Warehouse OutBack Development

It takes a loooong time to get through the hurdles – but we are progressing.  And we are excited to show you our dreams for the Warehouse space out the back of the current small yard.  Our architects – CaveUrban – supported by Amelia Lee (current parent) have integrated some of my dreams and added their own. With the support of our town planners, engineers, landscape gurus, soil-samplers, we are pleased to show you some of our dreams.

Be aware, this can happen quickly with your support and giving. If you are in the position to give to make something special for our youth, then we do have a tax deductible building fund.  Please email us at donations@living.school.

These are the plans.  We will create a half-court basketball/kick a ball area.  There will be a net area around a tree and off the ground. The floor of the space will be a painted topographic mural of Wollumbin – and we have the professional artist to assist us.  This will be linked to Geography for Stage 4/Stage 5 in the Nature term.

There is a large stage area for our gatherings and productions – with a ‘green room’ for drama/music/dance.  We have a ramp for skateboarding and growing wall gardens. And we are looking at a solar-powered mist cooling system.  We want water to play a key feature in this development.  The warehouse will allow us to extend our play space and fix the area currently around the train.

So much to come – so much fun!  Join us!!

We want a natural play-based learning space

Yes, we are going to get those cars up there!  These will be connected to the train – and be learning pods, where the children can work together, creatively, in small teams.

These next shots are 3D renders of our warehouse as it currently stands.

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