Good Governance is the keel that keeps a journey on course.

Experience, integrity, unity for Community.

Our school takes heart and soul from an amazing collective of community-oriented generous professionals with the wisdom and connections that come from experience..


Ben Roche: Education to empower a community



Chair of the Guardians of Purpose

I dream the Living School will demonstrate a new standard for progressive learning in our community and our country, one that equips our children with the values, capabilities and connections they need to thrive.
A learning community that understands the importance of adaptiveness and the centrality of relationships to life and learning.
A school that resembles an ecosystem, activated with care and a connection to country that is inspired by Indigenous ways of knowing and being.

Chair of the Guardians of Purpose (our Board), Living School


As a human geographer, Ben is passionate about participatory approaches to sustainable development and the role that education and engagement can play in creating resilience, capacity and well-being in communities.

He has taught, researched and practised in the areas of community-based learning, stakeholder management, participatory planning, sustainable development and community engagement.

Ben is a change maker, whose work in higher education relating to experiential learning and impact has received multiple national and international awards.

Career Experience
Experience and Qualifications
Bachelor of Science (Hons 1) in Human Geography
University of New South Wales
Master of Education (Adult Learning in Global Change)
University of Technology Sydney
Southern Cross University 2010 – Present
– Vice President (Engagement)
– Pro Vice Chancellor (Engagement)
– Head, Sustainability, Partnerships and Community Engagement 
NSW Government 2007 – 2010
– Manager, Community Education and Engagement
– Senior Education Officer
University of New Wales 2000 – 2007
– Director, FBEOutThere!
– Director, The Sustainable Living Project
The Connect Project 2002 – Present
– Principal and Consultant

Guardian of Purpose

Kylie Ezart: where children feel safely held.



Guardian of Purpose

It is hard not to sound lofty when talking about my dreams for Living School because I believe schools are such epicentres of creative potential.

So It is my deepest dream for humanity that school can be a place where the love of learning and awe for life stays alive.

A place where children feel safely held, seen, respected and trusted to bloom into their magnificent individuality.

A place where a child can experiment with one of the fundamental learnings of life: discovering who they are, and how they contribute to the community they are a part of.

I believe all of this and more is possible at Living School!! 


Guardian of Purpose, Living School


A  Bachelor degree in Naturopathy with Post Graduate studies in Public Health Promotion and 15 years of Naturopathic practice has given Kylie a solid foundation in holistic thinking, empathic counselling and a living systems view of life and wellness.

She has been practicing Non-violent Communication (NVC), also called compassionate communication for the past 20 years and loves sharing all she learns with her friends, family and community. She considers it an incredibly valuable way to communicate with oneself and others from a place of self responsibility and compassion.

Following a deep interest in nature based education Kylie completed a mentor training program with ‘Play in the Wild’, a nature-based immersion education experience around the principles and practices of non-violence, mindfulness and wellness. In this context non-violence is defined as a lifelong commitment to seeing beyond differences, respecting all living things, and being of service to ourselves and others.

Now as a mother of 2 (a 3 and 5 year old) Kylie is experiencing the biggest learnings of her life, and considers parenting her most important, meaningful and challenging profession yet!  The parenting journey has awoken in her a strong advocate for all the little humans of the planet and she is constantly grappling with how we respond to little ones with true respect and honesty to support them to develop into their magnificent unique selves and to help them become compassionate global citizens.

Kylie is currently the ‘People and Culture’ advisor to Flow Hive and is continually looking for ways to strengthen culture within a group of people (whether that be a family, a company or a school). Her particular focus is on ensuring the shared values of the group become imbedded in the operation of the group (from agreed ways of working to responding to conflict).

Her happy place is communing with nature on her morning walk.


Richard Lornie: to guide from experience… respectfully, patiently and wisely



Guardian of Purpose

My dream for the Living School is for it to be a caring but rigorous place of learning;
where many cultures are reflected and respected and celebrated;
where the mind and spirit seek enlightenment alongside each other;
where truth is valued and where cherished hopes and wishes are relentlessly pursued,
and lifelong learning is a reality in a community built on love and respect.

Guardian of Purpose , Living School

The photo is of me and Lindy with my ‘newest’ Great Granddaughter. I have three great granddaughters, six granddaughters and three grandsons. Lindy has four granddaughters and a grandson.
Family is important to us. Ours is a multi cultural family with Aboriginal, Australian, Papua New Guinea and Thai mingling with my Anglo Celtic background.
Career Experience
Richard Lornie OAM FACE
MA BSc(Econ)(Hons) PGCE
1970-72 Lecturer at Peterborough Technical College, UK
1973-74 Education Officer, Maprik High School, PNG
1975-77 Senior Tutor, Goroka Teachers College, UPNG, PNG
1977-1981 Lecturer, Education Faculty, UPNG, PNG
1982-84 Head of Department, Knox Grammar School, Wahroonga, NSW
1985-87 Deputy Head, Central Coast Grammar School, NSW
1988-2008 Headmaster, Central Coast Grammar School, NSW
2009- present Education Consultant, NSW



Tim Perkins: where skills meet passion



Guardian of Purpose

My dream for Living School is for everyone involved to share their talents, their curiosity and their love to make this the most wonderful school it can possibly be.

Living School can be a place where things happen that don’t happen in regular schools: where kids develop a really great understanding of who they are, and what they have to offer and share with the world.

I dream all the amazing parents in our Living School community see this as their school, where they share their skills and talents with the community.

And, finally, I dream all the staff find themselves in their Ikigai – the place of wellbeing where their skills meet their passions. 


Guardian of Purpose , Living School

The photo is of a man, a dog, and a bike: to me this is Freedom.
Career Experience


2017- present PhD (currently on hold) University of Sydney.

Topic: Mentoring to alleviate maths anxiety in pre-service primary teachers.

2010 Masters of Education (with Distinction)University of Technology, Sydney

1997 Bachelor of Education Southern Cross University , Lismore

1988-1990 Diploma of Teaching Australian Catholic University, North Sydney


2018 – present Cut Through Coaching & Consulting

Senior Associate, Executive Coach & Consultant

2020 University of Sydney – Sessional Tutor in Assessment, Master of Teaching course

2020 Maths Online – Mathematics Ambassador

2010-2018 The University of Notre Dame

Senior Lecturer in Education in the Bachelor of Primary Education Course

& Primary Course Coordinator.

Lecturer in charge of Mathematics Education. Lecturer in charge HSIE – History &

Geography. Instigator and leader of the International Service Learning Immersions

to Kenya and East Timor between 2011 and 2017.

Awards: Vice Chancellors Teaching & Learning Award 2013, OLT Citation 2014,

OLT Award 2015, Vice Chancellors Teaching & Learning Award 2016

Vice Chancellor’s Commendation for outstanding student course evaluations for 19

consecutive semesters 2008-2017.

2008 – 2009 The University of Notre Dame (Sessional tutor)

Sessional Tutor in Maths, Catering for Students with Special Needs, Psychological

Principles of Classroom Management, Intro to Teaching, Advanced Teaching Skills,

PDHPE. Vice Chancellor’s Commendation Sem 2, 2008, Sem’s 1 & 2 ,2009.

2008 – 2009 University of Technology Sydney (Sessional tutor)

Sessional Tutor in Philosophy of Education, Socio Cultural Contexts of Secondary

Education, Evidence Based Practice, Maths 2.

2008 – 2009 Australian Catholic University (Sessional tutor)

Sessional Lecturer & Tutor in PDHPE in the Primary and Early Childhood


2006 – 2007 The University of Sydney (Sessional tutor)

Sessional lecturer/ tutor teaching Philosophy of Education (Study 1) and

Mathematics in Masters of Teaching course, Literacy in Bachelor of Education


1995-2007 Primary school teacher in Australia and the UK

1994 European Commission, Brussels, Belgium – Proof reader and editor.

1991-1993 Primary school teacher – England and Australia

Feb. 1991 Médecins Sans Frontières

Volunteer with logistics team – Zakho, Iraq

1986-1990 John Fairfax and Sons Newspaper Group, Sydney

Editorial Assistant.