Kate and friends have been busy prepping today for our first mass feeding tomorrow! With our staggered meal times and with swimming we are expectantly nervous!! But we have all in hand. Please ensure you have put in your orders via FlexiSchool – Ordering.

If you are new to the school we use an online app for all Jabay Orders, You need to sign up and order with Flexischools before 9am each day.

Here is the Flexischools link to help you register over the weekend and easily place your child/children’s canteen orders online. Download the Flexischools app from the App store or Google Play https://wwww.flexischools.com.au/mobile-app) for details on how to set up and load your account. Once registered, you can start placing orders.

We have had great success with the Flexischool app, However, if you have any technical questions, try me or contact the Flexischools Customer Service Team directly on 1300 361 769

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