Good Governance is the keel that keeps a journey on course.

Experience, integrity, unity for Community.
Our school takes heart and soul from an amazing collective of community-oriented generous professionals with the wisdom and connections that come from experience.


"I dream the Living School will demonstrate a new standard for progressive learning in our community and our country, one that equips our children with the values, capabilities and connections they need to thrive. A learning community that understands the importance of adaptiveness and the centrality of relationships to life and learning. A school that resembles an ecosystem, activated with care and a connection to country that is inspired by Indigenous ways of knowing and being."
Ben Roche
Chair of Guardian of Purpose

Guardians of Purpose

"I have a passion for excellence. I love being part of creating opportunities for people and an environment for them to thrive and reach their full potential. At Living School, it is my dream to be part of creating a space where children (and teachers!) can thrive, learn and have fun, all the while striving to improve themselves, enrich their lives and find a sense of purpose and meaning. Welcoming to all, with a deep value system that guides it, I believe that it is the school of the future."

This photo is my daughter with me at a theme park a few years ago. It is a metaphor for how I see life: Life is a roller coaster: there are ups and down – have fun. It is best enjoyed with those you love.
Arnold - our Guardian of Purpose re Financial Working Party
Arnold Goldstone
Guardian of Purpose
"It is hard not to sound lofty when talking about my dreams for Living School because I believe schools are such epicentres of creative potential. So It is my deepest dream for humanity that school can be a place where the love of learning and awe for life stays alive. A place where children feel safely held, seen, respected and trusted to bloom into their magnificent individuality. A place where a child can experiment with one of the fundamental learnings of life: discovering who they are, and how they contribute to the community they are a part of. I believe all of this and more is possible at Living School!!"
Kylie Ezart
Guardian of Purpose
"My dream for the Living School is for it to be a caring but rigorous place of learning; where many cultures are reflected and respected and celebrated; where the mind and spirit seek enlightenment alongside each other; where truth is valued and where cherished hopes and wishes are relentlessly pursued, and lifelong learning is a reality in a community built on love and respect."
Richard Lornie
Guardian of Purpose
"My dream for Living School is for everyone involved to share their talents, their curiosity and their love to make this the most wonderful school it can possibly be. Living School can be a place where things happen that don’t happen in regular schools: where kids develop a really great understanding of who they are, and what they have to offer and share with the world. I dream all the amazing parents in our Living School community see this as their school, where they share their skills and talents with the community. And, finally, I dream all the staff find themselves in their Ikigai – the place of wellbeing where their skills meet their passions."
Tim Perkins
Guardian of Purpose