Pickup refinements

Dear All,
We love our onland learning offering – but it is a logistical challenge. To this end, please be aware of how we are refining what we do with pickups.
PLEASE ensure you have discussed travel arrangements with your child – and email the relevant teacher (please copy in office@living.school).
Any last minute changes to travel arrangements
If you have any changes to pickup – please let us know by 1:00pm. You can email bus@living.school or call the school 5632 1218. We have administration staff now sited at the onland site on Fridays.
At 1:30pm, all children will gather as an assembly together.
At 1:50pm, Lismore bus connections
from 2:30pm – Parents are able to collect their children – so we avoid confusion during this pickup time. Please, please – check they have all their possessions. Please, please – ensure your child has all items named. Please, pretty please – return any item to the school that is not your child’s so we can find its rightful owner.Bus students will gather in the Green Hoop area and the rolls will be marked

Lel and Michelle’s buses will be shuttling all students to the gate for boarding the Sodhi bus

* Michelle’s bus will be departing the farm at 2:10pm if there are any late returns/missed leavers2:00-2:30pm – all children will be placed in groups for activitiesParents can ask at the Black Container entryway about students – please do not pull a teacher aside while they are supervising activities.
At 2:30-2:40pm: bus children gather at the Green Hoop
  • children taking a bus to Suffolk (3:00pm), Bangalow (3:15pm), Belongil (3:30pm) (Rosa 2 with Beau) will gather at the Green Hoop.
  • children taking a bus to Nashua (3:00pm), Eureka (3:05pm), Clunes (3:20pm), Bexhill (3:25pm) will gather at the Green Hoop
Rolls will be marked – and we follow what is written on the roll information.
Children are supervised at the farm for pickup until 3:00pm.
AND… parents are very welcome to come and support our gardening.
LASTLY – PLEASE – shut the gate as you enter and leave. This is a working farm and there are cattle in the paddock.