting as positive role models in front of our children.
  • To communicate with the school if there are areas that raise concern.


Bus Behaviour Expectations

Using the Living School bus is a privilege and, as such, there are clear expectations of correct behaviour and manners.  If these expectations are not met, the school has the right to deny service to any child for a period of time determined by the Conductor.  Personal devices are only to be brought on the bus with the approval of the Conductor, and screens must not be shared between children.

Sharing of sensitive and/or inappropriate information on a screen with a younger child will result in an immediate suspension from the bus service for a time determined by the Conductor.


Safety and good manners are of paramount importance.  

Students Drivers

Students have the right to:

  • Travel safely free from harassment, physical hurt, bullying or anti-social behaviour
  • Travel in a clean and tidy bus
  • Have their possessions treated with respect without tampering
  • Have quiet times when they do not wish to be disturbed

Drivers have the right to:

  • Travel free from harassment, intimidation or anti-social behaviour
  • Travel in a clean, well-maintained and tidy bus
  • Have their possessions treated with respect without tampering
  • Travel safely with a focus on the road and driving conditions free from distraction

Students have the responsibility to:

Ensure their behaviour is safe, including…

    • No parts of the body out of windows, no distraction of the driver, no throwing of items on the bus, no vandalism, no leaving of rubbish on the bus.
    • Always wear a seatbelt and never move around the bus while it is travelling, unless specifically instructed by a teacher/driver.
    • Report to the driver (or teacher or the Admin Manager) poor behaviour or issues regarding safety.
  • Only use electronic devices if approved by the Conductor or his/her delegate.
  • Never use inappropriate language or communicate, show or distribute any inappropriate/sensitive information that may cause offence to the wide range of students' ages on our bus service.
  • Not bring any nut products on the bus to minimise any allergic reactions.

Drivers have the responsibility to:

  • Ensure they drive safely abiding by all road rules
  • Travel without impairment induced by medication, medical condition or drugs/intoxication
  • Maintain their bus to ensure it is safe, has enough fuel/oil, and is clean
  • Ensure any nut products are prohibited and disposed of appropriately to avoid any risk of allergic reactions
  • Manage all behaviour expectations, and protocols established by the school, e.g. seating arrangements for younger students.
  • Be on time and safely ensure they keep to their delegated rosters.



Any student in breach of these expectations will expect...

  • A discussion with the driver on behaviour changes that need to occur with an apology required.
  • Driver discussion with parents if behaviour has heightened safety issues.
  • A Safe Choices meeting with the Administration Manager.
  • A Behaviour reprimand with sanctions reported by the Conductor and/or his delegate, with parents notified.
  • In serious circumstances, poor choices can result in a student having their travel privileges withdrawn for a determined period of time.  Parents will be notified.