• Learning Families: On Friday mornings students will meet in their multi-age learning families to focus on values, wellbeing and social emotional learning activities.  Each ‘family’ has two teachers/tutors assigned to the group.  The children will stay in these groups for the duration of their time at Living School.
  • Activity Rotations: the school will rotate through a variety of experienced-based learning opportunities facilitated by our school staff.  These are structured to support all age groups.
    • Kindergarten – stay with Annie. Children can be picked up at 1:00pm
    • Years 1 and 2 – will be rotating through Drama and Yoga, with Tamaya and Tori (with tutors).  They are also able to be picked up at 1:00pm – a shortened day or a longer weekend!

For our older students, activities will be called ‘Selectives‘ and there will be choice.  But… once children have chosen their experience, they will be locked in for at least three weeks.

We are aware some of our children want to mix with their friends who are now in a different ‘class’ – I really don’t like age-cages. Friday will provide that opportunity.

Years 3-6 will have a choice of:

  • Music with Laura – Singing in a choir; performing in a band
  • Botany with Sarah – guerrilla gardening where we grow and then go!
  • Kids Cooking in Da Kitchen – food with Ant
  • Scientrific: Water Rockers – with John
  • Chess Mate – with Karen. Chess to develop our team for inter-school chess competitions.

There will be two rotations.

Years 7-10

Longer selectives (10:30 take-off if needed missing our Gathering; or 11:00 o’clock departure).
Year 7 +  – with Joe on the boat with Tom and canoes (walk to the boat and back)
Year 8 + – with Jonny on the bus travelling to destinations unknown – Lel driving
* we will look rotate the boat kids with the bus kids, e.g. three trips on each.  Students from Year 6 have the option to join, too!
Week 1 –
Bus to Evans Head; Boat to Wyrallah
Week 2 –
Bus to Kyogle; Boat up the Leicester Creek
Week 3 –
Bus to Nimbin; Boat up the Wilson Creek

Years 9 – 10 will have the option of Learn to Surf – with a qualified surf coaching outfit at Ballina.  There will be capped numbers.  Students from years 8 are able to apply, too.

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