Who is guiding this development

Living School is the dream of John Stewart, an educator with international experience of over 25 years

Living School Conductor

conductor        kənˈdʌktə/             noun
COMMON: a person who directs the performance of an orchestra or choir.
BRITISHa person who collects fares and sells tickets on a bus.
PHYSICS: a material or device that conducts or transmits heat or electricity, especially when regarded in terms of its capacity to do this.
EDUCATION: a person who is trained to provide conductive education.

John StewartJohn Stewart is a sought after speaker, author and educator.  He has been the Head of Green School, Bali (Voted The World’s Greenest School), Headmaster of Tudor House, NSW (Australia’s only stand-alone prep boarding-school for boys); Head of Junior School, Central Coast Grammar (one of the first schools in NSW to introduce a Laptop program); Director of Studies, St John’s, Cambridge (voted top prep school by Tatler magazine); Head of Section, Hill House International School, London.

He holds a Master of Education from University of Cambridge, UK. John’s thesis was on the role of technology in learning.

He has also been the recipient of the National Excellence in Teaching Award for leadership; and a Golden Goody international award for social good.

John has appeared on television in The Politically Incorrect Parenting Show, on the Kerry-Ann show, and the Today show; as well as appearing on numerous national radio shows.

He is co-author of Thriving at School, and also was the developer and author of WriteOn, a creative writing textbook – and WriteOnline, a multimedia creative writing program published by NelsonThornes in the United Kingdom.

John grew up on the Far North Coast and has a grounded focus on family and living – being one of eight children.  He has four children and has experienced schooling as a student, as an educator and as a parent.  His passion is learning.  John’s experience is far-reaching and diverse.

Educational Philosophers underpinning the Living School project

Living School is a progressive school that evolves a new model of schooling.  The focus is captured in a chapter from a new free to download e-book: Living Schools: Transforming Education.

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