Tomorrow, we have our Onland Learning for high school. Parents living nearby are able to drop their children off at the Stewart farm on North Creek Road from 9:30am onwards – or have a sleep-in and get them to the destinations by 10:00am.

The farm is very boggy – so please take care if driving into the paddock so you do not get bogged.

If you have not signed a consent form, please click here.

They will need to bring:
Positive attitude
water bottle, hat, sunscreen, long light shirt and trousers (for mosquitos/sun), covered footwear, lunch and snacks.
Please ensure property is labelled!

Group 1 will be going to Stewarts’ Farm – see attached map: 455 North Creek Rd, Skennar’s Head (there will be a sign and a gate – please ensure the gate is closed if you drive through. Be careful – it is very boggy. Don’t get bogged!).
Teachers – Mal, Dorian and Axel (Maths and Science)
Students – (Liam, Mitchell, Coen, Banjo, Hendrix, Ash, Ryder, Xavier, Malik; Summer, Kiya, Holly, Willow, Tyler, Hannah and Zoe)

Mal’s mobile number is 0419 698 170

Group 2 will be going to the beach – see Sharpe’s Beach on the attached map
Teachers – Karen, Jonny and Lel (English and Art)
Students – (Sunny, Mia, Sophia, Asher, Alabama, Ayla, Sahara, Anais, Mia, Lilly; Diego, Mika, Oscar, Ethan and Ludo)
Lel’s mobile is 0421 127 858

The bus will transport students back to Lismore, but children can be picked up from the Stewart Farm at 2:00-2:15pm.

Please be on time – or arrange car pooling. Karen and Mal will be waiting with the children.

Campers will all need to travel to Lismore as the bus will be departing from the campus around 9:15am.

So Group 3 will be going to Jerusalem Creek camping
Teachers – Zac and Tom (with Annie as a female staff member for the evening)
Students: some Year 8 boys, Stage 5 boys; some Year 8 girls, Stage 5 girls
(Jamie, Griffin, Finn, Ash, Trinley, Ziah and Felix; Suki, Gigi, Sinead, Ashley, Violet, Mikayla, Avani, Jyoti, Lani and Indi)

They will need to bring sleeping bags and/or mattress and blanket with pillow
Clothing – with long sleeves and long pants – for mosquitos, hat, swimmers, towel, covered footwear
Torch, food for Thursday Lunch and snacks – no plastic please!
Water bottle, sun cream, insect repellant – we will bring some but if you have specific needs,
Zac’s mobile number is 0400 131 590

Campers will return to Lismore around 3:00pm. Regular buses will operate.

Permission for High School HERE

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