Our Week 4 Gathering – ASSEMBLY

Dear All,

It is looking like it will be wet tomorrow. We will endure!! It is World Jazz Day, too.

9:00am – buses will transport all students from Lismore to the farm. Parents can drop children off at the farm.
10:00am – activities at the farm/beach
12:30pm – all students will be transported into the Spit (weather permitting)
1:00pm – parents welcome
If you would like to fish – bring a rod and some bait: you are responsible for your children’s tangles  
Sand castles – lots of sand
Trips to Mobbs Bay on the Floating Classroom
Sailing (if no lightning) – we will have one boat from Ballina Sailing Club available (thank you, Clare)
Music – if not too wet
Water rockets – yep… they may make a return!
King Ball – dodge that ball
Giant Quizz – winner takes all
2:00pm – all children returning to Lismore will depart at 2:00pm.
3:00pm – events and activities will close the term. Enjoy your break with cheaper travel!!

The intention is to meet at The Spit (see map below) around 1:00pm. We will ensure all the children are there – bussing them in from the Farm. And we will bus them back to Lismore to be back at school for the 3:00pm pickups/public bus connections.

MAP – locations that support us
I have updated a Google Map to show our locations – more will be added next term as we move to explore more local areas.

Next Term’s Programs…
We have scheduled to maintain our current weekly program with the focus on Life and Living.

Morning – Gathering for K-8 then Learning Families.
* Parents will be welcome to attend our gatherings from 9:45am
* our focus for our Learning Families next term will be on Conflict Resolution, with a program developed by Sara our Advocate.

Onland Learning for high school.
Again, we will be focusing on learning in context. The emphasis will be on English/Art (with Jonny and Karen); and Maths/Science (with Brad and Dorian).
* there will be a camp each week as was planned this term. The camp will be a challenge-based option, whereby our older students will be canoeing then camping on our floating classroom and resuming a second day of canoeing.
* World Bee Day is May 20… watch this space!

Onland Learning for K-6
* we will retain a focus on Life and Living in wide open spaces, utilising the beach, rivers and farmland.
High School electives
*two of the three groups each week will be learning at school with Music, Art, Metal Work, Food Tech, Fitness/Sport

Other intentions being planned
We are in early negotiations to consider a trained fitness program for our older students. We have purchased a full gym setup with equipment. Watch this space.
Camps for primary – we are looking at our younger students having a camp at the farm.
Family Camp (with astronomy) – one of our mums is organising a camp opportunity with a local astronomer showing us constellations and talking about the night sky. Looking at a Thursday evening.
Academic Reports/Student Led Learning Conferences – last week of term
School Performing Arts Showcase – last week of term

More to come!

See you tomorrow – bring a raincoat.

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