Brooke Gregory

English Teacher
English and Humanities; Outdoor Education; Y9 Guardian Teacher

Brooke Gregory

Academy English HSIE Teacher; Expeditionary Teacher

My dream for The Living School is to teach students to grow in all facets of their lives by fostering strong relationships and challenging my students in many ways. I want my students and I to be part of a school that has a strong sense of community and a commitment to foster students’ resilience, confidence and sense of self.

My goal as an educator at The Living School is to learn and implement contemporary and progressive ways of working with students to maximise their full potential and to help them find their passion in life.


Brooke was born and raised on North Stradbroke Island, where he attended the local primary school and reaped the rewards of growing up in a picturesque location that boasts great opportunities for fishing, surfing and diving.

Brooke values having a strong sense of community, the freedom to live life to its extreme and to constantly challenge oneself and those around him.

Brooke appreciates the way that his natural environment has shaped his life and seeks to incorporate a passion for the ocean in his teaching. He believes in inspiring his students physically, academically and emotionally by exposing students to environments, concepts and ideas that are inherently challenging.



  • Bachelor of Arts/Education (Primary/Secondary English) – Southern Cross University 2017 – 2020
  • Queensland Certificate of Education/OP: 11 – Ormiston College 2008 – 2012

Training and Certificates

 Wilderness First Aid Certificate
 CPR Certificate
 Bronze Medallion
 OSSCA Ocean Rescue Certificate
 Level 1 Surfing Australia accredited surf coach
 Open car, boat; PWC license
 Shipboard Safety Course