Living School Public Policies

Living School is a progressive not-for-profit non-government school with an independent board.  The following policies outline our commitment to care, our focus on positive and productive relationships, and our intentional emphasis on educational excellence.

Child ProtectionThis policy articulates the Living School’s approach to the important issue of child protection. The focus of this School’s duty of care is the protection of children from harm. This School cares for children, it must act in the best interests of the children in its control at all times and take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of those children. Our concern must be the welfare of the child and that is a joint concern whereby Living School will take action according to mandated requirements and the Living School internal procedures in order to protect its children and its community.updated 23CLICK HEREMay 2023Conductor
Rights and ResponsibilitiesLiving School has a foundation of community based on rights and responsibilities. The focus is on Integrity and Trust. It is the aim of the whole school to create a culture of praise and encouragement which encompasses children and staff and becomes intrinsic to the atmosphere of the school.updated 23CLICK HERENovember 2023Conductor
Communication Parents-StaffLiving School will offer communication to stakeholders informally and formally to ensure there is consistency, support, understanding, involvement and student agency.updated 22CLICK HEREDecember 2022Conductor
CareAt Living School, we feel that pastoral welfare is the key to a child’s happy and healthy development. This belief is at the heart of the school’s pastoral system, which through the closest co-operation with each child’s parents, seeks to establish and nurture a genuine understanding of the nature and needs of each child in the broadest sense.updated 23CLICK HEREJuly 2022CareMaker
Anti Bullying PolicyThe purpose of this policy is to maintain a positive climate of respectful relationships where bullying is less likely to occur. Living School seeks to create a safe, friendly and enjoyable environment for all of its students and all members of the School community where effective learning can take place. In such an environment, students are entitled to pursue their various activities and studies feeling secure, confident and valued. Each student at Living School must recognise the need to respect and appreciate the individual differences of the members of the School community and the importance of harmonious personal relations within the School.updated 22CLICK HEREJanuary 2023CareMaker
Travelling to and from School Policy and ExpectationsLiving School will provide a bus service on a cost per use basis for students to attend Living School. The cost of the service will be reasonable and meet the running costs of the service.updated 22CLICK HEREAugust 2023Conductor
DisabilityThe policy outlines commitment to people with disabilities, education objectives based on the principle of “normalisation” and responsibilities at state, regional and school levels. It also articulates the rights of parents, caregivers and students.updated 22CLICK HEREApril 2023CareMaker
Suspension, Expulsion, Exclusion policyOne of the distinguishing characteristics of the Living School, is the development of a positive community-centred culture, which respects the dignity of all. The creation of such an environment provides opportunities to build a sense of acceptance, inclusion and connectedness. The guiding principles of Living School are articulated in our VAST model, with specific reference to the key values – expressed as the new 3Rs: Respect, Responsibility and (positive) Relationships. updated 22CLICK HERESeptember 2023Conductor
Positive Behaviour Management ProceduresWe believe that discipline should be carried out with dignity and guidance, an approach that allows us to support students in forming healthy values and positive, lasting habits. We believe this approach helps motivate students to maintain positive relationships with their classmates and teachers, and gives them the skills they need to navigate difficult situations in their lives. We believe a system that is properly administered will foster the self-discipline necessary to provide for a lifetime of success. A discipline system that helps students to better know and understand themselves and their actions promotes a healthy School environment.updated 23CLICK HEREMarch 2023CareMaker
Complaints – ParentsThere will always be occasions when parents need to contact the School on an individual basis. The School prefers that such contact should commence with the staff member concerned. However, it must be understood that as these staff members are often in the classroom and therefore not immediately available, it will sometimes be necessary to leave a message requesting a return call/email. updated 23CLICK HEREMarch 2023Conductor
Complaints – SportComplaints concerning the conduct of the games should not be made during or after the game but should be referred to one’s Head of School (the Conductor), and any action will be left to their discretion.updated 23CLICK HEREOctober 2023Conductor
Whistle BlowerWhistle Blower complaintscreated 23CLICK HEREJanuary 2024Conductor
SupervisionThe purpose of this policy is to ensure Living School satisfies our duty of care in supervising students.updated 22CLICK HEREJanuary 2022Directors of Schools
Register of EnrolmentLiving School will maintain a register of enrolments that includes confidential information for each student.updated 22CLICK HEREApril 2020Business Manager
Code of Conduct – BusinessLiving School will observe and comply with all Laws applicable to the conduct of its business. Living School expects certain legal and ethical standards of its employees and this policy and procedures document is intended to promote honest and ethical conduct. It is the personal responsibility of each employee to adhere to the standards and restrictions imposed by the Law and/or this Code of Business Conduct applicable to his/her assigned duties and responsibilities. The School will adhere to the relevant legislation as set out in the Commonwealth Administrative Guidelines for non-government schools.updated 21CLICK HEREDecember 2020Business Manager
Code of Conduct – StaffThe aim of this Code is to outline the standards of behaviour expected of all employees of the School.updated 22CLICK HEREMay 2020Conductor
Code Of Conduct-ParentsLiving School has at its heart a connected supportive community: we aim to provide an open, welcoming, inclusive and safe environment for all. We believe that parents are valuable contributors in the life of our school.updated 21CLICK HEREDecember 2019CareMaker
Code of Conduct – StudentsAll learners have rights. With these rights come responsibilities. To function collectively, we all must accept and strive to excel in our relationships. Our behavior, our values, and our acceptance of the following responsibilities nurture our supportive, caring and safe culture.updated 22CLICK HEREJuly 2023Directors of Schools