Laura Nobel

To guide, respectfully, patiently and lovingly
Laura Learning Support

Laura Nobel


My dream for Living School is to help contribute to each child’s sense of wellbeing and development by loving them, having fun with them and playing music with them as much as possible.

It is my belief that the purpose of a child’s education is to help them to meet life with a sense of joy, strength and belonging. Relationships that are based on trust, honesty and openness can provide both students and teachers with the opportunity to grow into healthy, happy adults who make positive contributions within their families and the greater community. Learning, when it is fun and appropriately challenging, most usually leads to experiences of success and greater confidence.


Laura has worked for the last 13 years predominantly in Aboriginal education, in both Primary and Secondary settings.

Laura was awarded the NSW Department of Education for Outstanding Contribution to Aboriginal Education.

Bringing a set of unique skills to her teaching practice, Laura is an experienced Music and ESL teacher who holds a Diploma in Counselling. Laura is able to foster and develop relationships with her students that both nurture and develop their inherent qualities, strengths and talents.