Jabay Food News at Living School (our canteen)

Living School logo for school canteen - JabayThank you to all the families who supported Jabay last week. We had a lot of fun serving out of our food cart at Conway St and can’t wait to do the same at SCU! Your kids seemed to love it also and were excited to see the extra offerings on the menu. They also loved the samples of Pyewacket’s shrubs we had on offer – this is a delicious fermented drink made on an apple cider vinegar base – a sort of healthy cordial! 

You can read more on shrubs here. They’re made locally by a business that originated in Lismore! Kids loved them so much we will definitely be adding them to our menu in the coming weeks.

We have experienced some delays with the kitchen so the batch cook day has now been moved to Mon 13 March

Anyone who can help on this day can sign up here and it’s guaranteed to be a fun day of connection, cooking and christening the kitchen and will enable us to add more items to the menu. Please also use the same link to sign up for helping out to serve on Jabay days.

We are offering Jabay both Tuesday and Wednesday this week (deadline is 9am the day prior).

If you order regularly using flexischools, don’t forget to ’start a new order’ instead of ordering the same as last week so you can see the new items on the menu. And if you haven’t ordered before, you can download the flexischools app here (for google play) and here (for apple store)

Thanks again for the support and reach out with any questions.

Here is a link to a survey  to find out the types of food you would like us to offer at Jabay: CLICK HERE

Yours from the Jabay kitchen,