Living School Intermediate to Advanced Surf Program with Woody


Living School is looking to enhance its school surfing program – from Friday 19 May (first week of Term 3).

We are initiating a before school surf program with local coach, James “Woody” Wood.

This opportunity would be strictly held to six students only – and is run by James Wood.

This program will operate before school on Friday mornings from 8:30am to 9:30am.  Parents/carers would be expected to take their child to the surf spot.  Living School will offer a bus run back to our Onland learning at the farm by 10:00am.

Who – James Wood – qualified local surf coach

Where – meet at Sharpes Beach every Friday morning during school terms

When – 8:30am – 9:30am

Please be aware, parents are expected to drop off their children at the location.

As said, spaces are very limited and will be offered to the better and older surfers first.

There will be a small fee of $15 per session paid to James Wood for anyone successfully approved for this school surfing program.

It is for intermediate to advanced surfers only.

Another learn-to-surf program will operate during the Onland session as an ongoing commitment.

If there is inclement weather – or the conditions are not good – Woody will be running a surf movement program so there will be an ongoing commitment to be in this program.

Please fill in the Expression of Interest form below...

Surf Program permission form (#70)

I would like my child to be considered for the intermediate to advanced Woody before-school surf program.

I understand this program requires my child to paddle out the back of the breaking surf, duck dive waves, traverse a face.

I understand that I am not guaranteed a space as the numbers are limited.

I understand the program will cost $10 per session

I understand this program is for intermediate to advanced surfers ONLY.

I understand this program is operates from 8:30am to 9:30am and all successful surfers will meet at Sharpe's carpark.

I understand I shall be arranging my own transport to the location every Friday - but that the school will collect the students and return them to Onland Learning for 10:00am start.

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