NEW Vacation Care Program for next holidays

We are looking to initiate our vacation care program for the next holiday period – and hopefully with COVID lockdown lifting, we will be able to arrange a suitable program.

Of course, this will depend entirely on interest and the logistics of managing our offering, to ensure we cover staffing and costs.

  • We would look to operate a few days out of Lismore, but we could consider the farm as an option if there was more interest from the Ballina area.
  • We would be considering using the boat and our bus.  Bus pickups would be an option but at an additional travel expense.
Days: Monday – Friday
Dates: 30 August – 3 September
Time: 9:00am – 3:00pm

This would not be viable without at least 6 children.  Cost would be dependent on numbers.

The program would look to offer exploration and adventure – with suitably qualified staff and tutors, but not teachers.