Please update your child/ren's enrolment data, which was lost in the flood of 2022.

Update Enrolment Data after Flood (#51)

Owing to our devastating floods, some of our hard copy files were lost.  To ensure we update our digital files, please complete the following.

Child One - please complete the name fields below:

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Acceptance of Terms and Conditions of Enrolment

Please read through the following and accept our terms and conditions of enrolment.

Section 10 - School Fees and Levies

Enrolment carries an obligation to pay all School Fees and Levies. Parents and/or Carers, who through the declaration at Section 14 make the application for enrolment, are joint and severally liable for the payment of all School Fees and Levies. 

There are a range of mechanisms available for the payment of School Fees and Levies, including
the nomination of a Third Party. Where a Third Party is nominated as the fee payer, this does not
change the liability for the Parents /Carers for any unpaid School Fees and Levies.

Parents /Carers unable to pay school fees due to genuine financial hardship are urged to approach
the Conductor (school principal) who will respond to their situation with care and sensitivity. Early
communication with the school regarding a family’s financial situation is essential.

Section 11 - Requirements for Parents and Students

Application for enrolment in the Living School means that you are making a commitment to support the philosophy, values and aims of the school and a willingness to co-operate in their implementation. Parents are reminded of the school's Code of Conduct: failure to abide by these expectations, or behaviour that may call the reputation of the school into question, could result in the loss of enrolment for your child/ren.

Your child is required to meet the school’s high expectations basically described as a love of learning and being kind.  To detail this more fully, our expectations of your child are clear: 

  1. behaviour and self discipline including adherence to anti-bullying policies 
  2. compulsory attendance at school
  3. application to course work and study
  4. participation in school activities 
  5. participation in the life of the school
  6. dress codes, e.g. non-offensive and safely wear as/when directed

Your co-operation is essential to assist your child to attain these expectations. Parents are expected to participate in the total life of the school through events and activities.

On acceptance of enrolment, you agree to support all the Living School’s policies and procedures.

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