Our Teaching: Progressive Learning Overview

Living School is progressive. But what does that mean? It means we look to the future to progress learning. How does our curriculum meet that goal?

From my experience, schools just do but don’t intentionally consider what they do.  I mean, why do have 9-12 week terms? Why do we have a uniform when we know the world is now diverse? Why do we have fences around campuses – when we state we want kids out of the box? Why have we accredited teachers to the extent no-one else can teach in a school?

If we strip back the purpose of “school”, we find absurdities: my belief is schools are there to educate children to one day improve a community.  And to do this, schools must be IN a community.  I created Living School to be a community of shared futures.

Teaching for the future – a very different future – means we cannot rely on the past knowledge-based programs. We engineer our school to teach intentionally – and that means we have three threads: Connections (integrated learning), Concepts (disciplines of understanding passed down over millennia of culture), and Context (the eureka moment when an abstract thoughts makes practical sense).

The following graphic represents our whole school intention from Kindy to Year 10.  We have linked our learning programs to The Australian Curriculum, so we have guiding questions.  At the core is our big question on the KeyStone theme – Identity.  Branching out from that key question is our holistic planning lens: EQ, IQ, PQ, XQ.  The branches link to Conceptual understanding – based on NESA outcomes in Maths, English, Science; the Connections:experiences based on  Exploring, Making, Performing, Cooking, Serving and Growing.

We connect the Expressive (XQ) with specialist lessons in Art, Drama, Music – where the celebration is a school performance.  And we link the Emotional (EQ) with our Balabaleh Learning Families, where we address the personal development, safe on social issues, and wellness programs.

It is comprehensive… and charts our dreams from Kindergarten to Year 10.

Our Stage3 planner will cover all areas, but expand our focus on Identity.

Every learning stage has one of these plans mapped out – and these will be presented to parents and learners at the start of the new school year.

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