Reports - Interviews between Teacher/Staff and Parents

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18/09/2023Bhavni StewartAnanda AltyesHogan GleesonJohn Stewart and Emma WilsonReview of Finn Gleeson’s medication trial: Emma discussed the results of the trial with an overall improvement in Finn’s engagement. Using the VAST survey, Finn showed improvement in his sense of self; time on tasks and less distraction; better organisation and more positive self-talk.
His parents remarked a better sleep pattern and with no noticeble weight loss. This trial lasted 4 weeks with some distruption throughout.
The interview took place a week after the trial had ended and Emma noticed while Finn was unmedicated a change in his behaviours at school- more disengaged, tired and easier to anger and frustration.
The outcome is a continuation of the medication trial to begin after his week away to the sailing regatta (week 4), until the end of the year so as to get good data and continuation of dosage. The GP will provide the medical certificate which states the dosage as it was agreed that it was too high. The school is to wait until it recieves this formal letter from the GP.
Finn stated to his parents that he wanted to continue the medication while at school but not on the weekends.
Emma, Hogan and Ananda agreed to keep monitoring the medication trial at school and communicating regularly between the school and home/s on a weekly basis, monitoring on how Finn is going.
Bhavni to make a follow up meeting with the parents and Emma to review this next medication trial at the end of Term 6 (date to be confirmed).
School front office to be notified of the medication recommencing and dosage.
12/09/2023Bhavni StewartAnanda AltnoAnanda called me to discuss how Finn is going at school and if there has been some further correspondence from his dad Hogan, seperate to the school in relations to the continuation of Finn’s medication. I checked with Emma who said there has been no additional communication.
We have a meeting booked to look over the data collected by Emma on Finn’s engagement and behaviour at school since taking the medication.
Ananda said that her and Hogan have ceased all communication and is concerned that the school is becoming the only way the two parents can communicate in relation to Finn.
Ananda will resend an email to the school to commence the administering of Finn’s medication.
All stakeholders will meet next week to discuss the data and if the medication will continue at school.
12/09/2023Bhavni StewartCassandra Scott-FinnnoI rang Cassius’ mother to discuss his disengagement in class and in my MiniLit classes, as well as his increased aggressive behaviours both in class and in the playground.
We discussed the need for self regulation and more home reading where he has every opportunity to read a loud to her.
We agreed on a plan to have a reward system where every time he comes to his 1:1 MiniLit class, I let his mother know and he is rewarded with extra time at the Skatepark after school. This is his high motivator.
Mum expressed concern about his increased aggression as he often goes home and complains about other students being too rough in their play with him. She also said he needs regular brain and body breaks so he can exert his energy but it need to be directed in a positive way.
Home readers to commence going home weekly.
Bhavni to regularly communicate with mum on his attendance of MiniLit every Monday and Tuesday.
Cassandra asked for contact details for a Speech Therapist which Bhavni resent to her.
29/08/2023Bhavni StewartG SyesE HR.Y.Held weekly Girls Friendship group with Year 3 girls at recess and had a weekly check in around the circle. It was all agreed by the three students that they did not want the new student to begin in year 3 next term and had already decided that they did not like her, did not want to be her friend and that they knew already she would not be nice. They said they knew this because of her name (they did not like it) and that their experience of previous new enrolments was they did not like them (this is in relation to MW). None of the three students could take into account what it must feel like for someone new to begin a new school and already have people decide that they do not like them. None showed empathy or consideration. They then focussed their dilike to MW who was not present in the group and unable to defend their accusations. They all then proceeded to burst into tears, one after the other exclaiming how they were harder done by- GS- said she was feeling sad at the moment because there is a lot going on but would not explain further. EH said that she wanted her parents to get back together. RY said she missed her two dogs.I discussed these negative comments to Charlotte to prepare her for this new enrolment. I spoke with Annie to let her know that I need to now call each parent to discuss these comments as we need help from home. I informed Sara as she and I both run this friendship group and told her of the actions. Parents to be called and discuss how we support the girls to understand their actions have consequences and unkindness will not be tolerated.
I will then discuss with John that if unkindness continues then they will need reflection days and potential suspensions if it continues.
22/08/2023Bhavni StewartSteph CartayesShayne AllenVicky Purser- Year 1 teacherMeet with both parents to discuss Ritchie’s learning outcomes and how to best support her when she is disengaging, saying she feels sick with a sore tummy and wants to regularly go to the sick bay and/or go home.
We discussed the issues of learning avoidance, missing out on work and learning, being easily distracted and often complaining of feeling tired.
We discussed with Ritchie what her favourites things to do at school are: Learning maths, playing on the playground, drawing.
She said she finds it easiest to learn when outside in nature.

We discussed a good plan for Ritchie with her input- What’s her plan when she is being to feel sick?
– Move to a quiet space with a pink cushion
– Colouring books and have her own special book with photos from home. Draw her feelings using different colours.
– Go outside to have a short walk and get a drink of water.
– Regular check ins by Tulsi, Vicky, Bhavni and Sara.

We discussed the idea of Ritchie repeating a year as she is young for her year and there are some issues for her in being younger than others. Both parents did not seem to be concerned or want this to occur.
The parents discussed their concerns for her emotional wellbeing with the moves between homes, and with the recognition of how loved she is.
Steph suggested her sore tummy may be from anxiety, worry or sadness in missing her parents.
Steph has organised for Ritchie to meet with a new SandPlay Therapist in Lismore every Monday to begin to work through any issues and learn how to communicate her feelings better.
Ritchie is now engaging in MiniLit reading intervention two times a week for some additional learning support.
17/08/2023Bhavni StewartJulijana VranicyesAmarni CaldwellI spoke with Julijana at the end of the day to discuss the behaviour of Eli’s behaviour after lunch today where he pushed Freddie twice. See incident report by Mitchell who witnessed the incident.
She was concerned and agreed with the school’s consequences and said that they will reinforce the behaviour they want to see with Eli missing his scouts this afternoon as a consequence. She also noted that he may be very tired after the NCIS Athletics carnival and that his impulse control would have suffered.
I explained the consequences for his behaviour today and that it is becoming bullying as it is repetitive and has a power imbalance. He is off class tomorrow and he will remain at the Farm with me to do work. He misses out on lunch sport on Monday and Tuesday. He also apologised to Freddie and agreed that he needs to move away from him and others who annoy him as a strategy and to seek adult/teacher help immediately.
I also agreed we need to focus on the positives more and he and I will put together a plan for positive acknowledgement and rewards and consequences for bad choices at school.
Eli was very open and clear in his responses and taking responsibility for his behaviour.
Remain off class the next day at the farm and loss of lunch sport for the following Monday and Tuesday.
17/08/2023Bhavni StewartDanika RodwellnoRang Danika to discuss the behaviour of Dannan’s behaviour after lunch today where he pushed Freddie. See incident report by Mitchell who witnessed the incident.
I discussed the need for a support plan both in behaviour and learning support as I told her I believe a lot of the behaviours are coming from a place of learning difficulty and poor confidence due to him struggling with his learning. She agreed and was concerned about his report card and learning. She said she is going to get a diagnosis as she asssumes Dannan may be ADHD as it is common in their family.
I explained the consequences for his behaviour today and that it is becoming bullying as it is repetitive and has a power imbalance. He is off class tomorrow and he will remain at the Farm with me to do work. He misses out on lunch sport on Monday and Tuesday. He also apologised to Freddie and agreed that he needs to move away from him and others who annoy him as a strategy and to seek adult/teacher help immediately.
I also agreed we need to focus on the positives more as he is losing confidence and thinks all the teachers do not like him. He and I will put together a plan for positive acknowledgement and rewards and consequences for bad choices at school.
Focus on Dannan’s learning support plan and positive behaviour management and acknowledgement.
Loss of sport and time with friends at the farm.
Mum to seek a functional assessment for possible ADHD diagnosis.
16/08/2023Bhavni StewartLeisa GrimwoodnoRang Leisa to follow up with Maya’s reflection day on 15/08/2023. Discussed that Maya was not suspended but she was asked for a reflection day. I explained the difference and what constitutes both a reflection vs suspension. I told mum how I had already met with Maya after lunch today to check in, explain that she had not been suspended but what a reflection day was. We then went through Maya’s Safety Plan, distinguishing who her safe people and places are.
Leisa is not happy with the school, has lost her trust with the school and will be dis-enrolling her. She was upset with the day off as she thought it was a suspension and had not been explained properly what a reflection day meant. She asked why did this happen?
She is concerned about Maya’s mental health, and questioned our duty of care at the school.
She argued that Maya did not graffiti the school. She said Scascha has inappropriate content on her iPads and is not unished.
The last six weeks have not been good for Maya and the family’s mental health. Judged the reflection as a punishment. In-school reflection would have been preferred, rather than exclusion. There should be choices on how reflection is shown.
Does not want to send Maya to Year 7 camp as Leisa does not trust the school will not send her home from camp.
She would prefer that the school sometimes calls with good comments and experiences, not just the bad experiences as it is affecting Maya and Leisa’s mental health.
She does not like the other parents and concerned about the drug use in their homes (knows this is not a school issue). Said she wants to remove her enrolment. Does not like the lack of structure.
Send Maya’s support plan home to Leisa. Asked for her feedback, input.
Will discuss the options of reflection as a school and what is the safest option for the child.
15/08/2023Bhavni StewartStephanie CarternoI spoke with Steph Carter (Ritchie and Roman’s mum) this afternoon and informed her of Roman’s behaviour and incident on the bus this afternoon, filling her in on the school’s plan of restoration tomorrow and apology needed by Roman to the bus driver.
She is currently away for work but said she will call him tonight to speak with him about the incident and see how he is and the motivation behind the behaviour.
We also spoke at length about Ritchie and her tiredness, work avoidance, low literacy and regular claims of illness and sore stomach.
She is keen to meet and all get on the same page regarding our support and strategy to redirect back to her learning.
Steph was grateful for the call, and being informed on how the kids are going.
Roman, Charlotte and Nick to meet tomorrow to discuss the incident and repairing the relationship and safety rules and expectations on the bus.
Vicky, Shane, Steph and Bhavni to meet next Tuesday to discuss Ritchie’s support needs.
15/08/2023Bhavni StewartOlivia SmithnoI spoke with Olivia (Jurrian and Ben’s mum) this afternoon regarding Ben and Jurriaan’s access to MiniLit and Ben’s refusal to participate this week.
I am aware that it is very new for Ben and he is unsure of what is expected of him with MiniLit so I did not push it this week but asked Olivia to discuss the importance of him attending these sessions twice a week.
I asked for Ben to give feedback to Adam and myself on when best he would like to attend the sessions on Monday and Tuesday and which lesson he is willing to be removed from. This may assist with his participation.
I spoke honestly about the low literacy skills of both Ben and Jurriaan and the need for intervention both at school and home. She agreed that Ben is way below where he should be and he is defiant at home not wanting to read. We discussed the goals and expectations on both brothers with their learning needs. Olivia told me she is getting a functional assessment done on Ben soon. This will give better understanding on his IQ, possible dyslexia and specific learning difficulties.
She is grateful for this additional reading intervention (MiniLit) and said she will be encouraging more reading at home from now on. I gave some further recommendations for Ben at home- listening to audiobooks, using subtitles when watching tv, books of interest- sport magazines and comics etc.
Ben to discuss with Adam and myself where his hesitancy is on participating in MiniLit. We will support his access, listen to his concerns and minimise his anxiety and barriers. He will commence the program next week.
Cheryl Anne StephensBelinda WestnoCurrently Catatonic
Refusing to get out of bed
Difficult for Mum (Mum in tears on the phone)
They have an appointment with a psychologist on the 28th of March, 2023.
You guys (The Living School) have been great and making an appointment with Sara, but unfortunately, she has not been coming to school for that appointment.
What is stopping her from coming to school?-Her own psyche, not Phoenix, a thing with a boy (Ludo) that has ended in heartbreak, and she is self-harming by cutting her legs
Not eating, lying in bed and listening to morbid music
The older sister displayed the same behaviour and Mum forced Hannah to get help and it didn’t work, she is trying another method this time but this does not seem to be working.
Mental Health Report diagnosed depression- recommended that she needs to attend a psychologist
Send through some small work, English and Photography.

Touch base after the psychologist’s meeting on the 29th of August.

Speak to Year 9 Girls in regards to contacting her and encouraging her to return to school.
03/08/2023Bhavni StewartBetina HubernoAfter speaking with Emma Wilson in regards to some ongoing concerns of Maya Grimwood, year 7 as documented by Emma and Josh (see incident reports). The question of it being a Mandatory report or not, so I rang Betina Huber, a Child Protection Officer at FACS, Ballina and asked her advice after giving the information that I had been given. She said that it is not a Child Protection issue, but a Mental Health issue and to ensure that Maya was seeing a medical practitioner and counsellor (which Maya’s mother has assured Emma that this is in place and continuing). Betina mentioned the good advice and access to Mental Health LifeLine and other services. She said the school has done all the right things by keeping the communication with the mother constant when there are concerns. The school has introduced a safety plan which needs input and approval by Maya and her mother.Meeting with Maya’s support team to review her safety plan. This will allow her an opportunity to seek help, identify when she is becoming anxious or wanting to self-harm and what her safe options are.
Support team- Mum, Emma, Josh, Bhavni.
04/08/2023John StewartMel GregoryJDS rang M. to discuss B’s behaviour. Issues of vandalism in loos – tampon smeared in jam and rubbed on wall. Carried out with other Y8 students in loos. No consideration of others and no desire to clean up. Other younger student found the ‘artwork’ and reported to Advocate. Advocate called JDS. Cheryl acted on it – and B accepted the disciplinary action.JDS phoned mum. Mum said B thought JDS didn’t like her. Mum said B doesn’t vape – JDS said he couldn’t say anything definitively but there was a suspicion. J said he had spoken with B and there was no implication from his perspective of ‘dislike’ – but one of discussion around values and our culture. B was to tell mum – not sugar coat it. JDS said he would call M. M said previously B would never go to loos – because people were vaping. M said B wouldn’t eat/drink at school. M referred to B’s autism – JDS said he knew of ASD – but that she was good at masking some elements. JDS said she was liked in class – M said she felt she had no social connection. JDS said he didn’t see that. M said she gets concerned re her periods – JDS said this was important to know. JDS said B can be distracted but she does try and will pull her head in when cautioned. JDS said M should let JDS know if any issues at home. M said B really wanted to be friends with H-M in class.
27/08/2023Cheryl Anne StephensLarisa BarnesyesBrooke GregoryEmanuella
Emanuella has an official diagnosis of High Functioning Autism and General Anxiety;
Emanuella would like to become an academic wanting to complete a PhD;
Emanuella has an incredible depth of knowledge on topics that interest her;
Emanuella has excellent critical thinking skills;
Emanuella has excellent attention to detail;
Emanuella has a strong sense of social justice;
Emanuella takes most things said to her literally;
Emanuella is very loyal to those that she feels are supportive of her;
Emanuella has an immense lack of self-worth;
Emanuella feels like she does not deserve friends;
Emanuella is challenged by being in Year 9 when her chronological age would have her in Year 8,
Emanuella can sometimes be quite disorganised,
Emanuella feels the need to achieve highly in all academic activities. This causes procrastination, which manifests as avoidance of starting or submitting tasks. Emanuella feels overwhelmed by this, which can lead to her spiralling into an intense anxiety episode.

Emanuella likes
-clearly defined instructions on all learning activities and tasks;
-scaffolding/chunking of large tasks;
-to discuss modifications to her tasks where she thinks they are needed;
-to read and would like to set up a book club;
-to socialise but still determine if she knows how to do this properly; essential to note that Emanuella also finds constant socialising exhausting;
-to know and follow the rules,
-advanced notice if a change is going to occur.

Emanuella does not like
-changes in classroom routines
-loud noises or extremes in temperature:
-being judged on her bookworm as she likes to take notes her own way,


Emanuella’s Responsibilities
-must submit all required tasks
-can remove herself from the library but must inform the classroom teacher that she is leaving and wait until the teacher checks in on her at the library or she returns to the classroom at the end of the lesson.
-negotiate an extension of deadlines or modifications on tasks if she feels they are required.
-to meet with her learning mentor

Parent’s Responsibilities
-organise an educational psychologist report for Emanuella;
-organise regular counselling.

Guardian Teacher’s Responsibilities
-Establish a trusting relationship with Emanuella;
-Regularly check in on Emanuella’s well-being,
-During the morning circle, ensure that Emanuella is aware of all that lies ahead for the day and that she has the right equipment
-Liaise with other stakeholders regarding Emanuella’s well-being and academic progress,
-Keep the Academy Director and Learning Support Director informed of any issues/Successes involving Emanuella.

Classroom Teachers Responsibilities
-Establish a trusting relationship with Emanuella;
-Allow Emanuella to go to the library when she feels it is needed;
-Provide clarity and scaffolding on all tasks and activities;
-Provide feedback on tasks, not grades;
-Regularly check in on how Emanuella is dealing with an activity/task and encourage her to focus on ‘what is next’ rather than the final outcome;
-Allow Emanuella to have novels on her desk or access to low-disturbance sensory toys;
-Guide Emanuella when she is working in a group-make sure she is given a clear role in the group;
-Assist Emanuella with organisation strategies;
-Answering Emanuella’s questions directly or arranging another time to discuss the matter if time does not allow.

Learning Support Responsibilities
-Have a basket of low-disturbance sensory toys in each of Emanuella’s classrooms;
-Establish a learning mentor system to give Emanuella someone to check in with daily:
-Keep Emanuella’s IEP updated and inform staff of any changes,
-Brief new teachers on Emanuella’s IEP.

Advocate Responsibilities
-Establish a trusting relationship with Emanuella,
-Regularly check in on Emanuellá’s well-being,
-Liaise with outside social and emotional well-being agencies involved in Emanuella’s care.

-Create a timetable that allows Emanuella to flourish;
-Brief substitute teachers regarding Emanuella’s needs,
-Emanuella is not doing Visual Arts and will do a French course in the library during this time.
see above
24/01/2024Cheryl Anne StephensDenise DeversyesJared DeversJohn & BhavniChloe Devers
Meeting between Denise, Jared, Bhavni, John and Cheryl


The official testing reveals that Chloe has excellent problem-solving skills and sound numeracy skills. Her challenge areas are working memory, reading, comprehension, processing, written expression and mathematical fluency. These findings were supported by PAT test results conducted by the school in 2022.

John and Cheryl’s experience of Chloe in the classroom does not entirely correlate with the official report. John provided evidence of Chloe’s writing that was recently completed in class. He pointed out that he had heard Chloe read, and while there were some errors (she tends to read the beginning and ends of words), her reading was of a good standard, although a bit robotic in style.

Both Cheryl and John highlighted that Chloe was a hardworking, independent, and focused learner who had developed strategies to deal with her challenges. Denise said Chloe already listens to audiobooks, and Cheryl noted that when researching, Chloe chose to use audio-visual material.

Parent Concerns

1. Are teachers informed and aware of Chloe’s context?

Cheryl explained that Chloe’s report had been discussed at the fortnightly welfare meeting and was recorded on the Whole School Learning Support document, which teachers access before starting to teach a class. Concern was expressed about spelling tests, and John explained that he was teaching rules-based spelling, which he had found to be a highly effective method.

2, How do we make up the gaps indicated in the report?
A targeted intervention had already commenced with Chloe. Bhavni explained that this had started well, but now Chloe resists being singled out. It was suggested that if Chloe was hesitant to engage in an intervention programme at school a private tutor specialising in dyslexia may be helpful. Bhavni provided details of a private tutor to Chloe’s parents.

2. How do we know if Chloe is growing?
John explained writing tasks are done at the beginning of each term, where growth can be tracked. Cheryl explained that assessment tasks across all subjects are given each term which allows monitoring of standards. Every August, the Living School uses the PAT literacy and numeracy test to check student growth statistically.

A discussion about the accuracy of this testing and the Educational Psychologist testing ensued. It is likely that due to Chloe’s anxiety, her test results do not indicate her actual abilities.
1. Teachers will be reminded that Chloe is entitled to additional task completion time.
2. Parents will explore the use of assistive technology with Chloe. Bhavni to provide the details of an expert in this area that can assist parents.
3. Parents, Bhavni and Chloe will discuss the form of the targeted intervention programme and whether additional psychological support from the Advocate is needed.
4, Cheryl will send details of modifications and accommodations allowed for HSC.
5. John to discuss with Brooke the teaching of skimming, scanning and inference in English.
6. All teachers are encouraged to use graphic organisers with Chloe when planning her writing.
28/08/2023Cheryl StephensLarisa Shussel-BarnesyesColin Cussel-BarnesBrooke GregoryThe meeting occurred as Emanuella Cussel-Barnes was diagnosed with High functioning Autism and Moderate Anxiety. The meeting aimed to discuss strategies to improve learning outcomes and well-being for Emanuella.Thank you for meeting with us on Wednesday and providing us with some excellent resources on Girls with Autism. Please find the notes from our meeting below. I have emailed this to all Academy Staff. Bhavni will write an official IEP and we will meet towards the end of the term to evaluate how effective it has been.

The link is a suggested Educational Psychologist you could use. While I have not utilised this person before, I note that the reports that we, as a school, have obtained from her have been outstanding.

Warm regards,


Dr Cara Wong | Neuropsychologist | Byron Bay | Australia (

Emanuella has an official diagnosis of High Functioning Autism and General Anxiety;
Emanuella would like to become an academic wanting to complete a PhD;
Emanuella has an incredible depth of knowledge on topics that interest her;
Emanuella has excellent critical thinking skills;
Emanuella has excellent attention to detail;
Emanuella has a strong sense of social justice;
Emanuella takes most things said to her literally;
Emanuella is very loyal to those that she feels are supportive of her;
Emanuella has an immense lack of self-worth;
Emanuella feels like she does not deserve friends;
Emanuella is challenged by being in Year 9 when her chronological age would have her in Year 8,
Emanuella can sometimes be quite disorganised,
Emanuella feels the need to achieve highly in all academic activities. This causes procrastination, which manifests as avoidance of starting or submitting tasks. Emanuella feels overwhelmed by this, which can lead to her spiralling into an intense anxiety episode.

Emanuella likes
-clearly defined instructions on all learning activities and tasks;
-scaffolding/chunking of large tasks;
-to discuss modifications to her tasks where she thinks they are needed;
-to read and would like to set up a book club;
-to socialise but still determine if she knows how to do this properly; essential to note that Emanuella also finds constant socialising exhausting;
-to know and follow the rules,
-advanced notice if a change is going to occur.

Emanuella does not like
-changes in classroom routines
-loud noises or extremes in temperature:
-being judged on her bookworm as she likes to take notes her own way,


Emanuella’s Responsibilities
-must submit all required tasks
-can remove herself from the library but must inform the classroom teacher that she is leaving and wait until the teacher checks in on her at the library or she returns to the classroom at the end of the lesson.
-negotiate an extension of deadlines or modifications on tasks if she feels they are required.
-to meet with her learning mentor

Parent’s Responsibilities
-organise an educational psychologist report for Emanuella;
-organise regular counselling.

Guardian Teacher’s Responsibilities
-Establish a trusting relationship with Emanuella;
-Regularly check in on Emanuella’s well-being,
-During the morning circle, ensure that Emanuella is aware of all that lies ahead for the day and that she has the right equipment
-Liaise with other stakeholders regarding Emanuella’s well-being and academic progress,
-Keep the Academy Director and Learning Support Director informed of any issues/Successes involving Emanuella.

Classroom Teachers Responsibilities
-Establish a trusting relationship with Emanuella;
-Allow Emanuella to go to the library when she feels it is needed;
-Provide clarity and scaffolding on all tasks and activities;
-Provide feedback on tasks, not grades;
-Regularly check in on how Emanuella is dealing with an activity/task and encourage her to focus on ‘what is next’ rather than the final outcome;
-Allow Emanuella to have novels on her desk or access to low-disturbance sensory toys;
-Guide Emanuella when she is working in a group-make sure she is given a clear role in the group;
-Assist Emanuella with organisation strategies;
-Answering Emanuella’s questions directly or arranging another time to discuss the matter if time does not allow.

Learning Support Responsibilities
-Have a basket of low-disturbance sensory toys in each of Emanuella’s classrooms;
-Establish a learning mentor system to give Emanuella someone to check in with daily:
-Keep Emanuella’s IEP updated and inform staff of any changes,
-Brief new teachers on Emanuella’s IEP.

Advocate Responsibilities
-Establish a trusting relationship with Emanuella,
-Regularly check in on Emanuellá’s well-being,
-Liaise with outside social and emotional well-being agencies involved in Emanuella’s care.

-Create a timetable that allows Emanuella to flourish;
-Brief substitute teachers regarding Emanuella’s needs,
-Emanuella is not doing Visual Arts and will do a French course in the library during this time.
24/07/2023John StewartSimonique PacanowskinoSimonique left a message for Conductor to ring. I rang back and it was about Zen and his day – with reference to Jaia. It was alleged by Destin that Zen had been kicked repeatedly by Jaia while on the ground. JDS said that he was concerned when/where this happened and why it was not reported.

Simoniaque concerned Zen is now hiding this from her – and he said he wanted to be home-schooled. JDS said he was concerned with this feeling on the first day back – but relayed he did not see a despondent or troubled Zen at school. JDS also mentioned that Zen was also trying to be ‘cool’ and stuck his finger up at others with Benji in close proximity.

JDS listened and presented that Zen did not seem intimidated by Jaia – and that he connected well with Benji (new boy). Simonique referenced that he had a great holiday with friends who played cards and chess – and were gentle and intelligent. Reference to the low boy numbers in Y8 was made – and that the major concern was bullying, as she had dealt with bullying while she was at school
JDS to talk to Destin – Zen’s brother. JDS to discreetly talk with Benji – student on trial. JDS to discuss with Sara for wellness meeting so all staff can be aware. JDS to investigate the matter to ascertain what happened.
28/06/2023Bhavni StewartClass Parent RepresentativesyesAmanda MelingLayla Tan, Tanya Jackson, Noni Dunstone, Anna Sokol, Kate Wheatley, Mylee FitzgeraldFirst gathering of parent class representatives for the year. Aim was to listen and hear from the parents on the role, expectations, successes and need for improvements. I also reminded parents of the code of conduct, child protection and the communication guidelines: If there is an issue, the parent rep brings it to the teacher only who then will manage the issue through the correct procedures and channels. Parent reps are not to go directly to another parent or student on this issue. The parent rep role is to support the teacher in comms, attend school gatherings, excursions or in-class support. They also coordinate out-of-school events and parent social gatherings.

The parent reps have received feedback from their class parents and wanted to share these concerns with the school and executive. My role is to share this information with those involved. The feedback included:
– They want the school to hold regular parent feedback forums. They see the benefits of this and the need to support and thank the teachers. They were sorry a handful of parents hijacked the previous Year 7/8 forum and gave negative feedback. The parents believed that this may have been resolved if there had been more regular feedback options for these parents.

– Protocols need to be in place prior to parent feedback forums where the rules are clear, concise and grievances are offered through a different communication channel.

– Lack of communication to parents was raised. Parents say that events/dates change too often and notifications of events are provided too late for parents to organise themselves. They asked for a clear term by term calendar of dates and events coming up prior to the term beginning and a better system for this to be shared to all families. They suggested a wall display out the front with what is coming up today, this week, this term where all parents can see it at drop off, pick up times. They said that the website calendar, newsletters and emails are not sufficient means of communicating to parents as they do not always access these.

– They are concerned about the lack of welfare and wellbeing support with only one parttime advocate to work across two campuses.

– Concerned about the issues they are hearing from their children about the bus trips and the language and unkindness occurring by a few specific students. We discussed the options of accessing devices and better training of bus drivers to manage the behaviours and disruptions.

– Asked about the increased number of high support students now enrolled at the school and asked about the learning support offered and if the school can cater for this.

– Expressed concerns about the number of teachers who have resigned and left the school. Asked about burnout and what the school is doing to support the teachers.

– Asked about a rumour going around that we employ non teachers in teaching roles. I dismissed this rumour and explained how the MEA works and the use of Level 3 & 4 school assistants in small group teaching and learning.

– We ended on a positive note: the year 5 parents are happy with the year 5 class split and can see the advantage of the small groups and support.
The parent social Whatsapp groups are working well and the social gatherings have been a success.
I will take these issues to the school exec team for discussion.
Communication boards can be displayed in the front foyers of the different schools for easy access.
Determine the need and dates for the next parent feedback forums for each campus.
Keep regular parent class rep gatherings to one each semester.
22/06/2023Bhavni StewartAlison McIntoshnoI met with Alison McIntosh, Occupational Therapist with for Eli Kapeen. We discussed Eli’s support needs at school and she will send through some therapy recommendations to assist Eli at school. Unfortunately she is finishing up with Eli and will no longer be able to support him ongoing. I am unaware of his other NDIS funds and supports except his speech therapist, Amy who visits him at school every fortnight. She sent through a good class recommendation letter on 19th June (on Eli’s learning support file).

We discussed his social vulnerability and intellectual disability. Currently they are looking to do further assessments to determine if Eli has FASD foetal alcohol spectrum disorder. He is at high risk as she described him as having the brain function of a 6 year old.
He has memory dysfunction and cannot recall short or long term memories, which is why it is important to discuss his actions immediately as they occur, not the next day or even a few hours after the event, as he will not genuinely remember.

Due to his Ritalin medication, he needs to be made (encouraged) to eat lunch at school as he is often not eating and comes home with a full lunch box. Alison recommended 1:1 supervision to eat then play.

I then spoke with Julijana (Eli’s aunt and guardian) and she mentioned that Eli will begin access to his mother on supervised visits through the agency Ngunya Jarjums. She will ring the school office on these days to notify them that his case manager Mitch Brown will be picking Eli up from the school office after school. He will need to show his ID and sign Eli out. These visitations are rare and often Eli will be prepared and then it gets cancelled during the day. Please be aware of his emotions and moods as his behaviour changes around his visits to his mother., and he may find it harder to self-regulate after a visit.

On 3rd May Julijana sent an email to the office sharing this information and the School Safety Plan in regards to Eli’s mother Jance Kapeen (see attached):

This information is to be added to student profile.

Please see the safety plan for Eli.
The current case manager is Mitch Brown- should he arrive to the school he will always have ID. If any worker from the agency Ngunya Jarjums needs to pick Eli up for any planned family contact, I will always call the school on the day, workers are to arrive and show their ID and sign him out.
The other emergency contact person for Brian Caldwell (Amarni's dad). His PH is 0415 993 673
If you have any question, concerns please feel free to give me a call.
Kind regards Julijana
Alison will send through her OT report to share and use for NCCD evidence.
Eli needs 1:1 supervision at all times due to his social vulnerability and intellectual capacity. We will apply for extensive NCCD funding support to assist with this.
His School Safety Plan needs to be understood and shared with his teacher, Aide, Head of school (middle), welfare team and office.
20/06/2023Bhavni StewartMaggie ScoreynoMaggie Scorey is the Work Integrated Learning Academic Coordinator – Occupational Therapy for SCU. She contacted Jane and myself to reconnect OT student placments at Living School for this year. I spoke with her on 20th June. The outline is slightly different to last year’s placements, as students are more experienced (third year) and will attend 1-2 days a week with a supervisor on site. There will only be a maximum of four OT students in each placment and can work in pairs. This will allow for 1:1 and/or small group therapy sessions based at school with a supervisor present to oversee all therapy.
Maggie and SCU are keen for the possibility of a longer term partnership between the Living School and SCU for Occupational Therapy placements.

We are thinking of targeting Kindy – Yr 4 children at the school campus starting September 2023.

Given the increased children with high support needs at the school, we are focusing on children with ASD, ADHD, learning difficulties, high anxiety, school refusal and support them with social and emotional skills/regulation, seating positions, handwriting, fine/gross motor and daily routines etc.

The following are our placement dates for 2023.

4th September – 27th October (8 weeks – third year students)

16th October – 8th December (8 weeks – third year students (2 weeks overlap)
They will not attend during the school holidays but instead can offer parent information sessions or 1:1 therapy. They also can look at school readiness programs for pre-kindy and invite our new Kindy parents (2024) to attend a 2 day session during our holidays.

The students would be based out of the SCU Lismore clinic and travel to our school on their placement days and conduct intervention.
I have spooken with Annie and the Conway primary teachers about the OT students placements and they are keen for any intervention, especially around handwriting and behaviour support.
They will act differently and more in line with learning support and supporting students in and out of class, rather than observation and project based practice.
We can set them up in the sensorium and/or the Train. I will be able to oversee and coordinate their placements, inductions, WWCC and timetables.
Maggie at SCU is waiting to hear back from me on what therapy we need at the school and how many students we would like to access OT.
SCU is looking to then begin free OT therapy based at the health clinic at Lismore campus, using the students and a supervisor similar to how speech therapy is offered to families. This will be an additional service for our families outside of school.
17/07/2023John StewartWillem HollemannoWillem came in to discuss how the school was managing the demands of both parents – Briony and himself. He didn’t want the school to feel pulled into a situation between the two. Discussion was around Finn’s behaviour – and JDS outlined the level and the scope whereby if one parent was requesting direct information the other would be copied in. JDS highlighted that the expectation remained that both parents would have some form of communication. School would not always be contacting parents as they managed behaviour. Finn was at a level now where expectations on our values were clear – and that Finn could be truculent. JDS mentioned he reacted when there was family involved – his words. JDS also mentioned the perception of what was said with the English teacher last year – that Finn’s reporting as to what was said was different to what JDS had been informed.
Willem mentioned Finn as looking to move to Xavier in Skennars Head but not yet – but the payment of fees would be an issue for the whole family going forward. That could result in the girls also moving schools – but yet to resolve this. Willem asked about whether fees could be outlined for both parents to be clear on their payment requirements.
JDS to outline to teachers the need to offer communication to both where/as appropriate. Behaviour would be addressed with both parents but usually managed in-school. JDS took onboard the decision Finn has made to move schools. JDS reinforced the options that were available with the academic program at Living School – and that Finn had the capacity to do well. JDS said he would raise with the Business Manager fee payment options. JDS reasserted the school’s objectivity and the hope that the communication channels between parents were open.
Sara TorpeyJess SaengeryesAnnie RobertsDiscussed reports made by Myah and her parents that Grace and other year 3 girls have been “bullying” Myah, significantly affecting her wellbeing. Jess reports that she has been unaware of these behaviours but is suprised because Grace has had Myah over for a playdate when she first started school. Jess stated that she will talk to Grace about the impact that the behaviours of the girl group has had on Myah. Jess is grateful for the school’s support and communication regarding these issues. Sara discussed plans to implement social group for the year 3 girls next term. Annie discussed the new “focus on kindness” next term with recognition given for acts of kindness. Annie informed that there will be a 3 strike bullying policy, leading to suspension if necessary. Sara will discuss leadership role for Grace, tasked with ensuring that people are being inclusive and kind to all.Sara to implement social group next term.
Primary school to focus on kindness with recognition chart for acts of kindness.
Sara to task Grace with ‘special role’, guiding others toward showing kindness and standing up for others.
Annie to implement 3 strike rule for bullying behaviours.
07/07/2023John StewartAndrea LemsnoDiscussion around Remy Lems and attendance – withdrew from Living School owing to medical needs. Discussion around attendance at Distance Ed – considering home schooling. Had a meeting with speech therapist – personal opinion is home-school. Professional view from speech therapist. Andrea is Remy’s carer – and has looked into online. JDS discussed the needs. Andrea discussed Eucha as an option – but mum has been discussing homeschooling with Lismore home school network – Rainbow Region. Mum said Scott is riding her re the decisions for education/schooling.JDS advised around the distance education offering as the priority. Andrea agreed and will enrol her online. JDS discussed the withdrawal of Remy was consider terms ago – to which Andrea responded it was the 9 June. This was the final push as the detailed records are available.
23/06/2023Bhavni StewartDanica RodwellnoDiscussed ongoing and acting out behaviours of Dannan at school. Discussed the incident yesterday with ZP and filling up his shoe with water (see incident report), and his behaviour towards SR (teacher) at the farm the previous Friday where he ran off while walking on the beach without telling her and disappeared for a short period. I notified Danica that Dannan would not be participating in usual class farm activities today (which she was unaware of) and that the school has concerns about his repetitive negative choices, unkindness towards others and change in friendship groups to be with the older year 8 students.
I asked her to check in with him and how he is feeling about school. Danica blamed her increased work load and the increased time Dannan spends at home alone or with other carers and increased time on social media and gaming.
She expressed her worry and was very upset as she has seen a change in his behaviour at home. She did express her concerns of the older year 8 boys not being a good influence on Dannan especially around vaping. She also said that ZP has said some very inappropriate, and rude things to Dannan.
Emma was following up with Dannan at the farm today about what happended with ZP and writing out a reflection. Dannan was to spend the day under Emma’s supervision and not engaging in unsupervised play. The classrooms will now be locked during recess and lunch so students cannot access this unsupervised. Regular communication to continue with Danica around his behaviours.
12/06/2023John StewartAnanda GleesonyesHogan GleesonEmma WilsonDiscussion around ADHD medication trial for Finlay – parents wanted advice. Mum keen to trial – as outlined by Finlay’s paediatrician. Father open but not keen – has reservations. JDS/Emma just outlined pros and cons.Discussion around a trial to be considered – we would need time so we can have prior, during and after data. Parents to consider options further and relay back to us what their intentions are.
18/05/2023Bhavni StewartShannon HumanyesMitchell BeggsShannon Human, Mitchell and Bhavni 18/05/2023
IEP review

Leo has also a diagnosis of ADHD.
For further information on his ADHD and school support, Shannon suggested we email Lara OT
Note to be included in his current IEP, that Living School is not Leo’s first mainstream schooling.
No mobile phones.
Focus is a priority for Leo in class.
Communication is required between school and home. Leo still going home and discussing elements of his day which are negative and upsetting for him. Bhavni to contact Shannon as regularly as possible with incidents, if occurred. This can be a simple text or email.
Leo is not telling the teachers when something comes up during his school day which makes it problematic to help him debrief or move through any issues, concerns. He needs set times for debriefing at the end of a day. This will need to be timetabled into his day with Bhavni or Sara.
Leo uses a Gratitude diary at home.
Discussed his general health and poor self-esteem and low mental health concerns, since starting school. This has been a concern at his previous schools also and is connected to his ASD and ADHD.
Suggestions: The Rainbow room: He loved it. He said it was a safe space. Allowed a student voice.
We discussed some of the behavioural concerns at school such as the swearing and physical violence. We reminded Shannon of our Wise Choices and positive behaviour management. She said she chose our school because she felt we would be more lenient to Leo because of his ASD and issues with self-regulation.
Bhavni reminded her of the need also of independence and students to be able to make good choices which are kind, despite an ASD diagnosis. Also, that the school relies on certain spontaneity and changes to routine due to the nature of excursions and accessing the community. We discussed the disruption to Leo and his anxiety. Shannon mentioned that she felt the school did not provide enough information about this at the interview process and she was disappointed by the lack of transition and information before enrolment, especially for students with disabilities.
Mitchell discussed the relationship between BD and Leo and that they have bonded over the drink-Prime. He suggested that Shannon discuss this with Leo and the recommendation to choose some different friends who have a more positive impact on Leo.
Leo expressed he is not engaged in the school work because he is thinks it is too easy.Mitchell will observe how Leo is going however, does not think Leo is needing to be extended yet as his executive function is poor.
Goal to find positive and good connections with peers.
School would like to access outside additional support to come into the school, such as his OT and behavioural therapist. The school is requesting as much help with Leo to assist with his emotional regulation, calming strategies and help for him to let go some of his resentment and anxiety towards certain other peers.
Bhavni suggested the SCU rural health center and Spot4kids for OTs who Shannon can connect with as they do not have any local NDIS funded therapy, as it is all done through zoom in Wollongong.
Shannon to send through Leo’s ADHD diagnosis.
Bhavni to keep communication regular
Sara and Bhavni to timetable regular debrief sessions with Leo
Bhavni StewartYears 5 & 6 parentsyesEmma and MitchellMany staff and parentsParent forum 19/05/2023
Acknowledgement of Country- John Stewart
Introduction to the parent feedback forum- Lidia Ranieri
Opportunity to share your thoughts in the break out rooms. The parents have expressed some concerns, issues, criticisms which allows us an open forum. We want to listen. What are the key issues that arise across the parent community?
Lidia set up the forum norms and expectations with respect, dignity, kindness as the key. Constructive feedback is the key- not blame or criticism. Establish a shared responsibility between school and parents.
Introduction about middle school- Emma Wilson
Curriculum: PBL approaches the rising disengagement of students and maintaining a pedagogy for a love of learning which is at the core of PBL.
PBL is an academic process that allow real life experiences that are meaningful to the students due to their interest and real-life experience. Student engagement and ownership from the beginning is important. This is done by making it meaningful and with purpose, with partnerships amongst the community.
PBL outcomes are for student agency which helps students to become more engaged. Exposes them to a broader knowledge and skills. We want something to be produced with their learning.
PBL uses a generalist teacher framework (similar to Primary school teachers), so they can integrate all learning throughout their learning.
Specialist teachers come in for sport and music. Art is part of the PBL framework and all teachers are incorporating creative arts throughout the learning. Specialist teachers allow time off class for the guardian teachers to build pedagogy, support, review, assessment and planning.
For further information on PBL visit www.pblworks
Emma discussed her experience during her overseas trip to Europe, Finland and the USA. She visited a PBL school called High Tech high, which is considered the leading PBL school in the world. She compared our school with what is happening overseas, in Finland and USA and that we are doing it just as well as they are. She is proud of what we are achieving, considering our middle school, PBL program is only 12 weeks old.
Year 5: Mitchell Beggs (guardian teacher) discussed what he is doing in his class, with positive and productive relationships being the key.
The term starts with a key stone theme. Students explore a question and then funnel the exploration process within all KLAs (key learning areas). The rigor of the academics is strong and prevalent throughout the term. Mitchell discussed the change from stage 2 to stage 3 learning this year and the increase in academic fundamentals and expectations. He has been working on building the student knowledge in literacy and numeracy foundations with learning support offered as well as options for extension work.
Design thinking process is part of the PBL program with an audience in mind. This is key to the beginning of the learning. Students then define their questions, then empathise, then test, review, redefine (if needed), then finally present to their audience.
Mitchell described the week and the weekly timetable and the importance of routine. Guardian teachers send out the term ahead within the first 2 weeks of every term.
Every morning in year 5 is for explicit instruction where the teacher builds the fundamentals for literacy and numeracy and other KLAs in preparation for the day/week/year ahead. Mitchell explained his curriculum and the key importance of the specialist teachers and how it integrates together.
This term’s class initiatives are working on relationships with the focus on kindness and team-based opportunities. This includes the opportunities for students to expand their social interactions, increase friendships based on kindness and empathy and be offered leadership opportunities. Students are able to teach new skills to the class to show engagement, learning and leadership.
Mitchell then introduced a little about himself and his personality- he can come across as gruff and has a good poker face. He is strong on his learning and behaviour expectations and can across as hard line but is always coming from a place of love and care and is open to suggestions, especially from the students. He is working on offering different communication styles in class so he does not always have to give verbal prompts or instruction. He is using body language and visual cues more, for all students to best understand his instruction.
Break-out groups. Three groups were created with parents moving to any group of their choice. Facilitators were Bhavni Stewart, Cheryl Stephens and Lidia Ranieri.
These groups were able to give feedback, ask questions, discuss issues and concerns and offer suggestions. The facilitators made notes, which will be addressed at a staff and executive level. How these issues are addressed and then communicated to the school parent community, will be shared at a later date.
The core issues raised in these three breakout groups include:
Needs improvement within a reasonable and fair timeframe.
Suggestions were more staff are needed as teachers are over worked and cannot be expected to get to all correspondence. Possible additional staff member who deals with parent requests and emails.
There are too many disruptions and changes to the weekly plans and parents can be notified too late for them to manage e.g. email with changes the day or few days before the event. This causes a lot of stress in the home.
Parent Whatsapp groups and communication should be utilized more.
Integrate a music program into each lesson.
Maths should have more of a focus. Possible specialist teachers to be teaching maths rather than the guardian teacher.
Visual arts to be more practical with hands on activities e.g. ceramics etc.
More lunchtime group options needed for the students and maybe parents can get involved and help out with this.
Mobile phones- need to share our mobile phone policy and procedure. Concern about how we manage the devices at school and on the buses. Parents are aware students are accessing their phones during class. Majority of parents expressed the support for the school to hold a clearer and firmer approach to no mobile phones or devices at school.
Parents want feedback on use of technology on buses and in class. There was a mixed response to having technology allowed on the buses. Parents asked if students can access other technology as required which does not need them to use their phones e.g. to film using an iPad or camera, rather than being allowed access to their mobile during the day.
Parent chose our school and thought we were a non-device school. Parents are worried about the distraction and interruption that phones cause in school and on the buses. Concerned that the school is too relaxed about mobiles at school.
Appreciation of the teachers and how hard they work and want to know how parents can help more.
Behaviour management is a concern as parents do not know how we manage challenging students. There is a perception, that the school does not have adequate consequences for certain behaviours.
There was a discussion on how the restoration model works and would like parents to also be offered a place in reconciliation, especially if it affects two students and their parents also.
Enrolment imbalance of genders in classes. Would like this to be addressed.
Also, to look at the high number of special needs in each class and the disruption to others learning as the result. One solution may be composite classes. Also more experienced and trained teachers aides in each class.
Parents expressed the concern and worry of teacher burnout and the result of so many core teachers having already left. They are worried about the disruption to the student’s learning.
Worried about year 5 as they are the youngest year group in a big pool. How is the school managing the issues they encounter and deal with. Suggestion- Peer support and leadership from the older kids to the younger kids. How do we support and shepherd younger students through the teenage (tween) years?
Playground at SCU is a concern as students say they are bored. Can the school offer additional activities and play equipment such as climbing frames etc.?
Concerns were raised about the behaviours on the buses and what the school is doing to manage this. We discussed the use of bus seating plans and how each year group has access to the buses with the oldest students at the back and the youngest to the front of the bus. Specific seating plans are in place with specific students and older students are asked to help guide and support younger student’s choices. Bus drivers also report directly to the bus manager so any behaviours can be managed quickly with parents being informed.
The overall feedback was positive and parents want an avenue and direction on how they can better support and help the school, either though volunteering their time, parents as partners, or offering workshops, guidance etc.
Parents chose the school because of the co-learning community and vision of inclusivity with parents involved.
There was a suggestion that parents should have more transparency and honesty with what is happening in the school from both a governance and operational level. Suggestion may be a parent representative sits on the Board and reports back to a parent P&C- like group.
Sociocracy was discussed as a possible framework for the school as this was part of the initial planning and discussion before the school opened.
Sociocracy is a theory of governance that seeks to create psychologically safe environments and productive organizations. It draws on the use of consent, rather than majority voting, in discussion and decision-making by people who have a shared goal or work process.
Finally, there is a general worry and concern about the move to the Brown and Jolly building and that it will happen too fast and parents are happy at the SCU. They are worried about it being a building site, too disruptive, too big and distracting for learning and child protection issues as Lismore is not necessarily a safe space at present with much homelessness and mental health concerns.
Feedback will be provided to the parents.

Meeting opened: 3.10pm
Meeting finished: 5.10pm
Next Parent feedback forum for years 7 & 8 will be held at the Farm on Friday 26th May at 3.00pm.
04/05/2023Bhavni StewartZanni ArnotyesEmma WilsonCommunication: Feedback from parents that they were sending emails and not receiving a response at all. Parents have commented that this has been occurring all year and applies to many staff not responding to emails.
Suggested regular and consistent communication from teachers/school- would like a week ahead email – education for both parents/teachers as often lots of staff are included in an email, fortnightly class email – manageable for teachers

OnLand Learning: Focus, learning, organisation.

General dis-ease amongst parents (year 5 cohort specifically), in regards to poor communication from teachers, behaviours from other students and unsure what the higher fees are providing. This rhetoric is then filtering onto their children as students are coming to school questioning the fees.

Specialist Teachers: Particularly around the arts. Parents concerned that students are not accessing qualified specialists in art – purpose behind this explained (integral to PBL, RFF for PE due to it being difficult to integrate, additional arts would take away from Eng/Maths etc, all staff in MS have arts training)

Academics: Questions around teacher competencies for areas (Taylor being a teacher, Ant not being a High School teacher), prescribed texts. Concerns that students are not learning the equivalent curriculum as other schools; in case they move schools and are not behind. Also want more clarity on PBL and how and what their children learn.

P&C: For regularity, check ins, communication, fundraisers, parent rep meetings.
Parents are wanting more involvement in the school, both socially and in classrooms. They are excited about the Parent Forum in weeks 1 & 2 of Term 3.
Parents want opportunities to volunteer and offer service to the school, either at the Farm or school. Suggested holding parent pods.

Lunchtimes: Structured lunch activities to prevent boredom from students, quiet working spaces provided.

Code of Conduct: Who to go to for what. Suggested at the Forum to send out a Orgs chart for parents so there is clearer understanding on everyone’s roles.

B&J: Concerns about further change/disruption, it is a building site, parents and students are happy at SCU, there will be too much chaos and noise with other people on site, concern about little outdoor play spaces. Child protection concerns by the location, increased homelessness and crime in the CBD.

Parent Forum: Agenda provided (simple and clear), time for Q&A, protocols stated upfront, outlined and understood. Time managed and timings outline, minutes taken and communicated after meeting, Zoom option provided.
Layla Tan offered to help facilitate and navigate parents at the Forum.
We will need a good moderator to chair the forum- Will discuss with John. Ben Roche was recommended by Emma and Bhavni.
Not a forum for complaints or criticism, but instead for constructive ideas and support.
Also, an opportunity for parents to hear from the teachers on what their concerns are around behaviour management, too much comms from home and what is expected from all parties.
A review of the parent and student codes of conduct is needed.
Parents do not want to hear only from John but are more interested in Emma and the Middle School’s vision and future.
Parents want a reminder on why they chose Living School and pay the extra fees.
Share with Executive to discuss upcoming forum and issued raised.
Find a chair for the forum.
Set the agenda to then share with parents and staff before the event.
Bhavni to invite parent class reps to meet early Term 3 to discuss a regular parent gathering such as P&C.
Emma to discuss comms with middle teachers.
Sara TorpeyAndrea LemsyesBhavni StewartRemy Lems (not present)Mum wants to know why we don’t have ADHD listed in her information as she told Cheryl and John that Remy has ADHD. Bhavni and Sara informed mum that we need the letter (psych assessment report) from the psychiatrist or paediatrician stating her official diagnosis. Mum reports that Remy and mum watched the Into the Wild movie as requested by Brooke and this disturbed Remy. Mum feels she should have been warned about the graphic nature of the film. Sara told mum that we need detailed reports from her treatment providers in order to provide appropriate accomadations. Bhavni stated that Remy’s attendance makes it difficult for the school to assist Remy in her learning as she isn’t here. Mum reports she’s been prescribed Florinef (1 week so far) to assist with the fainting from POTS. Mum reports that Remy used to take Olanzapine for ADHD but had to stop it as it can cause fainting. Mum stated that she attempted to commence distance education at Ballina but it was too involved. Bhavni informed mum about the process a bit more and how it’s not as bad as it seems. Bhavni and Sara reviewed Living school’s legal responsibility to report non-attendance. Mum reports that John told her that we can put her school fees on hold and she told the distance ed people that and they said she needs Remy to not be enrolled at Living School to attend Distance Ed. Mum was very upset during the meeting and Sara encouraged mum to seek mental health support for herself. Bhavni offered our support in helping the application process for distance ed but stated that the time is now for a decision to be made as her attendance is a serious problem for enrollment at Living School. Mum needs to either dis-enroll Remy and enroll at distance ed OR she needs to start attending school here and provide reports of her diagnosis. Mum reports Remy has severe periods and is also taking tablets for that. Bhavni informed mum that she needs to tell Cheryl before the start of the next term so that we know what she decides.Mum needs to notify school to say whether Remy will be attending 85% of the time (next term) or if she will dis-enroll and start attending Distance Ed. If mum doesn’t inform the school of her decision, then John needs to discuss ongoing enrollment and potential mandatory report for attendance.
Sara TorpeyShannon HumanyesLeo HumanMitchell BeggsDiscussed today’s incident with Pearl which led to Leo becoming physically violent towards her. Leo and mum both report that other students frequently cause physical harm to Leo and mum stated that she has reported this to the school. Mitchell and I told Shannon and Leo that he needs to report these incidents when they happen as we can’t address them if we don’t know about them as they happen. Leo admitted to seeking revenge on Pearl but that he did not intentionally hurt her. I explained to Leo that choke holds or putting hands on another student is not allowed at school and makes people feel unsafe.It was decided by Shannon, myself and Mitchell that Leo should go home for the day to give him some space and time to reflect. I will pass this information on to John and Bhavni to manage any further action needed (disciplinary, restorative, etc).
28/04/2023Bhavni StewartLeisa GrimwoodnoBrandon Lee approached me to let me know that Indy was concerned about Maya as she had been talking about suicide. I then had a phone call from Kylie Hyde- Eavie’s mum who was worried about Maya as she had disclosed to Eavie that she thought about suicide and said she could walk away from her home to where she could commit suicide. I immediately rang her mum Liesa and informed her of the disclosure and comments made by Maya. Maya is seeing a Pschologist and mum mentioned she will bring it forward so they can meet earlier. I suggested Headspace and Beyond Blue. Mum said Maya has been going well at home and will monitor. She will also investiagte getting further support and discuss these comments with her pychologist.
Sara will touch base with Maya on Monday and regularly.
I will inform Leisa regularly for any changes or further disclosures.
Email response from Leisa Grimwood after my phone call- 28/04/2023:
Hi Bhavni

Thank you so much for reaching out this morning and I’m very grateful for the young girl in Mayas class stepping forward to her mum and the mum contacting the school. Please pass on my thanks.

Maya has an appt with her psychologist Cate soon however I will email her this morning. She is starting trauma counselling at her next appointment.

She was very keen to get to the farm today. She was talking about what they might do and looking forward to seeing banksia, Elke, Sage etc. infact she never not wants to go to school she is always pretty much happy to go.

I feel sometimes with Maya she gets so caught up in a huge panic when something unkind is said to her and it comes back to her previous school where there was zero support and help from the school and fellow students it takes her back to thinking it’s all going to be like this again. When she removes herself from the situation and calms down she often can see it’s not as bad. She did say on Wednesday Indi had been calling her controlling and said some really ordinary things to her during sport which must of cut deep, plus with the boys and Loretta not being overly kind to her it has probably added up.

There was a time at her previous school where she said something similar, about self harm and that was the only time the school did anything and it was the catalyst for us to move her out of the school to living school . So thinking back she has said these comments before about self harm but not for a very long time. We also lost 3 people to suicide in 18 months.

However I will be keeping a firm eye on the situation at home however I’m unable to discuss this with Ian unfortunately due to his PTSD it will cause a already stressful situation to become worse, so if you could continue keeping all correspondence etc with me I’d be grateful.

Thanks again Bav we are so grateful for yours and the schools support this is the exact reason we have Maya at Living School.


24/04/2023Bhavni StewartNicole DuBoisnoNicole rang me to discuss her son BD and how he feels vicimised and not liked by his class teacher. She is very concerned about the number of negative comments made about her son by the teacher, that a behaviour card was implemented without consultation and approval by her and that her son no longer will do as he is told or listen to his teacher, because he does not like him as he feels the class teacher does not like him.
She feels her son has lost the trust and rapport with his class teacher.
She told me there is a group of year 5 parents who met to discuss their concerns about the year 5 class, teacher and behaviours and described the class as a special needs class and is becoming a “school for misfits”. She said they are not happy and when asked what some of the concerns are, she said parents felt scared to talk and express their concerns.
She said that her son is getting bullied by MK, IH and MH. They steal his hat, say he is ugly and comment that he does not have a dad. Her son said that everyone is always angry in class.
She commented that the class teacher should be at the Farm on Fridays as it is an important day and that her son does not like the current casual teacher taking year 5 (IH-S), as she always got him in trouble and threatened him with a behaviour card. She is concerned that if this negative approach continues, she will withdrawal him as she does not want to pay high fees and her son be treated unfairly.
She wants the class teacher to rebuild rapport, trust with her son and be kinder to him.
I explained that a restorative practice would be good for her son and teacher and other students in the class. Her son also needs to understand his actions and behaviours affecting the class dynamics. I discussed the need for a fun whole class activity like a camp and for the teacher and students to bond.
The Advocate will work on social skilling and kindness activities for the class.
I will spend time in the class to observe behaviours, and support the teacher with guidiance, support plans and debriefing. Also, to oversee learning support and teacher aide support.
Head of school HOS will follow up with the parent forum and opportunity for parents to have a say, be heard and find out what is happening to support year 5. HOS wll provide mentoring for the class teacher to ensure curriculum, organisation and the environment are managed.
26/05/2023Cheryl StephensZoe LeeyesBrooke GregoryBrandon Lee, Amelia LeeInterview took place at 15;30 on Thursday 20th of April.
This meeting was in response to an emai written by Amelia on
-Discussed Zoe’s non attendance at expeditionary learning, parents accepted that it was their responsibility to reduce fear of water not the schools but – like to see her involved. I explained that the difficulty with the canoeing was that it was hard to split the group. Brooke explained that the camp has been designed for those who canoe and those who do not.
-Zoe raised concerns that there was not an alink between the expeditionary learning and the academic programme. I outlined that the walking in term one was linked with reflection and that they journalled during and after each walk. In term two the link is between the water quality testing of rivers and the study of the hydrosphere.
-Discussed Zoe’s concern with behaviours of a few members of the Year 9 class which was interrupting other’s learning. Zoe attributed this to starting the term with substitute teachers who were not strong enough and who the class treated poorly. I stated that I wasnt aware this had happened to the substitute teacher but we were aware of these behaviours and due process was taking place. Zoe, Amelia and Brandon were accepting of this.
-Sammy wrote an email to Amelia outlining the art programme -see below
On Tue, 18 Apr 2023 at 10:40, Brooke Gregory wrote:

Her art lessons with Sammy are also frustrating her. From Zoe’s reports, Sammy changed the objectives / question of their assignment 3 times across 3 weeks. Not enough for it to be an entirely different question, but enough for the work Zoe had done to date to have to be deleted. She’s tried to talk to Sammy about this but because the question change isn’t sufficiently significant, she’s worried her complaints don’t sound valid, and from what I understand, Sammy has dismissed her questions. Zoe feels Sammy just plucks an assessment task and it could be better structured and more productive. Any time I’ve talked with Sammy in the past, it’s not been very productive, hence wanting to clarify things with Cheryl.

Zoe loves English, and Art is a massive passion for her – she said the other day it’s where she sees her career. Having done art the entire way through my schooling, I’m pretty shocked at how light on the teaching seems to be regarding art history and theory. I’ve discussed this with Sammy before and she assured me it’s not how they structure the curriculum anymore, which doesn’t align with my understanding of the curriculum overall. Zoe is also quite frustrated with how the keystone themes are being translated into teaching exercises. For example, from what I understand from Zoe’s complaints, “Nature” in her art classes as a Keystone theme means they walk into nature and draw things they see.
HI Brooke, Amelia
I’ve attached both Units of work and the essay and scaffold

Animalia 2023 term 2

Living School To BE Human

[Template] [2023 Living school Essay Assessmen…
You will see it is laid out and the essay clearly scaffolded in great detail with examples of formatting and research suggestions
I changed Zoe’s essay with her as she was not addressing the question directly and wanted her to understand the best way to attack the question .
We do 1 hour of art theory every week and then 2 hours of practicals. I wrote these programmes together with the best art educator from the MCA who also lectures and is a Visual HSC theory marker
Each unit is supported with theory that is relevant to the creative form that they are investigating. Please take a look .
It takes many hours to develop these resources and thought into engaging the students. iI Zoe need’s extra please let me know and i will find time to give her extra assistance.
I assure you I do not take art history lightly to create art we must know how to unpack it understand what we see and feel from the artworks happy to chat anytime
Hey Sammy

Thank you for sending this information. I really appreciate getting an insight into the classroom resources.

As you can imagine, when …
the kids don’t bring home homework or assignment sheets
don’t have a diary where they’re noting what is happening day to day, and what’s due
there’s no central online portal to see what’s happening each week and term etc (like Trinity’s Lighthouse system)
the newsletter only comes a couple of times per term with a page per year outlining what is happening in the classroom
parent teacher interviews only happen twice per year
and setting up appointments with individual subject teachers to discuss things after hours is difficult to juggle with everyone’s schedules
… we are relying very heavily on the kids’ perception of their classroom and learning experience. And Zoe’s perception of her learning experience in art is very different to what you’ve outlined in this email.

Other teachers distribute assessment notes and digital resources to the parent and student list (simultaneously) early each term. It definitely gives us (as parents) a better opportunity to see what’s happening in the classroom. If that’s possible at all with your general communications please, I’d be really grateful, and I’m sure other parents would appreciate it too.

Many thanks, and in light of this information, I’ll discuss this further with Zoe to get an understanding from her point of view, and follow up with you if I need to. Our expectation is that she is respectful, attentive in class and completes her assignments as required. She is very hungry for knowledge and experience in art, and loves learning more. If you ever have any issues in working with her, please let us know.

-Continue to work on improving the disruptive behaviours of four year 9 students.
-Discuss with teachers the importance of discussing interdisciplinary links and not assume teachers know about them.
-Continue working to wards obtaining a system that allows parents access to assessment tasks and learning programmes at the beggining of each term.
-Continue to differentiate our expeditionary learning, in particular the canoe component.
28/04/2023Cheryl StephensRose WrightnoR arrived late to school on Thursday 20-04-23. She reported that she had stayed overnight at a friend’s house and had been on the road to catch the bus at a know bus stop but the bus had driven straight past her. As such her mother had to drive her to school that morning.
R arrived shaken, upset and crying. With her consent I gave her a hug and offered to walk her to the Quad so we take a coffee and talk away form her peers. She ws upset with her mother. She said she was tired of not having any parental support like other students and she was struggling with supporting hwe sister. During the conversation she claimed that her mother was unable to support her as she was an alcoholic, had a personality diorder that involved narcassism and behaved imorally including the smoking of marijuana. R said she could not cope with the emotional abuse any longer and wanted to move out of the hourse and away from her mother but was worried about leaving her sister on her own. I checked to see if she was at risk of self harm, she said no. She said I know that I am better than my mother and I need to move away from her.
R’s claims coincide with all the administrative experiences the Living School has had with R’s mother.
R asked if we could help her move out of home.
The converstaion lasted around an hour and when I left R was composed and returned to class.
R did not attend school on Friday as she stayed at her fathers in Ballina. I called R to check that she was OK.
R does not consider her father’s as suitable venue for his to say as there have been past issues with alcohol and violence.
R turns 18 in eight days.
R’s other support is Hank an associate of R’s mother but she fears he is ‘moving away’ from the situation. Hank and her father pay the school fees.
I believe both R and her sisters well being is at risk.
Spoke to Bhavni.
Arrange an appointment for Rose with the advocate.
Discuss with the office the importance of ensuring emails are sent to Rose and Tess as they are parenting themselves.
R spoke to Jane about being able to manage the bus app herself rather than R’s Mum.
Put R in contact with Social Futures who may provide support.
Provided R with my phone number and told her to call at anytime if things became difficult for her again.
17/04/2023Bhavni StewartOlivia SmithnoCheryl had asked me to call Olivia to send MS home as he had been rude to her and bumped her when walking past. He then was able to debrief with me before is mum picked him up. MS has been missing his friends, feels socially isolated at school. thinks all the teachers hate him and always get him in trouble and wants to move to a different school. When I spoke with Olivia on the phone, she acknowledged that MS has been feeling anxious lately and it displays in a fight/flight response where he has been reacting rudely and aggressively towards teachers. She is concerned about him wanting to move schools but will support his choice and allow a trial at Trinity where his best friend has moved to.MS went home for a rest, but it was not a suspension or in trouble. We discussed having a meeting on is return to address how we can best support MS moving forward, however he did not return all week.
Olivia informed me that Mikayla was disenrolling and would not be returneing to school.
17/04/2023Bhavni StewartAbby HogarthnoAbby rang me to notify me that her son NH had purchased a vape on the weekend with his own money. He did not disclose how he got it except that it was not from any Living School student but she was concerned he may be tempted to use it at school and wanted us to keep an eye on him as she did not want him to muck up again after his suspension as she is worried that he will get expelled.I notified NH’s teacher to ensure he does not take his bag to the toilet and the teachers on duty to keep their eyes on him.
24/04/2023Bhavni StewartClare SouthwellnoWednesday 19th April- afternoon during interest groups, FA and MS had an interaction where MS then put her finger up and swore at FA. I rang Clare to inform her of the situation and discussed the need to meet and review how MS was going. Clare then proceeded to declare her unease, unsatisfaction and concerns for MS safety at school. MS is attending pychology support on Friday 21st April. She demanded a meeting with John, myself and Rod. She is worried about any overnight camps and MS being targeted by FA.
I spoke with FA’s mother Madeliene who reiterated the exact same concerns regarding MS towards FA, where she feels that MS is targeting her son, making him out to be ‘the bad kid’ and has threatened to withdrawl his enrolment if FA continues to be targeted by John and MS. FA has a Headspace appointment on Friday 21st April.
I assured all parents that the school supports both students, supervision and support plans are in place and a meeting is held for Monday 24th April 3.15pm at SCU with John, Bhavni, Clare and Rod.
I will keep in touch regularly on how both students are going.
I am keeping Sarah (Year 6 teacher) and Sara (Advocate) informed and up to date.
Sara TorpeySophia SowdenyesPhoenix AdamsBrookeSophia and Phoenix came to me to discuss ongoing issues with teacher Brooke. Sophia reports that she feels that Brooke shames her in front of the class, tries to intimadate her and mocks her through facial expressions and sounds (mimicking). She reports that Brooke told her to “fix her attitude” and that she would prefer a different method of correction (ask her if she’s okay, offer care). She reports that her phone was taken off her (by Brooke) on the bus and not returned to her until her stop at Lennox.
Phoenix and Sophia report that he responds to them in an immature way and is confrontational in his management of their behaviour.
I ask them to reflect on their behaviour and the part they have played in the relationship. They stated that if they were treated more fairly and respectfully that they would behave better. I suggested that we discuss the issue with Cheryl and then have a restorative meeting with Brooke so that all parties can discuss openly and come to a solution to repair the relationships.
Discussed briefly with Brooke who reports feeling frustrated by the consistant lack of respect, disruption of learning for other students and poor behaviour, despite the previous ageements by all parties to commit to change. I suggested that when they misbehave during class, he ask to speak to them after class as a strategy to prevent public confrontations. I discussed with Cheryl who reports she had already met with Brooke and heard of the difficulties. Cheryl and I will meet with the students on Monday 17/4/23 to hear their side of things and Cheryl will review the behavioural expectations of the classroom. We will then determine the appropriateness of a restorative meeting with Brooke.
Bhavni StewartMitchell SmithnoI asked MS about the incident regarding EK and the bus trip back from the NCIS soccer game on 28th March 2023 where EK threw a bottle out of the bus window after being encouraged by MS who then filmed him throwing out the bottle.
I asked MS if he still had the footage, that it must be deleted, which he replied that he had already deleted it after the event as he did not keep film footage on his phone, due to poor storage limit. I then reminded MS of his responsibility around behaviour and influencing other students and that filming without consent is a legal issue around child protection and consent. I reminded him that he is a role model to others and should be encouraging positive interactions and decision making.
MS was reminded that this was a serious incident that could have caused major damage if the bottle had hit a car, and while he did not throw the bottle, he contributed through encouraging and filming. I reminded MS, that this was a warning and if any other negative behaviours involving EK and MS occur, that I will be contacting his parents and John.
Sara TorpeyFloyd AltmanyesMadeleine SmithJohn Stewart, Ant Lewry4/4/23
On Friday 31/3/23, Floyd reports playing with friends. Marlon brought up what Floyd said 3 weeks ago. Floyd is angry at Marlon. John asked Floyd to say what he said and FLoyd began to cry. Admitted sexual elements to his comment toward Mia “I will kill her and then bang her”. Stated he regretted saying it. Claimed he didn’t know what “bang” meant but later admitted that he did know and was lying to avoid getting into further trouble. Discussed previous sexual comments made. Admitted he used to like Mia but then she started being mean to him, hitting, kicking and name calling.

Concerns were raised for safety on camps, need for outside counselling, education around history of feminism and women’s rights, PDH for middle school around toxic masculinity.
ST made referral for Floyd to attend counselling at Headspace
Floyd to spend the rest of this week in Ant’s class for reflection and safety for Mia.
Seperation needed during recess and lunch.
Floyd to ask for help from staff as needed.f
Floyd to meet regularly with Sara for check ins and support.
Cheryl Anne StephensTricia KarpyesSammy RobinsonLila Darroch was present for the restorative meeting.7yh of March 2023
Tricia Karp contacted me requesting a meeting over Sammy’s classroom management. She was concerned that the requirement of tasks, in particular deadlines, were not made clear to students and that Lila was being isolated from the class by Sammy to get work done that she was actually unsure about.
A restorative meeting was held. At the meeting, Sammy raised concern over Lila’s lack of focus on the task. Lila explained that she was not confident about her artistic ability. Sammy discussed what Lila needed to do to succeed despite her perceived lack of artistic ability. Sammy said she was going to get Lila to lino print her next piece which allowed her to transfer images and not create them. Sammy explained that she had moved Lila to the quiet space as she was disappointed as to how far she had progressed on the task and felt she was too easily distracted by Fegus.
Check-in with Lila and Tricia Kapp in 4 weeks.
03/04/2023cheryl stephensAndrea RemsyesJohn StewartBackground
Remy started at the Living School on 18th of July, 2022. She had transferred from Alstonville High. There were no medical issues mentioned at the enrolment interview conducted by Cheryl Stephens on the 15th of June, 2022. The day after enrolment we have progressively been informed that Remy has COVID, POTS, ADHD, Hyperacusis, Chronic Fatigue and issues with food texture and type.
Remy’s attendance has been extremely poor and supporting medical certificates often absent. After being diagnosed by her psychiatrist with POTS Andrea advised that Remy was fainting regularly. Cheryl requested a return to school plan from a doctor so we can ensure Remy’s safety at school. This document was not provided until the 23rd of March, 2023. This meeting was called by John Stewart and Cheryl Stephens as they were concerned about the Living Schools obligation to ensure students regularly attend school and Remy’s academic progress.
Andrea has sent the school 54 emails since Remy enrolled, on average 2 a week. She was concerned that her emails were not being answered expediently. Cheryl was concerned about the additional workload answering these emails placed on Remy’s teachers.
Educational Progression
Suggestion was made that if Remy continued to be unable to attend school that perhaps she should consider enrolling in Distance Education.
A google.doc was set up for communication between Remy, Guardian teachers and Cheryl

Educational Progression
Andrea would contact Distance Education or provide a return to school plan (please see attached)

Compilation of emails advising of ailments have been created and placed on Remy’s file.,
20/03/2023John StewartWillem HollemannnoFather rang JDS to raise some concerns received from Briony. Issues are alleging a student ‘exposed’ themselves to Saorise in Y1, Marli is reported as feeling ‘unsafe’ with her teacher in Y5 after a bag incident, Isla wants to go to Trinity as she believes she is ‘not learning’ in Y8.JDS spoke with Willem and said he would look into matters. JDS had been informed of the bag incident – and Willem said he felt the teacher had apologised and rectified the matter, but that Marli was still feeling ‘unsafe’. JDS said he would check-in but that he was with the teacher in the morning. JDS said he was aware of some disquiet with Y8, and that there would be a focus on programming prior to the Nature term.
21/03/2023John StewartLauren BoyceyesAmanda Boyce12:00-12:30pm Meeting to discuss Lauren’s involvement at LS. Discussion came after calls with mum – and the areas of complexity with Lauren’s attendance, needs and mother’s wishes. See Cheryl re expectations and responsibilities already in place. Lauren has strengths – but swirls into heightened anxiety when she feels there is ‘perfection’. Lauren felt photography was driving her to try to be perfect – she doesn’t like photography as a result. Lauren loves ceramics, cooking, gardening, textiles, music, craft. Mum was very quiet and allowed JDS and Lauren to discuss matters. Friendship was highlighted as a key need by Amanda (mum). Lauren is currently undertaking a ceramics course outside of school, volunteers at the Wildlife Hospital (Knockrow) – washing, cleaning out cages, prepping food and meds.JDS spoke with Lauren to look at what is on offer – and the days. The focus is on consistency and attendance – especially citing the ceramics and UniStart program. There was an outline of areas that needed regular attendance – Monday afternoon, Tuesday all day – with ceramics in the afternoon, NO WEDNESDAY, Thursday all day with ceramics in the afternoon, Friday – UniStart. JDS emphasised via the analogy of making a good sauce – consistency – that Lauren needed to attend UniStart and come into school. JDS to communicate with Cheryl – and discuss further options if manageable.
07/03/2023John StewartWillem HollemannnoFather phoned to confirm that Finn was now living with him. They attended a professional psychologist – and the advice was to not return to the mother’s home until there had been interventions. Willem raised he was now concerned for the other girls, too. Willem said he was concerned as to how Briony may react/behave in light of this – and a letter would be communicated regarding this in the next couple of days.JDS said the school would communicate this to the relevant coordinator (Cheryl, Emma and Anna). School would act impartially but with care as its focus. Court orders are needed to ensure we are all aware of requirements.
07/03/2023John StewartBeth CroninnoSexual misbehaviour on the bus between X and another boy (A). This was a situation first raised in 2022 and so was a repeat.JDS interviewed both boys. Spoke with teacher and coordinator of K-4. MRG used. Mandatory report completed. Phoned Beth the following day for update – and sent through email. Monitor and raise these concerns with A’s parent/s.,,
16/03/2023annie robertsCASEY AND BRAD CORDOBAyesADAM FELTONTUCKER( student)15/02/2023
Adam asked the parents to come in as Tucker has been finding it hard to settle back in to school life. He also thought Adam didn’t like him. Tucker has been distracted in class and affecting other peoples learning.
Tucker was reassured that Adam is working hard to ensure Tucker is clear with instructions so he sits at the front of the room. This allows Adam to give him explicit individual instructions.
Tucker will continue to work on an adjusted maths program.
Tucker will try not to use excuses to leave the room or avoid difficult such as going to the toilet. This will be done at the beginning or end of lunch.
Parents are looking into a maths tutor to support Tucker catching up and gaining confidence.
16/03/2023annie robertsKaishayesADAM FELTONBROOKLYN ( student)Kaisha had concerns regarding communication between, school, class and home.
She also mentioned Brooklyn had not featured in many school photos in the last couple of years
Adam ensured that Kaisha contact details were up to date and reassured Kaisha that information would be passed on via email and in more urgent situations a phone call would be made.
13/02/2023Bhavni StewartKate DempseyyesAnnie RobertsDiscussed with mum Walter’s enrolment for Kindergardten next year. Kate discussed a part-time enrolment to begin and her concerns about his running off unsupervised.
Annie’s concern is the safety for Walter as we cannot guarantee 1:1 supervision and that Walter will run off. Suggested a trial for the first 2 weeks. Annie wants the enrolment to be a success.
No diagnosis yet- but has seen a Paedetrician last week and they suggested ADHD & likely ASD. The formal diagnosis has not been complete but will see Doctor again in early January.
Regular meetings to continue with Walter’s mum and Annie to discuss progress. Begin part-time (3 days) and half days. Start slow and build up his confidence and boundaries and expectations.
First two weeks until lunch for 3 days: 9am-12pm Monday-Wednesday. Then review how it is going.
The father and mother will both be available to be able to pick up Walter at anytime.
Gradually build up the time of enrolment to fulltime but keep it part-time for Term 1.
Kate to send through any formal diagnosis and Educ-Pych reports to Bhavni.
Bhavni to organise an IEP early next year.
25/11/2022john stewartBriony HollemannyesZanni LouiseWillem – separated partner – on the following Monday while John was on Y6 excursion.Briony rang me in the middle of an executive meeting – Thursday 3 November. I SMS to say I would call on my way home after meeting. In car, Briony alleged two girls had said to Marli she was being ‘brainwashed’ by her mother. Briony was emotional and believed this was from another parent – Zanni Louise – who takes writing class with the school, and is a friend of her separated husband, Willem. Briony said this was a breach of the Code of Conduct and that action was needed.John said he would act objectively – and would chat with Marli the following day to ascertain what was happening. The following day Marli was not at school – and neither was she the day afterwards. John raised the matter with Zanni – as a staff member – and she was clear that their family was not trying to be involved and would act professionally. The following week, John was away with Year 6 camp. On the Monday, he was contacted via email by Willem – separated partner – and he was concerned with communication not being relayed. John said he expected both parties to be able to communicate but said that he was to meet with Marli to discuss – there was an allegation of parents discussing matters, but that in discussion with the other party (Zanni) this was not alleged to have happened, and that Zanni was trying to stay out of their matters. Willem w as accepting of the situation – and concerned for Marli, too. On Wednesday 16 November, Briony emailed John and he responded as attached.
21/11/2022Sara TorpeyIndie SaengeryesJess SaengerAdam FeltonMet with Indie, his mum and Adam to discuss code of conduct in relation to sexual harassment and inappropriate comments made about classmates and a teacher. Indie expressed understanding of the expectations of safety and respect at Living School. Both mum and Indie were clearly informed of the expectations moving forward.Indie would like to make a card or write a note of apology to the students who were affected by his comments.
I will meet with Indie next week to follow up and see if he needs ongoing support.
31/10/2022Bhavni StewartLaree TayloryesJohn StewartDiscussed Stellan Gampenoff, Laree’s son in Year 8.Laree was asked to meet without Stellan, who was away with his father, and to discuss Stellan no longer continuing at Living School.
John discussed the nature of the social media posts and consequences felt in the school community, was one that certain students, especially some year 8 girls, no longer felt safe around Stellan, due to the offensive and violent posts toward certain students. They were sexually violent in nature with rape fantasy language which was then shared, by others, to others at the school.
Laree assured John that Stellan is currently seeking metal health support from Headspace, and booked into a psychologist for drug and alcohol addition, personal counselling, and pornography addition.
Laree was feeling overwhelmed by the loss of Stellan’s enrolment, also that they are needing to find a new affordable home by December. She expressed her understanding regarding the reasons why Stellan’s enrolment can no longer continue, was grateful to John and the school for our support, for Bhavni in touching base during the week’s suspension to check in on them both. However, Laree is worried about the backlash from other students towards Stellan and the threats made to him on social media. She is worried about his mental health and how she will manage to keep him off social media. She also expressed concern as to where Stellan will go to school as she said he had been bullied at other schools.
John also discussed Stellan’s vaping at school, his lying to the teachers in regards to not vaping, pressuring others to vape and buy a vape. Stellan has also not shown great engagement at school and often would be found walking the halls with his hoodie down over his eyes, backpack on, hands in pockets when he should be in class, always giving the excuse he was going to the toilet.
John will meet Stellan and Laree on Wednesday 2nd November off site to discuss options for Stellan and his schooling. The focus will be on making it clear as to the reasons why Stellan has been expelled and to focus on a future where Stellan can make better and healthier choices, re-ignite what brings him joy and his successes, such as writing and soccer. Also, John will discuss other schooling options such as Distance Education at Southern Cross School, Ballina.,
03/11/2022John StewartJustin CrawfordnoConductor rang father of Bowie Crawford (suspended for selling a nicotine vape) to Zen Paconowski (Y7). Determination to have Bowie and parents in for an interview to discuss the suspension and moving forward. Father spoke of changes in Bowie’s perceptions and character – but he was invited back into school after a similar incident at Byron High – after he withdrew from Living School. Bowie is now surfing more, has had his phone confiscated, police discussion by father, met with Mark Waller after encouragement from Conductor, is going to the gym.Meeting with John and Bhavni – and remorse must be shown. Does Bowie really want to come back. Letter written for Zen’s family. Discussion around the challenges of re-entry – if this is to be offered. Conductor said he will determine the next step after the meeting.
* Bowie is ill and so the meeting will be arranged once he is feeling better.
Sara TorpeyJosh SmithnoCalled Josh to inform him that Peppa’s name was mentioned in an innappropriate chat on social media by another student. Josh was grateful that the school is managing the issue and will offer support to Peppa at home as needed.I encouraged Josh to follow up with me or John should he have any further questions or concerns.
Sara TorpeyKael Veenstra-YoungnoCalled Saphire’s mum to discuss social media use by a classmate. I informed Kael that Saphire’s name was mentioned in a chat room during an innappropriate conversation. I informed mum that the content was sexual in nature and that Saphire is aware of the conversation because a classmate showed her screen shots of the conversation. I reported to mum that I met with Saphire today and processed her feelings regarding this issue.Encouraged mum to discuss with Saphire and contact myself with any further questions or concerns.
21/10/2022Bhavni StewartBowie CrawfordyesJohn StewartJustin Crawford and Sara TorpeyDiscussed suspension for 5 days with possible expulsion.
On Sunday 16th October, another parent contacted John and shared correspondence between Bowie and other students, including Zen where Bowie was threatening Zen, calling him a cunt and that he would bash him if he told his parents that Bowie had sold him a vape at school.
Bowie admitted to selling a Salt-Nicotine vape to Zen on Thursday 13th October at recess, at the base of the elevator, after saying Zen had asked him twice to sell it, having told Zen the first time that he would not sell to him. This is an illegal product to both buy and sell vapes, and is a breach of our student code of conduct, wise choices and the school’s reputation.
Bowie admitted to buying the vape from the Vape store in Byron Bay. He had a homeless man buy it for him.
Bowie also has a reputation amongst students of vaping and that students can go to him to buy a vape. He admitted he had not sold any vapes to any other student before Zen.
Bowie admitted to going on the messaging app called Discord and was messaging Stellan and Zen and threatened Zen with violence.
John reminded Bowie of the previous discussions:
With Cheryl and Jonny on re-enrolment and the behaviour expectations;
With John only last week after the Police Liaison officer visited the school to talk about the legalities of vaping and selling and buying vapes. John reminded all year 7 & 8 students that if students are caught vaping they will be given a warning, then suspension then expulsion.
Bowie understood he made a mistake and that he broke the law. He acknowledged that he has not given his best at school but says he is trying harder than while at BBHS.
Justin spoke of the issues of smoking pot, vaping and drinking outside of school and the need to re-engage Bowie in healthier more positive activities such as surfing, football. Justin has also taken Bowie and his mobile phone to the local police to go through the seriousness of Bowie’s behaviours and actions.
As trust has been breached and eroded, Bowie has been given 5 days suspension with a week to reflect and make a decision on how he will return, if he is able to.
He has a poetry recital to present to John by Friday 21st October.
Bowie was asked if he had anything to respond, ask or add and he said no.
The week of suspension will allow the school time to investigate the whole situation and respond to Justin and Bowie by Friday 21st October- last day of term, as to the action to be taken.
These guidelines and procedures shall be considered by the Conductor in conjunction with the Positive Behaviour Management and Discipline Policies (includes Wise Choices), of the School before any sanctions are applied.,
Sara TorpeyLaree TaylornoLaree asked me to call to discuss upcoming meeting with John regarding Stellan’s online conversation with Zen. Laree was anxious and upset and wanted some advice about how to handle Stellan and the disturbing content of his messages. Laree reports that she has already taken steps to get Stellan counselling but is waiting for appointments. She reports that Stellan claimed that this sort of talk is normal at other schools and he didn’t think parents would be reading their kids messages at Living School. Mum is worried about the meeting with John today and that Stellan is out of options for his schooling. She is worried about being accused of bad mothering. I assured Mum that I will be present as Stellan’s Advocate and that Stellan is responsible for his own choices and she will need to guide him though whatever comes next. Mum reports she was just informed that they will be kicked out of their rental property. Mum also stated there is a history of violence in the family.Mum and Stellan to come to school at 12:30 today to meet with me first, then John.
I encouraged mum to receive mental health support for herself as well. She will follow up with EAP through her work.
I will give Mum more infomation about mental health services.
19/09/2022John StewartAdam SowdenRaised concerns about his son’s attempt to end his life with overdose of panadol tablets. Concerned that he and Claire did not receive any communication – and that the attempt was owing to an incident where other boys were yelling out rape. Father concerned see the way the teacher on supervision was alleged to have managed the situation – laughed and said get over it. Also concerned that the issue was one that parents were uninformed about – especially after the previous concern about allegations Leo was looking at – revealed by his younger sister, Sophia.JDS said that there was discussion between Bhavni, Cheryl and him the previous afternoon. That the situation was needing further investigation. The communication with the family was discussed and should have been implemented – possibly was but would find out more. The core matter is the safety of Leo and the school. Leo needs psychological assessment/support (parents have him booked into a GP and are searching again for Headspace). Father commented on concern with the school if the attempt was successful and there had not been communication and the approach of the supervising staff member. JDS said he would enquire further and relay back any findings – but it was being investigated and acted upon.
15/08/2022John StewartMarlon LawyesTaylor HessianBeau Cavendish, Michelle ReinbergerILP program for RAF – with tutor support. JDS met with Raf and discussed the program.JDS emailed scheme but the focus is on Monday – home learning; Tuesday – class at Onland; Wednesday – tutor (Beau initially); Thursday – tutor with Michelle for surfboard; Friday – onland with class.

JDS set up personal learning with Study ladder and Kahn Academy. Timetable setup.
09/08/2022John StewartGriffin LeenoMatters raised with JDS around Griffin’s mood and self-harm. Advocate said he would not speak with her, but she had reports of crying, cutting, and depression.JDS spoke with Griffin – he was not forthcoming about self-harm, or needs. He meets with Headspace every fortnight. He does not feel comfortable talking to the advocate – but he feels he can be open with Headspace. He did not remember any incident ‘crying’. He says he is okay – and is not self-harming. JDS did not push this further but said he had a responsibility to support Griffin – and that was his welfare care.

Griffin did ask about DT project – wants to do sampling of files during HSIE lessons – he said he had spoken with CS. JDS said there needed to be some negotiation on this – but said that he would need to commit to the project on the feasibility study for the CBD moving to the golf course for Mondays. This would entail him focusing on Water/Waste – and he would join the field study for the following day. Then, next week, he could commence a Tuesday on his DT project in the music room – but this would need consideration of supervision and support, as JDS/BG with 9/10 would be out on field studies – or would have a guest speaker on occasions.

Griffin was demonstrably happier – and BG mentioned he was better in his mood after this lunch meeting as well.
08/08/2022John StewartRemy LemsyesAndrea LemsSensitive hearing – very sensitive! Issues around hearing – self-conscious about ear phones. This has been ongoing – premmie baby. Discussion around Y9 boys – they are noisy and inappropriate conversations. Fire alarms and loud whistles.SCHOOL – Teachers to be aware. Prepare Remy for any fire drill – that we have control over. Look at whistles in sport. Consider an option in class for Remy to ask to use the loo and then she has a break time away – but there must be a recognised path to ensure safety (consider a walk to the loos and then down around the circle area near forest). Develop a trust relationship, where Remy can inform the teacher – via a signal if needed. Remy to not feel so self-conscious about hearing support – headphones, etc.. Others wear them.

HOME – have Remy assessed again for hearing and seek out the levels/types as well as looking for assistive technology to support. This is an ongoing issue and one that a report identifies as more psychological (CS mentioned on file).

ONGOING – start to look at restricting mum’s over-use of communication requests to teacher/staff. From discussion coming back – this is an issue.
26/08/2022Bhavni StewartMarlon and Tessa LawyesJohn StewartRaf LawTransition meeting with parents to discuss a return to school plan for Raf. Beginning on Monday 1st August, and reviewed after 4 weeks.
Marlon discussed the need for consistency and a defined weekly roster for Raf that clearly states the times, people, places and curriculum activities. It must remain realistic, interesting and engaging for Raf or he will refuse to attend.
Goals- Raf to re-engage with school fulltime at SCU. To build confidence and social connection with other peers. To feel safe and secure at school.
Monday: Homeschooling with Elma. 10am-2pm. Adam to send through weekly school work.
Tuesday: The Farm. To be dropped at 10am and meet his Year 5 class and Adam. Spend the day with class. Will be picked up at 2pm.
Wednesday: To be dropped at 10am and meet his tutor (to be confirmed). It may be Taylor, Michelle and/or Beau. Spend the day with a specific activity from surfing, fishing, building, bee keeping, bird boxes etc. These activities will be clearly communicated and will have a curriculum base with social skilling. Will be picked up at 2pm.
Thursday: To be dropped at 10am and meet his tutor (to be confirmed). It may be Taylor, Michelle and/or Beau. Spend the day with a specific activity from surfing, fishing, building etc. These activities will be clearly communicated and will have a curriculum learning base with social skilling. Will be picked up at 2pm.
Friday: The Farm. To be dropped at 10am and meet his Year 5 class and Adam. Spend the day with class. Will be picked up at 2pm. Option to go directly to The Pass for surfing.
Parents are to complete an Educational Psych Report with a Clinical Psychologist.
Tessa to connect Bhavni (learning support), Elma (tutor) and Adam (teacher).
Adam to send weekly curriculum and daily activities to Elma for her to work with Raf every Monday. Send through over the weekend.
Parents to go through the weekly timetable with Raf by Friday 29th July in preparation for Monday start.
John to confirm the people who will be working with Raf on Wednesdays and Thursdays.
Adam, John and Bhavni to confirm what activities/curriculum will be offered to Raf on Wed and Thurs.
Wet Weather or Plan B: If there is a change to the schedule or Raf refuses to participate, Raf will remain at home and it will be a homeschooling day with Elma.
John to send Raf a copy of the Goal setting (VAST) and Behaviour expectations templates. Raf can set a 30 day challenge and these images can be displayed visibly e.g. in bedroom, back of the door in the toilet.
01/08/2022John StewartOlivia SmithnoDiscussion around Mitchell being ‘dacked’ by best mate – Ash. Embarrassed and angry – then sad. Also, discussion around interactions with Coen – previous student. Father raised issues with JDS – and JDS had investigated. JDS had asked Mitchell to apologise if it was warranted. Mitchell became quite anxious around this.JDS informed Olivia to keep an eye on Mitchell. JDS took onboard the details around Coen/Mitchell’s relationship – and ongoing struggles with father.
01/08/2022John StewartGemma SmithyesZiah SmithDiscussion around Ziah wanting to leave school and become a labourer.illegal to leave school under 17 – so requires an SBAT. JDS advised against a self-employed labouring position – insurance, costs, etc.
Living School will look to set up an SBAT with electrician – if accepted. This will mean TAFE and further details sorted out. Nick will be responsible – via Cheryl.
26/07/2022John StewartNoah ManningyesZen PacanowskiNehemiah, Jimmy, ZaraIsolating and intimidating behaviour to Noah. Noah raised concerns with Jonny and Benny (teachers) about behaviour and commentary while on a class hike. He said they were putting things in his bag – and they were saying mean things about his fingers. Noah identified this was ongoing behaviour – and it has been raised before.JDS interviewed all students individually. JDS then undertook a restorative process – and discussed behaviour expectations. JDS focused on behaviour that was causing concerns – Noah’s behaviour as well as the others. Clearly there are behaviours of isolation and intimidation – but Noah has behaved inappropriately, too. Noah has been physical, and confronting with his comments. JDS emphasised the support required. JDS emphasised that the focus will be on establishing trust and friendliness – not friendship. JDS to check in again.
18/07/2022John StewartSonja HicksnoDiscussion around Sonja’s concerns regarding Billie’s gender focus. Consternation around what is the way forward – how to manage. Fear around transgender and transition – no blame of school but lots of changes in life (relationship changes with 50/50 father, house change, etc.). Relationship of trust with Advocate.Discussion around own bias – and the focus on where we are trying to support parents and child. We are not the professionals in this field – but we can link with externals – then there is the fear this may promote the gender worries we are biased against. Discussion around a restorative meeting with Bhavni, John, Sara and Sonja – so there is a reaffirmation of support. Billie likes Sara – but Sonja is fearful of information that is relayed. Billie fires up at home over things allegedly ‘said’. Discussion was open and honest – and balanced.
Cheryl Anne StephensAlex PaddockyesKylie PaddockFriday 27th of May 2022, 15:30
Parents just checking in on Jamie’s behaviour and progress. Informed that in general he is focused but can ocassionally be distracted or distraction. This is not unusual adolescent behaviour and as time progresses it likely to occur less and less. Jamie is up to date with his work and can be relied on if given a job to complete it in a responsible manner. Parents expressed a desire to be kept in the loop as one year they arrived at parent teacher interviews to discover, to their suprise that he had not completed very much work for the semester. I assured them that this would not happen. They also expressed support of our phone policy.
As a side note Jamie and his father attended the Living Academy Information Night. Jamie is keen to become a marine biologist and was an outstanding contributor to The Arnhem Land Experience.
Keep reinforcing phone policy. Check with staff that Jamie is up to date with all work. Contact Jamie’s parents if there is a problem as they are very supportive.
05/05/2022John StewartMichael SchlederernoDiscussion around Ryan and his inappropriate sexualised commentary – a girl ‘deep throated’ another boy. Although said intentionally and in jest, this was the second time we have had sexualised comments made by Ryan.A day off from school to allow the class to settle. Re-entry to the class with a meeting to discuss the seriousness and the clear breach of our values.
28/06/2022John StewartBriony HollemannnoDiscussion around two things – Willem’s visit the previous day; progress of family and Finn’s input. John outlined an issue with another student and Marli (Y4) that has been running.John highlighted that whereas he would act to support the children, he would need to do so without perceived bias. This meant ensuring all parties had access as/when/how was in keeping with the school’s policies. And as the conductor, John would seek advice from the AISNSW. To this end, he had taken Willem for a coffee away from the school site but the logistics of moving to that space did mean he walked past the Year 4 classroom. The teacher did say that Marli had been startled and did show shock. In future, John would look to how that was managed appropriately. John said the need for Court Orders is paramount for a school to ensure it is dealing objectively and fairly. Briony did mention the children were not wishing to see their father – but that Willem was pushing for shared parenting rights. Briony also asked if Finn had ever disclosed any information on the negative relationship he had with his father. John said he had not shared any information on that front previously – and that Finn had commented on his relationships with teachers. John raised further the issues with HR in Y4 – and parents of HR seeking a meeting. Briony said she did not have the energy/bandwidth at present – as she was dealing with managing more pressing matters closer to home. John understood and the discussion was around being friendly and kind – which Briony supports and emphasises at home. Briony did say that HR had her own issues and that her parents were not seeing this aspect and so the matter was not being addressed. Briony also highlighted that Marli had been away with COVID and had not been at school much at all.
04/07/2022John StewartWillem HollemannnoWillem came to discuss his children’s progress. He has separated from his family – and is requesting to still be informed. Conductor spoke through any perceived issues. No major concerns other than Marley (Y4) and perceptions of social interaction with another student. Finn – oldest – and his progress around social/emotional. Keep an eye on him. Conductor said once court orders are in place, we will ensure we act with objectivity – and our primary concern is the welfare of the children – academically, socially, emotionally.Monitor children and ensure both parties are objectively treated in keeping with school policies. Court orders are needed to ensure there is a legal objectivity.
Ant LewryCathering NeillnoRecord of text conversation with Catherine

+61 432 691 722:
Gday Ant
Catherine here (Olli’s mum)
Just wondering if you can have a chat with him today re an incident with Mason yesterday.
Apparently Mason hit him and grabbed him around the throat.
He’s a little rattled this morn.
He didn’t want to tell you because he was worried about being a dobber.
I’ve told him from now on he needs to talk to you if there is a problem.
Many thanks
Have a lovely day 🙂

Ant Lewry:
Hey, Catherine.
Thank you for the heads up.
I’ll check in with the boys today and thank you for reiterating to Olli that he needs to tell me straight away.
For context (and not in anyway justifying the behaviour); Mason does get a little excited and has trouble regulating. I can’t imagine that harm would’ve been the intention, but I’ll investigate.
Have a wonderful day.

+61 432 691 722:
Thanks Ant
Really appreciate you talking to them, and Olli.
I’ve told Olli that LS is a safe place and we want him to feel that way there.
Olli is quite gentle and struggles with anxiety and just wanted to make sure that he knows it’s ok to talk to a teacher when things happen. He’s worried about the boys calling him a dobber so never said anything, but we’ve told him it’s important to speak up when you don’t feel right. 🙂

Ant Lewry:
We speak the same language.
The boys are mostly pretty gentle and aware humans. The new ones will take some settling to start living the culture, but we’ll get there.

+61 432 691 722:
Thanks Ant.
Ps he left his water bottle at home. He was anxious getting on the bus – he thinks LS has no water. Lol

+61 432 691 722:
Hi Ant
Thanks for chatting
I just need to tell you something else from today too. Apparently Mason and Milo were giving him a hard time for “dobbing”. This is playing on his mind too and obviously makes it hard to imagine those kids have got their hearts and minds in the right places.
If Mason is a nice kid then it makes it hard not to see this as a bullying issue for Olli who feels attacked by him both physically and emotionally.
Olli had reservations about talking to you and then the kids have given him a hard time about it which just cements his feelings about not wanting to talk or speak up.

I’ll send you a message tomorrow to let you know if he gets on the bus.
Unfortunately at this stage he’s not keen. 🙁
I feel really sad as I was just hoping for smiles and a feeling of happiness in the school change but I’m just not sure now
Many thanks
I’m happy if you want to forward my message to John too.
I’m just not sure what to do?

Ant Lewry:
Thanks for letting me know. Regardless of him coming in, we’ll be having a class discussion about the sentiment of your concerns tomorrow.

It’s strange that he was made fun of for that, as he wasn’t the one who said anything. I’ll speak to Milo separately. I’m sorry, Catherine. It’s a horrible introduction to the school. I’m upset too.

I’ll have a chat to John tomorrow morning and give you a call after I speak to him.

Let’s hope that he wakes up feeling differently. Worst case, I drive past your place and pick him up!

Phone call @ 4:57pm following on from an incident between Mason and Olli today.

Catherine raised concerns about Olli feeling unsafe and not wanting to come back to Living School. She is disappointed and frustrated that this is happening during his first week. I listened to her share her frustrations and explained how we worked through the incident today and that Olli decided that a consequence for Mason would be to have a conversation with him tomorrow and apologise. Catherine asked about our policy re this continuing and I explained that we do have a strike system and that incident reports have been lodged for both events. Also reiterated that it is a horrible coincidence that this has happened two days in a row. She explained that Olli has had a bad time at his previous schools and that he suffers from anxiety quite severely. I spoke with Olli and told him that I would love it if he came in tomorrow so that we can work through the issue. I also asked him to tell me who he has made friends with and he said that Obi and Ara are people he feels safe with. He was able to tell me that he doesn’t think Mason intentionally tried to hurt him, but that he must have wanted to because he did elbow him.

I advised Catherine (as per later text) that I would speak to the class, Mason’s mother and John.
Spoke to Toni at 6:30pm. Mason is quite upset with himself and is aware that he hurt Olli. I let her know that Olli doesn’t want to come into school tomorrow. I also explained to Toni that I know that Mason wasn’t acting in an aggressive way but his actions were violent. I mentioned that John might want to speak with her about this tomorrow.

Will call John now.
29/11/2021John StewartBeth PitmannoDiscussion around Liam’s risky and dangerous behaviour at school today – climbing a tree above 3m height; placing wire into a power socket and tripping the building (in BandJ). Liam is on medication and has been seeing an external psychologist – which has just started and Liam is being diagnosed as ADHD with anxiety. Liam is also gender fluid – so mum is trying to use proper pronouns. Liam is much happier and much more energetic – with less depression. Liam can self-harm when feeling disempowered – mum spoke of Liam discussing this with his external psychologist: a sofa pressured on their head. Self harm was discussed and in sense of differing degrees. Liam loves parkour and was climbing onto a roof when mum was going into Officeworks.John to discuss issues with Liam on Monday – safety and danger.
Supervision must be heightened around Liam – especially in BandJ and areas where there are heights. Closer monitoring.
Liam has no understanding of time – so ensuring there is clarity if a break is offered. And to have Liam stay within the parameters.
Liam also to be considered for one-to-one support around literacy gaps.
23/11/2021Jesse Watersemma WallnoFollow up for yesterday’s behaviour incidents of physical violence. Emma’s said Xavi said he felt frustrated by Anastasia and Marlowe poking him and this was the trigger for his physicality. She also said he has been unlike his normal self at home as well and she is struggling to connect with him.I touched base about his triggers and set him up at playtime with Thorynn. We had check ins after recess and lunch and he said he kept his hands to himself. He also expressed extreme tiredness at home and school.
23/11/2021Jesse WatersClaire SowdennoClaire sent the following email as a follow up to the incidents between Xavier Wall and Anastasia:

Hi Jesse,
Wondering if I can have a chat with you please?
Anastasia has come home today saying Xavi hit her several times today, including once in the face.
She has said this a couple of times in recent weeks and I guess I thought it was just a one off or a misunderstanding.
But today she is put off by it and asking not to go to school tomorrow. She also asked if she could change schools.
I think that has really gotten to her, although she is trying to show a brave face. She is also concerned that by bringing this up with you that “he won’t like me”.
Wondering if we can talk as soon as possible so she feels confident that you are across it and won’t let it happen again.
I called Claire in response to her email and reassured her of the steps taken to support Anastasia and Xavi.
Claire has requested a session for Anastasia and Xavi to see the advocate together. I will follow this up.
Anastasia will also have some check in about some friendships she would like to pursue and what she would like to play. She has been a bit out of herself since remote teaching and new additions to the class that have changed a few friendship dynamics.
04/04/2022Bhavni StewartJemma FosternoMother was seeking advice for using Jack’s NDIS funds to include: Optometrist and 1:1 tutor support for Literacy (reading and writing).
Jack has some eye issues which is resulting in him falling behind with his literacy skills and his mother is concerned. His new NDIS plan is in April 2022 which she would like to utilise some in the school.
Jemma asked for the school and Tori to inform her if there is any further support required for Jack in Year 2.
Jack is to be wearing his glasses at school. His Optometrist will visit the school next year to work with Jack and visit him in his class to assist. Bhavni will arrange for some 1:1 tutoring for literacy support which will be funded through his NDIS plan by a sole trader. This will begin in April 2022 with his new plan.
02/12/2021Bhavni StewartLeo SowdenyesMal Stekhoven-SmithSara Torpey joined us at the end of the interviewLeo was issued his second strike. We discussed his behaviours that resulted in him receiving the 2nd strike and the supports and strategies in place to ensure he works hard at staying above the line. His goal is to make wise choices to rebuild the trust of the teachers and get rid of the strikes.Leo read through the Wise Choices document. We identified some support strategies he can use to stay above the line. His bus seating plan has been reinstated so he must sit at the front of the bus every day. He will meet with Bhavni, Mal and Sara daily (if applicable) to assure he is calm, ready to learn and has his behaviour monitoring chart ready.
His safety behaviour plan is to be reviewed and a new goal setting task for Leo to work on three SMART goals to ensure success and positive behaviour outcomes before the end of the term. His parents will be notified and kept up to date with his progress.
30/11/2021Bhavni StewartKylie BridgesnoDiscussed Elke Bridges in Year 5 and her health. The doctors have concluded that she is not experiencing vacant seizures and it may be related to hormonals changes, or anxiety or an unknown. There have also been some major changes in the family with their grandmother moving in to live with them, after a divorce and now has some health concerns.Elke will go back to the specialist in 6 months for follow up tests. Kylie has asked the school to be vigilant around any changes or visible vacant-like seizures and to note them and let Kylie know, especially on what was happening just prior. This may determine if the episodes are anxiety driven.
05/11/2021John StewartFelix CarpiyesSusanna CarpiDiscussion around Felix completing Y10 – his growing anxiety and social distancing since the Lockdown. He is not coming into school but he is working in a blended learning environment. He feels happy being socially distanced – it is who he is. He does not look to return socially with others.John presented work – including tech drawing, which he is very good at. Other key subjects to be offered – English, Maths, Science, History, PDHPE
Try to get Felix in to play a game of chess with Tiger – new student. Look to arrange on a day when noone else is in the school. Felix was cautiously optimistic about this opportunity.
29/10/2021John StewartSteph CartanoDiscussion around Roman’s behaviour to Indi – physicality and isolatory at times. Steph said she had only heard of one incident. John spoke about the parents concern that it had been raised. Steph said she had to set some boundaries as the other parent was saying inappropriate things/actions. Steph would not allow sleepovers – and said to Roman that he was not to associate – but also emphasised that Roman was to be respectful and courteous. Steph said Indi had also raised ‘mean’ things about her mum working at the school. The breakdown in friendship was two-sided. John said that he was not trying to involve himself in external factors, but that he was focused on the children and expectations – and that we were a community and needed to support each other as such. Steph thanked John for bringing this to her attention and said that she appreciated these matters being raised openly – and said that she had only been notified once before.Steph to speak with Roman about expectations – and if there were issues to seek support from Bhavni or John
If more issues arise, the teacher and/or Bhavni would communicate before it came up to John
27/08/2021Bhavni StewartVerlyn KnivatonnoIndira’s (Year 1) parents are concerned about ongoing unacceptable and at times, aggressive behaviour from Roman towards Indira. Verlyn has approached the school for guidance and wanting John to talk with Roman’s mother Stephanie about the situation, as she has tried privately with no success.
Verlyn wants Indira to feel safe around Roman, to feel confident and not accept being hurt by Roman or any child. She wants the school to implement supports, rather than punishment to Roman and assist with their friendship, teach Roman how to accept responsibility in social situations especially when hurting others and then how to say sorry. However, she mostly stressed the need for the school to contact Stephanie to let her know about Roman’s behaviours toward Indira and how they have been physical, excluding to Indira and how he does not say sorry independently.
Bhavni has spoken with both Indira and Roman together about safe friendships, appropriate play and responsibility if another is hurt. Both were open and accepting and Roman independently said sorry to Indy for hurting her. Bhavni then spoke separately with Roman, with Jesse (Year 1 teacher) present. She spoke about our 3 values of respect, responsibility and relationship and kindness. She outlined the behaviour expectations at school and what happens when students are not kind to each other. He accepted these expectations.
Teachers were then notified to keep extra vigilance and supervision of the two of them while on the playground.
The teacher Jesse, is working on building strong friendships, resilience, speaking up and being a upstander for when people are not kind to another.
John will then meet with Stephanie to discuss Roman’s behaviours toward Indira and how best to support Roman moving forward. He will then contact Verlyn and Ash to discuss the outcomes of this discussion and the school’s ongoing support.
16/07/2021Bhavni StewartEddie LloydnoConcerned about an ADHD diagnosis from Dr. Ingalls and the parental differences between her and Stew with him (father) wanting to try medication for Ryder and mum (Eddie) not.
Eddie asked for advice on needing some OT recommendations and some outside of school tutoring and after-school care to help with Ryder’s attention and social skilling.
She also asked if Tori (teacher) or John (Conductor) or I can speak with Dr. Ingalls if he calls to discuss Ryder’s progress and positive improvements, so she can try to convince Stew that they need to try other alternatives first before putting Ryder on medication.
Send a list of Occupational Therapists and Behavioural therapists in the region to Eddie.
Investigate and communicate with Eddie, some people who can tutor Ryder outside of school.
Discuss with John and Tori the situation and concerns expressed by Eddie, in case Dr. Ingalls calls to discuss Ryder’s schooling and possible ADHD diagnosis and medication.
01/06/2022Bhavni StewartAmy RochenoIs Living School the right school for her two children with disabilities and learning support needs? She is Ben Roche’s sister and understands the nature of the start up and limited teacher aide supports. Amy is interested in keeping in touch and if and when the school is more established and learning support increases, she may consider enrolling her children over the next few years.I have offered to be available anytime to discuss her children’s support needs and NDIS plans (if required).
19/07/2021Bhavni StewartCasey CordobanoTilly Cordoba is struggling with friendships with Harper and Sahara and it is affecting her self-esteem. Casey wants to know what the school is doing to navigate this problematic dynamic of exclusion and resilience. Also, is there a way the girls can make new friendships and restore or resolve the current conflicts?I will keep communication open with Tilly’s parents about what the school is implementing and supporting.
Sara and teachers regularly meet and discuss friendship/social groupings.
Bring Charlotte (year 6) teacher in to build social groupings during concept frame for next term.
Let Tilly know her routine/expectations especially around when she can meet with Sara to discuss issues and concerns.
Sara to complete a restorative justice training and look at how we can utilize this in the school with students and conflict.
Introduce conflict resolution class/school meetings to allow students a voice to work out conflicts in a win/win approach and non-threatening way.
29/07/2021Jesse WatersSophie ViriknoEmail from Sophie Virik

Yes sure,
It’s not a huge thing and I’m just looking for adult assistance in it so not a complaint at all.
She’s been coming home in a Friday for the last couple of weeks complaining that thoryn keeps trying to see her undies, private parts etc. it mostly happens on the bus if he sits next to her and more so on Friday’s. It just seems to be getting a bit worse now and it’s when teachers don’t see. She came back hime this Friday quite distressed saying he is putting his hands up her butt cheeks.
So I’m in a tough spot as I spoke on Friday and we agreed that it was now getting worse and he is not listening, let’s ask for help. Maybe Annie could keep an eye out and maybe someone could suggest he sits with someone else on the bus.maybe Anistasias could be with you and help when you say no?She was ok with this idea on Friday but tonight she completely freaked out and she feels weird and embarrassed to talk about it and no way am I to tell you or anyone else.
So you can see it’s a tricky spot to be in as I want to help her and let you know but also for it to not blow up out of proportion an cause her to lose trust and not tell anyone if something later life happens.

Sophie Virik
+61 460 831 773
Teacher conversation with Thorynn to discuss safe and unsafe touch.
Thorynn term 3 seating plan for the bus – must sit in front seat with a friend and be supervised by the teacher.
Issue discussed with Thorynn’s mum Savannagh
25/06/2021Jesse WatersEmma + John WallnoParents requested homeschooling 1 day a week for Xavi. NSW legislation states that when a child turns 6 years old they must attend full-time formal schooling or full-time homeschooling, there is no option for hybrid model unless there is medical documentation for absences e.g. art therapy, diagnosis, OT, etc.
The concept of “twice-exeptional” was discussed as a possibility for Xavi. Meaning he is at both ends of the bell curve; exceptionally good and some things and exceptionally poor at others. Xavi has a very complex vocab bank, working memory and knowledge about the natural world. He is below in his emotional regulation, self management and organisation. Mum and dad will discuss the idea of seeking medical documentation for Xavi but may not choose to look down this pathway.
Parents highlighted concern for Xavi as he has begun lying at home and at school. They are also concerned about his obsessive behaviours and interests. They are also concerned that Xavi may loose his friendship group when his peers loose interest in his imaginary play and fear that Xavi is unable to adapt to others ideas and will therefore lack the skills needed to sustain friendships.
Academically Xavi is at level but I (teacher) don’t believe he is showing his full potential in reading and writing.
Xavi struggles to order his thinking at times and is therefore unable to document his learning in written form as he looses his place and muddles his ideas. He is also easily distracted by those around him and this is impacting his learning.
I also addressed Xavi’s inability to hold his body up. He struggles to sit cross legged and upright, always leaning against something eg. shelves, walls, peers, table etc. He sometimes crawls up the stairs, remarking that his legs are not working. Parents feel this is a psychological related issue rather than physical.
Parents have noticed an increase in Xavi being in nature and have asked for this to be incorporated into his day at school.
Classroom supports:
Timetabled outside nature breaks with friend – exploring other play options
Visual timetable to help with organisation and self management