Welcome to our community, our culture, our future.

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome back to school, and the beginning of our new school year!

Living School cares to teach, challenge and nurture good people for a sustainable future.

We believe that all children have limitless potential and that the role of every education and parent/carer is, before all else, to activate and mobilize the potential within a child rather than see them from a point of view based on limitations and flaws.

Living School is different – we view the future through a progressive lens. We adopt a new vision on how to teach with impact to empower and engage. We focus on the learning process:

  1. to form connections rationally and intuitively so each student can engage – independently and collectively – with the bigger picture (THINK);
  2. to apply effort to master concepts to understand  (KNOW); and
  3. to learn in context so students experience the importance and relevance of what is being taught (ACT).

‘Real’  teaching focuses on what really matters, the threads that weave together the bigger picture beyond the specks of subject content knowledge.

How do we soulfully, with great care, wholly influence a person’s development positively?

As educators, how do we prepare the seeds for a positive relationship? How do we teach to the personal needs of each learner under our care?

Personal learning means we ‘know’ our students so we can guide them to know more about themselves. There is a difference between personalised learning and personal learning: personalised is what we do to them as individuals; personal is what they need to do for themselves.

Living School has purpose – and plans around intentional design to balance interest-based learning with guided challenges. 

Our intent and guiding question resonates: Is this learning life-worthy?

Our Living School K-4 Hearthbook is designed to inform parents of as many aspects of school life as possible. You will find on reading that we understand that school is not the sole provider of your child’s education – that this is a co-learning community where children learn for life.

Please note that whilst all information within this hearthbook is correct at the time of publishing, it is possible that some items may change during the course of the year.