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We are going to have our first Parent Meeting next Wednesday morning.  We are looking to meet in the new

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John Explores English Literacy

John Explores English

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Wim Hoff Breathing Techniques (ages 12-16) Learn to Juggle Fishing skills to learn Fitness Training – using socks! Strength training

Parent Representatives and Partnerships

1st: We invite any parent/carer who is interested in becoming a parent representative for their child’s class/stage to join us next Wednesday 31st March at 9.00am-9.30am at Jabay over coffee. This is also open to any parent who wants to find out just a little more about how they can help out, engage or support the school. Everyone is welcome.

2nd: Our second session of the inaugural Parent Book Club meeting for all families is on Wednesday 7th April (week 3), from 9.30am-10.30am. We invite all families to join our Conductor John to discuss the book Flourish by Martin Seligman.

3rd: We invite all parents/carers to join our students and teachers to celebrate the end of term at our OnLand community celebration on Friday 30th April in Ballina. More information is to come closer to the date.

Please contact the school office to find out more about parent engagement and what is coming up this term.

Email contact list

We have created specific email addresses so you can communicate your needs more effectively and we can respond more efficiently.

OFFICE – if you need any day-to-day information

ABSENCE – if you need to let us know of lateness, exeats, early pickups or absence.

BUS – contact our drivers.

LOST PROPERTY – we like to repurpose but sometimes too much is too great!

SPORT – any information from uniform to times.

WELFARE – message our Advocate on behaviour or wellness issues.

EMERGENCY – accidents, disasters, urgencies.CONDUCTOR – use sparingly 🙂

EVENTS – any query on our events or CALENDAR

NEWSLETTER – any information you want to pass on?

ONLAND – matters around our outdoor education program

AFTERSCHOOL – caught up and need help, we have a program after school but it will cost you!!

ACCOUNTS – if you need to discuss payments/fees

DONATIONS –  we LOVE this email account

GOVERNANCE – direct communication with the Guardians of Purpose (our Board)

DONATIONS –  did I mention we LOVE this email account?

Contact a teacher

To contact a teacher, please use these email links:

Kindergarten – to email Annie

Year One – to email Jesse

Year Two – to email Tori

Year Three – to email Sarah

Year Four – to email Ant

Year Five – to email Adam

Year Six – to email Charlotte

Year Seven – to email Mitchell

Year Eight – to email Jonny

Year Nine – to email Miguel

Year 10 – to email Katie


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